Zeta Tricks and Treats.

Hello friends, it’s wonderful to be back here! Much has happened in the almost-week since my last post … all of it unplanned. And thankfully, even the not-so-great parts brought lots of silver linings.

Here’s the gist: I’m sure you know by now that Tropical Storm Zeta blew through Atlanta dark early Thursday morning and left much of the city without power. We were among the fortunate who had ours back late that afternoon. Katie’s street was finally restored Saturday evening. Thursday was uncomfortable, but I learned a few things, and read two books! Friday morning Katie & Sam arrived; Rob & Charlie arrived after lunch (Charlie’s school had their Halloween car parade at noon and there was NO WAY Charlie was gonna miss that). We played, and Halloweened, and the kids left early Sunday. I skipped church to get in some alone time – and a run to the lake. Then I zoom’d with the girls (that felt normal!) and spent a delightful few hours All by Myself yesterday afternoon. Marc and I met up about 5 for leftovers and some fun TV. and today. well, it felt like a Monday. which feels good.

and now the long version. the one with the photos 🙂 First up, Thursday. Upper left is my neighbor’s back yard and the street behind our houses. Two trees down, fences crushed, road blocked (but only for a bit – by the time I came back out with Marc the trees were cleared). Next Ann Cleeves’ latest Vera, The Darkest Evening. I’d picked it up from the library the week before and thought I’d have to return it unread … silver lining! Stovetop-popcorn – y’all, I had no idea it was so easy (and I’m especially grateful that we have a  gas range!) … and best of all – my sister visited (with a coolerful of ice).Not pictured: headlamps, hammer-ground coffee (bless Marc for figuring this out – I promise the next time “wind” threatens I will grind coffee and put it with the French Press – and the “recipe” for making the coffee!), and streets/sidewalks so covered with debris you couldn’t see them.

Friday afternoon Katie and I took the boys to the playground and then to the lake. Everyone had fun!

Pre-Halloween (I didn’t realize this was A Thing) started Friday evening with dinner. (I can’t remember the last time our table for six was full – or the last time we finished a bottle of wine Friday night!) well, really with Dessert. the first taste of Halloween candy! 

On Saturday, we assembled “candy bags” for the neighborhood trick-or-treating, decorated! (so many BATS!), made Deb’s salted browned butter rice krispie treats (y’all – I’m not at all a fan of stuff like this and these were easy and delicious – thanks to Charlie for requesting them!), and assembled big ol’ snack platters for dinner. Katie had Halloween-themed cookie cutters that worked perfectly with cheese.

and finally – time for costumes. The boys are huge Star Wars fans (y’all know this already). Sam was Darth Vader. Charlie was Kylo Ren (Sam thought it was fun to be his brother’s grandpa … even just in costume.)

this is on our front porch. see what I mean about the bats?!

There wasn’t going to be any trick or treating in their neighborhood, so Katie had a piñata. It was brilliant!

A few epic light saber fights later, it was time to venture out. My neighborhood was pandemic-prepared. Folks who had candy on their porch (no contact required) put their porch lights on. It was really great. especially if the neighbor had a most-awesome pirate ship.

No photos, but as I type this I remember that the first thing the boys did when they got back was sort their candy. Of course they didn’t have too much, so it didn’t take long. still … it’s a thing. and I’m glad they got to do it anyway.

Sunday morning came fast (even with that extra hour … which by the way, was there really an extra hour?!) and our house was back to just us. and a solo run to the lake.

and now it’s Monday. evening. and the week ahead is full of uncertainty.

I am planning to stay away (mostly) from social media … and to be more present here and with y’all. In the first week of the month, I try to look back – and ahead. I’m sure I can manage that first part … the second. well. we’ll see.

and for sure, if you haven’t already voted, DO. TOMORROW. IT MATTERS!

13 thoughts on “Zeta Tricks and Treats.

  1. What an adventure you have had! I am happy you were not without power or silver linings too long. Lots of deep breathing these next few days

  2. I thought about you as I read about Zeta. I am glad you had some silver linings and the power wasn’t off for too too long at your house. It looks like Halloween was fun. I put out some trick or treat bags but honestly just a handful of children came by our home. Hopefully that means many more were safely having fun.
    And here we are on the eve of this momentous exercise in democracy. We voted by mail in mid-October. I checked and our ballots were received and counted. There will be plenty of deep breathing and knitting this week.

  3. I’m glad that you fared pretty well through TS Zeta. Living without power for a little while can be sort of an adventure, but it becomes less fun as the time goes on. (We were without power for 10 days during Sandy and had to get creative.) But I’m glad for silver linings, your guests, your gas range, and that you have power back! As for looking ahead, I think we are all breathing deeply, hoping for the best, knitting, and waiting.

  4. I know you were worn out by all that “excitement,” but it really did work out so well that you and Marc still had power and that Katie’s family was already in your bubble. That whole situation could have been so much worse if you’d had to deal with COVID concerns on top of everything. It looks like the boys still had a wonderful Halloween — perhaps even better than it might have been had they been at home!

    If Marc is looking for a retirement career, he might be onto something with hand-hammered coffee! 😉

  5. Great silver linings Mary! Looks like the boys (and all the adults) had a nice and fun weekend. Glad you were not without power for too long and that Katie, Rob, the boys (and your sister) could all come over. This one will be a Halloween for the memories! I’m not fond of blow up decorations, but that pirate ship does look pretty awesome!

  6. Whoa and Wow. What at a time it’s been! So good to see you were all able to glean several silver linings and celebrate being together…in ways that were such fun for ALL. The biggest point in this post for me: The coffee. Yes. Of course. Whodda thought about grinding the beans with a storm on the way!? (Well, I guess next time you will!) Thank God for Marc and his hammer. Ingenuity, I’ll tell ya…MacGyvering the coffee…He earned a big ‘ol badge right there!

  7. I am so far removed from the Star Wars sagas! Darth Vader has a grandfather??? 🙂 Glad you were all able to make the most of it and clearly have some fun!

  8. Was very glad our predicted Sunday 11pm power restoration was wrong. Hunting down ice, after a full day of work, and being in complete dark put me way behind, but things could have been a lot worse. I had contemplated donating my French press-so glad I didn’t we managed with regular grounds, but I’ll be prepared for the next outage. Silver linings for sure and also very good doctor visits for other folks in the house!

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful Halloween. Glad your power came back on quickly. Our power blinks every time a drop of rain falls or with the slightest breeze. The minute it starts to rain, I make one or two extra pots of coffee. I can go without a lot of things but coffee isn’t one of them!

  10. Wonderful photos and how glorious to be able to spend time with family and especially with little ones – envying you! That sounds like a very full time – glad you escaped the worst of the storm. Oh, for a house with a veranda – I so love your Amercian homes. And I’m in awe of that pirate ship, which looks fabulous. Glad you’ve had some alone time too … The tension of what’s happening in the world is almost unbearable today (4 Nov.). Thinking of you …

  11. I thought about you with Zeta, but I am so glad it was not worse! I have made a promise to finally get the patience lesson… fingers crossed that it works 🙂

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