Sometimes Mondays.

are a mess! Marc and I spent most of the weekend making sure we were ready for the painters. We transferred closets to a spare room in the basement (lower right) and a little bit to our living room (center right). I unloaded my craft room (upper right). and we both spent a few hours decluttering and reorganizing along the way. It felt like we were in good shape. until about 11 am (center left). That’s our bedroom. Last night I was so happy to have ALL my clothes out of storage units in the closet and actually in the … Continue reading Sometimes Mondays.

TGIF | Late November.

I first titled this post “TGIF | Almost December” and then changed my mind. I love November and as weird and unsettling (and downright anxiety producing … before it seemed to turn a corner. vaccines! certified election results!) as it’s been this year, I really don’t want to skip by these last few days. After all, next week I can say “Hello December”. So … here’s to one last Friday in November. With colorful leaves still on the trees, a smidge of green still showing in the grass, and temperatures in the “do we need to turn the heat on?” … Continue reading TGIF | Late November.

Choosing Thanks.

I’ve had a version of this post knocking around in my brain since Tuesday. I spent most of that day prepping the food we’ll be sharing with Katie and her family this afternoon. Much of this year’s menu is new-to-us (Thanksgiving dinner is, for us, not about traditional dishes, and still, all about good food); the only thing I’m making for “not the first time” is cranberry sauce. Thanks to Sara’s great notes it turned out perfectly (also, the new not-a-le-creuset has now cooked a lot more than popcorn!) Before I started cooking, I printed out this year’s menuand all … Continue reading Choosing Thanks.

Catching Up.

Hello friends. Is anyone else in denial that it could possibly be Thanksgiving this week?! You’d think after THIRTY SEVEN years of having a birthday, an anniversary, AND Thanksgiving typically all falling in an 8-10 day window, I’d be better at it. Throw in a three-set tennis match, getting ready to have our house painted, and … well … you have last week. I am totally going to be color coding these pages (thanks Katie!) next year so I can see at a glance how my time aligns with my priorities. Sadly, we lost that three-set match (which I didn’t … Continue reading Catching Up.

Currents | Fifty-eight.

Happy Tuesday, my friends. and Happy Birthday to me! I’ve been showered with wishes all day and it’s been lovely. as were the back to back FaceTimes with Lauren (the friend who moved to Santa Fe in September) and Sara (the five hour time difference is perfect for an early birthday toast). I have a pile of cards, a long list of emails, and so many text messages. Thank you! I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting these days … as one does … especially as one approaches another milestone birthday … and as much as I wanted to embrace … Continue reading Currents | Fifty-eight.


Is anyone still marking the days of COVID? I noted days 245 and 246 this weekend. I remember walking with Marc in late April and talking about how things would be better by June, July at the latest. We had no idea. Back in April and May I documented a lot of things. small joys, daily to-do’s, me-mades. and those lists made a difference in the way I saw things. looking for things to be grateful for and things to accomplish, well, it helped. Fast forward six-ish months it all still feels weird. AND I’m enjoying knitting with my sister … Continue reading Weekending.

TGIF | Mid-November.

Happy Friday! not gonna lie, I was a little worried about another Friday the 13th in 2020, and so far *knocks on wood* it’s been ok. maybe even better than ok. So I’m going to allow myself to breathe out just a bit … and TGIF. Thinking about … updating our house. Over the summer, we toyed with moving – maybe to a nearby lake, maybe into Atlanta closer to Katie’s family – and ended up deciding to stay … for a few more years. Marc’s still playing golf and I’m now playing tennis at an affiliated club. We can … Continue reading TGIF | Mid-November.

Sometimes Monday.

…is the perfect day to test out a new bottle of nail polish 🙂 I had planned to wear this newest shade – OMG – from Olive and June’s winter collection last week, but the package arrived after I’d done my manicure. bonus points that the shade matches my current read, too! Wishing y’all a good week. and finding plenty of things – big and little – to celebrate!   Continue reading Sometimes Monday.

Looking Back | October.

It’s been 33 days since my last Looking Back post and it feels like at least a year has passed. It also feels like four years since I’ve had a really good night’s sleep. maybe tonight. at least I’m feeling ready to dive back into things … and this post is a great way to start!Back in July, I wrote about being grateful for a lovely space to call home. October confirmed all of that. along with a special gratitude that Katie and her family are part of our bubble. I didn’t go anyplace new last month (gosh, when was … Continue reading Looking Back | October.

TGIF | Still Waiting.

Hello friends and happy Still Waiting Day. I can only hope that by the time you read this, the waiting will be over. I’ve been in a holding pattern this week that feels even weirder and more stressful than when we started quarantine back in March. At least this time I have a group text going with Katie & Sara. also, the weather is much nicer. and I’ve honed my Zoom and FaceTime skills to stay connected with folks. I finally went for a run this morning and I think it helped to clear my head. The colors aren’t great … Continue reading TGIF | Still Waiting.