TGIF | Another Week.

Hello friends and welcome to another almost-weekend! It’s a gorgeous fall day here and Marc is playing golf. I’m listening to an autumn playlist and planning a fall classic* and some easy knitting once I finish this post. Let’s get to it!

My running has taken a back seat to tennis these past few weeks. I’ve missed it, but things got shuffled around this week and I realized on Wednesday that I could fit in a run on Thursday. and when Carole shared her gorgeous photos, I realized what I really needed was a run in the park.

I hadn’t been to the park since Labor Day. when my dear friend Lauren and I shared our last walk there. Later that week, she and her husband moved to Santa Fe (they closed this week on a gorgeous house and I cannot wait to visit!). We captured one distanced photo on the trail that morning and had another distanced goodbye in the parking lot.

Lauren and I met in the spring of 2013 – she and her husband had just moved here and we joined a running group at the Y at about the same time. Lauren is a lifelong runner (and most lately a pilates instructor) and I was just hitting my stride… and we clicked. We ran together 2-3-4 times a week. trained for and ran a 15k in early 2014. discovered Yin Yoga. started walking more than running. Lauren had knee surgery on both knees and I broke my foot. no more running. we walked together 2-3-4 times a week. we talked about so many books (our reading tastes are almost 100% aligned), cooking, yoga, parents, neighbors, parenting adult children, navigating retirement. and then. about making fresh starts.

So yeah, I hadn’t wanted to visit again. until Wednesday. and then Thursday morning, my Enneathought for the Day** said this

“Today, reflect on seasons of change in your life. Trees shed their leaves and are dormant before there is regrowth. What do you need to shed in order to grow?”

I took that message to heart as I set out for that run. Gonna be honest, the first half mile or so was rough. I cried out loud. noisy, wet tears. and the few folks I passed, well, they’re strangers. and also, who cares?!

and evidently Enneathought** is having a theme, because today’s post said this

“As the seasons change, why don’t you try something different, too?”

So yeah …

Thinking about a new season. literally and figuratively. letting go. trying new things. my birthday is coming up and the timing is perfect.

Grateful for that season with Lauren. and yesterday’s run in the park. the leaves were almost peak. the trail was soft. the pace wasn’t great, but still. it felt good to remember and celebrate the miles we’d run and walked together. and I will be back on a more regular basis. 

Inspired by honestly, and with much gratitude (and not a little surprise), a LOT these days! but for this post, I’m going to highlight this

link to Ali’s Instagram here

I haven’t committed to – much less actually DONE – anything since Me Made May. Five days of noticing seems like an easy start, right? I do have a stash of stamps and some paper and ink and I’m not at all sure they’ll play a part, but the possibility is intriguing. stay tuned!

FUN! FINISHED! yep, I finished TWO things this week!

Ravelry link

First up is my Stonecrop Pullover. I even got to wear it for an audience yesterday (I have a speaking part in this Sunday’s YouTube church service). The left photo is at the church. the right photo is on our front steps. Marc got mums and pumpkins out this week!

And Sam’s afghan. whew!

Ravelry link

this is the FOURTH crocheted afghan I finished in quaranTIME. I actually finished the body of it back in August and added the edges, wove in the ends, and blocked it this week. It’s for Sam’s 4th birthday. (can we pause to say Oh MY FOUR??!!) and Marc and I have been invited for pizza and fun tomorrow. I’m glad it’s done. and I realized as I was finishing it that I missed the rhythm of those crochet stitches. maybe? or maybe socks have taken that place. seasons….

And in closing, I want to share a Waterlogue from yesterday’s run. I love how the app captures colors and contours I didn’t see. It’s a nice metaphor … I hope you’re able to see things differently. and please, have the best weekend available to you!

*oh boy, y’all. this post. from just a year ago and it feels like a different lifetime. and just when I thought I might make it through a day without tears. so. post sidelined for a bit. I folded laundry (and even put some of it away). took Holly out. and poured a glass of wine. #nojudging. and also a reminder of why I love this space SO MUCH. life is captured one story at a time. and actually, I think that last bit is a nice segue into the post I’d planned. here goes.


15 thoughts on “TGIF | Another Week.

  1. Soo much juicy goodness in this post : Sam! 4!!! Already?! Congrats on his afghan! Enneathought! New to me…guess I’ll take my enneagram again- cause I plumb forgot what I was whenever I last took the quiz; Congrats on your resumption of running…and Waterlogue! How could I forget?! Holly looks quite swell with the afghan, too, btw! The sweater looks great on you! And “noticing!” – on my agenda too…but now, I must post on my blog…off my new schedule already and it’s been just a week.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thinking of you missing your walking and running buddy. I know that feeling too well. Happy that you were able to get out on the trail and excited to hear about the birthday party. Four year olds! Happy weekend

  3. What a wonderfully full post! You look great in that sweater – such pretty details and the colours suit you; pleased to hear all went well for your church contribution. That must be a loss, no longer having your running and walking partner … but somewhere new to visit her might be very nice? Thank-you for the heads up on Ali’s week of photos. Your Waterlogue photo is delightful; hoping you are able to find what you need to release, and make space for what is to come. x

  4. “Another ladies lunch” from the 2019 pretty much brought me to tears. If only huh? But the pouring of the wine and the not judging put a smile on my face along with the “even put it away” – winning! Sam is 4 puts the fact that time flies in perspective for sure. You’ll be in Sante Fe before we know it. Check out the Black Cow Burger Bar in Montague, MA and the cocktail on the specials…thinking of giving that a try this afternoon because Covid and why not right? Happy Weekend Mary!

  5. The quotes about seasons-so appropriate. This returning to work thing may indeed be a very “trying” season. 4 years old-wish I had that energy! xoxo

  6. Oh, that park! Achingly beautiful, especially for those of us out here in the dry, dry west! It looks–well, the descriptor that comes to mind is Nourishing. And I can really appreciate and understand the grief/gratitude/love that came in your flood of tears. I do hope you get out this way to visit Lauren; Santa Fe is a very special place. Have you ever been? We call it our Spiritual North, That Stonecrop looks made to fit! (haha.) And thanks for the Ennea link. What great journaling prompts…whether written with a pen or just in the mind. Happy weekending to you.

  7. The park looks like a great place to spend some time outside – even if it will be bittersweet for a long time! Thank you for sharing the story of your friend; it’s amazing when you find someone with whom you’re so well-aligned. I’m sorry you had to say goodbye (for now).

    Your Stonecrop looks great! And the afghan is lovely – I can’t believe you’ve made 4 in the last several months. Crazy!!

    (PS – I signed up for the Enneathought – thank you!)

  8. I am sorry that your run started off so painfully; transitions like this are always difficult, even when they’re for a good reason. But it sounds like you and Lauren have the kind of friendship that will transcend the distance — and perhaps you can look forward to a visit with her when all this madness is over?

  9. I’m sorry that you and Lauren will be so many miles apart, but if it’s any consolation Santa Fe is really beautiful and hopefully, you will be able to visit soon. Excellent food, gardens, museums, art, mountains, and gorgeous sunsets – Santa Fe has it all! Happy Birthday to Sam and I hope he enjoys snuggling in his lovely afghan!

  10. The little guys grow so fast. I am glad you are able to celebrate with him and give him his afghan in person. I am also sorry your good friend is moving away. Those changes are bittersweet. Santa Fe sounds like a great place to visit though. May your heart heal as you move into a new season.

  11. Oh Mary! Your Stonecrop turned out so beautiful – well done! How can Sam be 4 already???? Once we are out of “this time” you MUST get to Santa Fe to visit your friend. Such a gorgeous town and place and so many walking/running opportunities there. Hope your weekend was a good one! Rainy and grey here…and downright cold!

  12. I’m sorry your friend moved away, you must miss her so much. I’m proud of you for facing your fear and sadness and going to the park anyway. I hope those tears were cathartic and you were able to release some of that pain. Thanks for the reminder about Alie Edward’s art of noticing this week.

  13. I bet you are going to miss your friend! I love our afghan and of course the ever beautiful Holly! I too am thinking of many things to let go, I find myself festering thoughts that just are not productive at all.I’m still in gift knitting mode and hope to finish one baby blanket and start a baby sweater soon.

  14. It’s so hard when good friends move far away. I’m glad you got back to the running trail — it’s too lovely to leave behind forever. Thanks for such a joy-filled post! XO

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