Mid-October Weekending.

Thanks to Hurricane Delta, our weekend was wet (thankfully just on the outside) and weirdly warm. We enjoyed our usual Friday night dinner (candles, wine, places set at the table, and a meal that requires a knife and fork) a little earlier than usual because Georgia Tech was on at 7pm. The game didn’t start out well and I bailed early for a book in bed. Imagine my surprise when I checked the score on Saturday morning and found out we’d won! I am not a fan of Friday night football games because they can spoil the weekend … well, unless your team wins 🙂 and that isn’t always a given if you’re a Tech fan (at least not these days).

Saturday morning was gray and damp, but a break in the rain meant a walk outside. I finally got a long-awaited audiobook from the library and took a long walk by myself to listen. Walking by myself also makes it a lot easier to stop for photos. These hydrangeas are near the lake and the mid-October colors are … simply wow.

nope, I didn’t see a word in that web either

Diane and I enjoyed a few minutes of FaceTime (catching up on our knitting) and then I headed to my sister’s porch for more … knitting! This time with a  cute kitten.Bandit is now three pounds and almost three months old. I hadn’t seen him since Labor Day and he’s grown a lot. He’s also getting a little braver.

I’m sure long-time readers are wondering if we’re still having Snacks for dinner. and the answer isThere was more football, and another early to bed with a book for me.

My treat for Sunday mornings is an early (my time) FaceTime with Sara, this time followed by another walk (because amazing audiobook).

The pace of the morning was delightfully relaxed (no Sunday school because Fall Break). Sunday’s Zoom was another delight (good advice about knitting socks, and books to read) … and I was sorry I had to end On Time for a meeting. After the meeting I had a little more time for the book and knitting and then we watched Judy. oh y’all. I knew the story, and Renée Zellweger’s performance is just as amazing as I expected. still. what a tragedy. (and then – of course – Marc proceeded to watch an hour of YouTube with Judy and Liza and … more time for my book and my knitting).

We had another early-ish dinner and by 7:30 I was totally absorbed in finishing Washington Black.What a treat.

My sister-in-law had the day off yesterday, so I felt like I got to enjoy a three-day weekend, too, with a late afternoon visit on her deck.

Another thing I did this weekend was knit a sock (cast on Friday night and finished Sunday) … and start another one (Monday). Along with knitting sweaters, I really want to get back to socks … and I love how quickly they go in worsted weight on size 5 needles! Also, yesterday I gave myself another manicure (this is my fifth try with the Olive & June kit … and the color is WKF from their fall kit).

I also picked up the latest Boden catalog from the mailbox and was happy to see colorwork on the cover! I think my planned Porty Pullover could be awesome in a bright palette and what fun to knit!

Happy (almost) Wednesday!

17 thoughts on “Mid-October Weekending.

  1. You paint a wonderfully relaxed Autumn scene – leisurely walks, good books, knitting outside, lovely company … what a great way to spend the weekend! I’m delighted to see that fairisle knits are back in fashion: when I was litle, we all had at least one, handknitted in Shetland wool by a grandmother, aunt or Mum and often passed down through the family :).

  2. What a lovely weekend! It sounds perfect. And you’re making me want to cast on for a pair of socks and a sweater, even though I’m trying to stay as focused as can be on my sewing project!

    I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole thanks to that Olive and June website. oh no!

  3. Lovely weekend! Reading this post is like just a big deep relaxing breath! 🙂

    (but those GA voting line wait times… yikes)

  4. what a full wonderful weekend! I’ve been delighted in my knitting which is a baby blanket and finishing a sweater my sister started years ago. Our leaves outside are at peak performance and it’s beautiful to look out my windows!

  5. A delightful weekend, indeed! Good audiobooks definitely encourage me to get out walking, and finding one this week has revived my daily walk and provided relief from all the anxieties fo the news!

  6. Kiddo and I were talking last night about what it’ll be like to spend the holidays at home for the first time since the year she was born, and one of the things we agreed we were looking forward to was curling up inside when the weather is yucky outside, much like you did over the weekend when the rain came through. We’re getting to that time of year when that’s going to happen more often, so I guess I can look forward to curling up with a book much more frequently!

    Based on your recommendation, I did borrow Drive Your Plow … and have been listening during my workouts. I’m about a third of the way through, and I’m not quite sure what to think just yet. I do like the narrator, though.

  7. Thanks for sharing your weekend, Mary. 🙂
    I like the color-inspiration for your Porty Pullover. I’ve been mulling over that pattern myself, and have a similar (kinda sorta) color palette in mind IF I decide to actually make one. (I’m much more fickle than you are. . . ) XO

  8. Lovely weekend Mary! I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the book! She is quite the character. I think a pair of worsted socks would be a great treat!

  9. What a lovely, cozy weekend you made despite the rain! I really enjoyed Drive Your Plow and Mrs. Duszejko. It was different than my usual reads and a marvel of translation. And now I want some worsted socks for my chilly feet!

  10. Sounds like a great weekend. I have seen a great variety of colors for the Porty. And, don’t faint but I am leaning into the idea of knitting a pair of socks!

  11. A few cozy rainy days sound delightful although I am savoring our beautiful autumn. Some years we have an early frost and the leaves just turn brown. Those hydrangeas are such a beautiful color. I always want to translate the colors into a knitting project but Nature’s colors are just the best when savored. Washington Black is a great novel.
    Here in Nebraska, the football fan ( that would be my husband) in our home is waiting for the first game. I predict they will struggle with the adapted schedule.

  12. That all sounds absolutely delightful, Mary! One of my favorite things about televised sports, pre-kids (and I’ll look forward to it again when we Empty Nest) is the cozy, relaxed atmosphere it provides. I am not a sports watcher, unless it’s popcorn & the Olympics. But I love tucking in to my own Thing while Troy watches whatever sport is in season. There’s a pause in expectation, It’s some fine hygge time for all! (And the reason it doesn’t feel that way with a houseful of kids is because–well–I suspect you know the difference in energy!!)

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