Hello my name is Mary and I have a serious problem with squirrels (like this). Case in point. I spent an HOUR in my journal this morning thinking about the knitting and reading I wanted to finish in the remaining 83 (!!!) days of 2020. I made two lists, one for knitting and one for reading. I wrote a few weeks back about holding my internal lists loosely-ish (the “ish” is key) as a form of self-care, and I thought this morning that sharing those are would be a way to add in some helpful accountability.

Ten hours later the book list is still intact.

Along the way, I also managed to get my all of my 2020 reading up to date. These 14 titles in my Want to Read shelf (see here), combined with as yet unannounced MMD bookclub titles for November and December will get me to 100+ books read for 2020. That feels kind of normal, which also feels very good. And something like 20 books for the rest of the year is actually a slower pace than I’ve been reading … which also feels kind of good. I like that I’m able to finish the MMD selections before the month begins so I can participate in the discussion forums for the whole month. and I know there will be a few books that come up that I’ll want to “drop everything and read” … and I’ll have the space to do that.

The knitting on the other hand. well. The queue I set for myself this morning has already been busted.

from my Instagram stories today

Yep, I signed up, ordered yarn, and shuffled things around. Y’all, I’d really like to knit these sweaters … and only these! (unless I have stash to knit them!) … next. here goes:

Ravelry links – top left – Stonecrop and the rest in my queue

I have yarn (or yarn on order) for all but the one in the lower right. I’m considering that one my Christmas gift.

One of goals for this year was to rework my wardrobe, recognizing a new color palette and a new phase of life. Honestly, each of these sweaters meets both of those needs. AND each of them (except the current one, top left) give me an opportunity to knit along with others … before this year, that wasn’t really a goal for knitting sweaters, but these days, I’m welcoming connection however it comes. and I’m grateful that I can connect through a craft that I honestly love.

So – EIGHTY THREE DAYS. Holding myself accountable to report back on my progress. and honestly, I’m curious to see how I’ll do. pre-2020 me would’ve been 100%+ confident in nailing both lists. today me is holding all of it loosely. because there are so many other things I need to really care about.

In the words of my favorite Pantsuit Politics, “wishing you the best weekend available”,

with love.

13 thoughts on “Queued.

  1. Wow. some amazing knits in your list! (I have a list but it is not so expansive!) And, your reading list has some incredible read that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! (and thank you I have added a number to my “read soon” list!)

    🙂 Happy Friday!

  2. 83 days! Thanks for putting it into perspective!!

    You’ve got some great books on your list — thanks for reminding that the Alix E. Harrow book is going to be published this month!

    The RBG knitalong looks like fun and I LOVE that yoked cardigan that’s coming up in your queue! I still don’t have anything on the needles and nothing is quite striking my fancy right now. I’m sure that will change soon 🙂

  3. How are there only 83 days left in this year?! I know the troubles this year has brought won’t magically go away when the calendar flips over, but all the same, I’ll be very glad to bid 2020 farewell. I have not been as deliberate, but I’m definitely thinking about what I want to read and knit the rest of the year. I think knitting is mostly sorted because I’m committed to finishing up my 20in20 list (with the exception of the sweater on the needles right now, everything left on the list is small accessories, so totally doable).

  4. Well I may finish my sweater in 83 days 😉 but my goal is to wear it on Thanksgiving so I have a plan! Your reading list has so many great reads on it! I’m jotting down a couple I don’t have and adding it to mine. Happy weekend Mary – it’s a beautiful day here!

  5. I am always happy to see someone else going down the rabbit hole and finding so many new and lovely things to helps us stay busy 😉

  6. You have made your plans to make these last few months of 2020 full of good reading and knitting. It looks as if you have chosen thoughtfully. May all of it bring you joy and peace.

  7. Mary, I take this line, in particular, from this post: ‘holding my internal lists loosely-ish (the “ish” is key) as a form of self-care.’ It pulled me back several times, and I think it’s an astute observation…leads me to think about how/why/and the extent to which we hold ourselves to our lists. And that we need to give permission *not to* sometimes.
    And–Hamnet just came in for me on audio! I started listening during a brief pocket this morning. Giddy-up 🙂
    Enjoy what looks like a rich next few months!

  8. Lots o’ sweaters and books! I have a piece of advice (that you are free to ignore, of course!) – save Hamnet and Apeirogon to read towards the end of that list. I’m not sure anything else will measure up to those two stellar books once you’ve read them (ymmv)!

  9. It’s fun to strategize and plan . . . but I think you’re very wise to hold it all “loosely-ish!” Can’t wait to see what you end up doing with your 83 days. (Well. Less than that now.) And remember . . . things CAN carry on into the next year . . . without penalty, even. Just sayin. 😉

  10. loved seeing your knitting and reading lists, mine are more geared to knitting for family for the holidays and my reading shifts each and every week!

  11. Such very pretty sweaters – I love traditional fairisle patterns … You seem to have plenty to keep you busy, as well as all the Little People Activity, until the end of the year.

  12. Wow. That’s a crazy number… but so is the fact that we’re staring down the middle of October right now. Already!!! Those sweaters are beautiful. I’m still nose to the grindstone on Davy’s “Safe At Home” blanket — getting there!

  13. Wow! Great minds think alike! 🙂 I have several of those books just waiting to be read on my Kindle and there isn’t a single one of those knitting designs I wouldn’t like to knit. Hope you can meet your goals!

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