And | October 2020.

Back in December 2019 when I started to settle in with AND for this year, I knew it would be a tough year for our country. I knew the non-dualism that AND represented – listening, accepting, abundance – would be helpful for me, not only to cope, but also (maybe, hopefully) to help. Sigh. I couldn’t have imagined in my craziest dreams where 2020 would take me/us. and 🙂 wow. My small group has been reading Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward. That book was transformational for me when I read it last year. Revisiting all those highlighted pages with a group … Continue reading And | October 2020.

TGIF | Another Week.

Hello friends and welcome to another almost-weekend! It’s a gorgeous fall day here and Marc is playing golf. I’m listening to an autumn playlist and planning a fall classic* and some easy knitting once I finish this post. Let’s get to it! My running has taken a back seat to tennis these past few weeks. I’ve missed it, but things got shuffled around this week and I realized on Wednesday that I could fit in a run on Thursday. and when Carole shared her gorgeous photos, I realized what I really needed was a run in the park. I hadn’t been … Continue reading TGIF | Another Week.


I sit here at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon and marvel that another weekend is upon us. I wonder if I’ll ever adjust to quaranTIME? I did manage to work my way through most of my to-do list this week (for the first time in a while … and my list even included some ugh things like getting my car’s emissions tested so I could renew the registration). and still, Georgia is in the news … thankfully not for a spike in COVID cases (which I’m honestly not sure I really believe … my life doesn’t look any different), but … Continue reading Stories.

Mid-October Weekending.

Thanks to Hurricane Delta, our weekend was wet (thankfully just on the outside) and weirdly warm. We enjoyed our usual Friday night dinner (candles, wine, places set at the table, and a meal that requires a knife and fork) a little earlier than usual because Georgia Tech was on at 7pm. The game didn’t start out well and I bailed early for a book in bed. Imagine my surprise when I checked the score on Saturday morning and found out we’d won! I am not a fan of Friday night football games because they can spoil the weekend … well, … Continue reading Mid-October Weekending.


Hello my name is Mary and I have a serious problem with squirrels (like this). Case in point. I spent an HOUR in my journal this morning thinking about the knitting and reading I wanted to finish in the remaining 83 (!!!) days of 2020. I made two lists, one for knitting and one for reading. I wrote a few weeks back about holding my internal lists loosely-ish (the “ish” is key) as a form of self-care, and I thought this morning that sharing those are would be a way to add in some helpful accountability. Ten hours later the … Continue reading Queued.

Looking Back | September.

What a difference a month can make. I wrote my August Looking Back post just before heading next door to share a totally spontaneous girls night out by my neighbor’s pool. just four of us – very comfortably distanced, catching up, it felt like a game changer (September 2 – popcorn and and an adult beverage). Sara arrived a few days later and then I started playing tennis. Three things. I know one of them was HUGE (still not sure Sara’s gonna brave the travel for a Christmas trip) and we reclaimed our bubble with Katie and her family. and … Continue reading Looking Back | September.

TGIF | Hello October.

Hello friends and Hello October! This month has always been a favorite … sweater weather (and not just short sleeved cotton sweaters, we’re talking sleeves, wool, and jeans!), clear blue skies, sleeping with the windows open, college football, birthdays! (four of the best guys in my life – my dad, Marc, Rob, and Sam all celebrate this month), crisp apples, snuggling with an afghan and a good book, starting to think about the holidays, bourbon cocktails, … I could go on and on. and this year all of those things are still here. and yet. yeah. I know you get … Continue reading TGIF | Hello October.

Celebrating Charlie & Sam.

Our two-week quarantine following Sara’s visit ended last Friday and we celebrated on Saturday. in real life. with our favorite just-turned-six-year-old. Almost two weeks had passed since his birthday, so he’d finished assembling his Big Present.This is a Batmobile, constructed from 3,000+ LEGOs. The instruction manual is nearly an inch thick. Katie reports that he was often up at 5am to work on it before school. I think the thing itself is impressive, but my favorite part is how proud Charlie is of his accomplishment! Our gift was a modest 1,000-ish piece camping set (I love that there’s a fishing … Continue reading Celebrating Charlie & Sam.