Another Week.

It’s been Another Week, hasn’t it? and I’m not gonna talk about all the things I’m sure y’all are tired of reading about, hearing about, talking about, and maybe even thinking about. except to say that I’m really glad Marc is retired because he now he has a full-time job talking me off the ledge. I will say – he’s good at it. On our walk this morning, he talked about this blog post (later he forwarded me the text). It’s good. and of course I was in tears by the time I reached the end:

“I have the capacity to be patient and forgiving. I can be slow to anger and quick to forgive. I can be both the angel and the blade of grass. And on my best days — and sometimes even on my worst — I can be more than a blade of grass; I can be the bonsai who survives and thrives.” ~ Mayim Bialik

(her post about Rosh Hashanah was lovely, too. yes, I’m following her now.)

I love the part about “on my best days” … and about surviving and thriving. Here’s how I did that – yep, both, this week:

Tennis!!! oh my, y’all. where has this sport been these past 200 days?
I had my second tennis lesson on Tuesday morning. and I realized after it was done that it was a full hour of Not Thinking about Things. I was 100%+ focused on the swing, my feet, the ball, … way more things than I probably should’ve been thinking about, but still. Not That. I can get out on the court and swing my racquet.

Thanks to Kendra (@thelazygenius), I am now on board with at-home manicures. polish. the works. I can polish my own nails.

I can run. I can move my body to make her stronger. more resilient. healthier. (faster!)

Thursday morning’s run to the lake

Of course I can knit. and I’ve added a few more rounds since this photo.

and I can read.
I’ve enjoyed every bit of this book and highly recommend it to y’all.

I can … such powerful words … and yes, perhaps full of privilege, but also of hope. and faith. I can. we can.

Another week means another weekend. enjoy it the best way you can. be well. xxoo.

13 thoughts on “Another Week.

  1. This post has me thinking of a chant Ellis repeats from some show he watches – Bob the builder maybe?
    Can we do it? Yes we can!
    And did you listen to Brené Brown’s catch up podcast this week because it is also very good and very real and helped me have words to some of what I have been feeling.
    Keep moving and finding yourself in the zone.

  2. Lovely to read your upbeat post and feel your energy – it has cheered me up too! Focusing on something, for a little while, other than what is happening to and in our countries seems absolutely necessary. Your sweater is shaping up very nicely – I like the delicate pattern. And I will, of course, be having a look at your book choices :). Wishing you a positive and happy week x.

  3. When I’ve talked to friends in the past few months who have been surprised by how much I’ve been running (because I always have said that I hate running!), I’ve explained that it’s in large part rage running. When I’m pounding the pavement, I’m taking out my anger and frustration on the ground and tiring out my body so that I am too tired to stay up late with anxiety. I’m sure tennis is satisfying in the same way — you’re distracting your thoughts because you’re focusing on your form, and I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to whack the ball hard!

  4. It’s so nice to be able to focus on something entirely and let everything else just fall away. For me, it’s always been playing music. I only took piano lessons for a few months in the third grade, but I love playing (awfully). And it takes every ounce of brain power for me to play, so when I’m feeling particularly anxious I find myself sitting at the piano. I can’t wait to read more about your adventures with tennis!

    Here’s to thriving this week!

  5. Doing my best to stay away from most news these days…I just yell at the t.v. 🙂 I think you’ve got things figured out Mary! I’m starting piano lessons in a week….if that doesn’t lock my brain down I don’t know what will! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

  6. A full hour of Not Thinking About Things sounds wonderful! I do think it’s great to have found something that you can immerse yourself in, that is good for the body and mind. I haven’t found one activity that works that way for me, but a combination of knitting, reading, baking, walking, archery, and even Animal Crossing is keeping me off the ledge and otherwise occupied. Keep swinging that racquet!

  7. Those words, I can, we can . . . carry power. I had a premonition this past week that all is well and all will be well. For some reason, it came to me that no matter how this election turns out there will be some points of hope. And no matter what, none of us are giving up.

    It is wonderful to find something that so absorbs your attention and your body, you forget about the world for a short while. Enjoy that tennis.

  8. Thank you for the book recommendation–and I loved ‘feeling’ your tennis experience, Mary! To be so in the flow of something so as to forget Everything Else…that must have filled you UP!!! What a great move you made when you set up those lessons!

  9. Whatever we can find to help us Not Think About Things is a good thing! (And when it also helps us learn something new – again – AND help with our fitness . . . well. Bonus!) Keep moving, Mary! Forward, ho! XO

  10. Card making does for me the same as tennis does for you. When I’m busy crafting, I’m not thinking about all the worrisome things that can easily consume us! Here’s to a rewarding week ahead!

  11. I’ve been spending more time at the piano working my way through some Bach preludes & fugues. I know I will never achieve perfection, but I find it so freeing to lose myself in the competing themes of a Bach fugue…kinda like what tennis is doing for you right now. I also can lose myself in a book, in a knitting or stitching project, or walking the dog. I usually do those things while listening to music or a podcast, but lately I’ve been craving silence. Hope your week is a good one!

  12. You know, I think you hit the nail (or tennis ball!) on the head about the whole Not Thinking will you’re practicing and learning. I suspect that’s why yoga is working so well for me right now . . . I have to concentrate on the poses and movements and it helps to Not Think about the dumpster fires all around me. I’m off to read Mayim Bialik, thanks for that.

  13. okay I bought the book! If you have any other books you recommend email me the list. I’m going through some intense family drama and could use some uplifting reading!!

    I love imagining you playing tennis and forgetting all the woes!!

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