Sweater Weather.

from this morning’s run. half-mast at the lake.

Oh my, 2020 just keeps on giving, doesn’t it? Like all of you, I was devastated by the news on Friday evening of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s passing. Her memory is a blessing today and will be for all our future generations. I hope my grandsons see a day when our Supreme Court has nine (or eleven? or more?) women justices. In thanks and with love and respect, maybe she rest in power, and rest in peace.

and. (2020 is providing all the lessons here for sure!)

The weather has turned fall. and it’s glorious. 53 degrees this morning when I took that run. Our windows are open, I’m wearing jeans (for the THIRD day in a row! … and yep, same pair), the skies are blue. and I wore two new sweaters. Also. Marc took pictures.

Thursday’s rainy day promise did its magic and Fine Lines (ravelry link) was on the blocking mats by one o’clock … just about the time the rain passed and I could run. Friday morning saw this

and then this.Brené Brown reminds us at the end of every Unlocking Us to be awkward, brave, and kind. and I am for sure embracing that 🙂

I almost never knit stripes because I hate (and I use that word sparingly and carefully) weaving in ends. But I love Lori’s designs and this one is especially clever. She raises the back neck by inserting a gusset AFTER the raglan increases. If you look closely, you can see that the stripes on the front (4 sets of 5) and the back (4 sets of 5 with a little 2-stripe insert) don’t match … but the transition is pretty seamless. The photo on the right shows how the stripes are back in sync for the body. I LOVE THIS! (and I love the designer mind that figured it out!)

I did run short of yarn for the main color and the modifications I made to the sleeves to accommodate worked perfectly. This length sleeve is probably my favorite, and it fits my skinny arms without flopping. (details on my ravelry page … or leave me a comment or send an email if you have questions).

Today was even cooler. and finally, the sweater that’s been finished since September ONE had its debut. In case you forgot (I did!), it’s Isabel Kraemer’s Topolino (my ravelry link)awkward, brave, and kind. yep, even for a mostly-confident, 50-something year old woman modeling a handknit sweater for her husband to photograph … but there you have it.

I really love this sweater. I knit it pretty much as written except I shortened the sleeves. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lace details (even though my SAH-brain struggled with knitting all of it. I ripped and re-knit both the body lace and the cuff lace … more than once).

My favorite photo from this “shoot” is an out-take. Holly took her “quick tinkle” while we were taking photos and this is my “let’s get a cookie!” response

Also, I think my selfie game is pretty strong.

Here’s to another week. Let’s be brave, awkward, and kind. and grateful.

14 thoughts on “Sweater Weather.

  1. Wow. Two beautiful sweaters, finished and photographed. You look great. I’m copying those four words and posting them on my desk this week. Here’s to being brave, awkward, kind, and grateful.

  2. I didn’t realize you’d knitted the Topolino! It’s gorgeous. And of course – the stripes are so much fun. Your pictures are all gorgeous.

    (And I’m so ready for 2020 to end, but am scared about what 2021 will bring!)

  3. They both look fantastic on you! It took me a while to understand the gusset on Fine Lines and see where it occurred, which I guess just goes to show how clever and unobtrusive it is.

  4. I wish I could get a cookie for the same behavior… ha! I love the long sleeved sweater so much, I agree that sweater weather is the best weather. I’m saddened by the overwhelming news that just keeps making 2020 challenging at best. My daughter and son in law did visit for the afternoon on Saturday and I loved every single blessed minute. Who knows when that will happen again since they insist on outside.

  5. Both sweaters are gorgeous Mary and look fabulous on you! Fine Lines is so very clever and I love the cuff lace on Topolino. It’s sweater weather here for sure (37 this a.m.). I’m hoping to get out for a walk a little later today.

  6. Two gorgeous sweaters on a wonderful model—and a good photographer at hand! The news of RBG was the first to really affect me physically—I had a sick stomach for several hours. I’m trying not to despair.

  7. I especially love that Topolino…the lace, the color, the lay. Both gorgeous. And how nice to have a good run of sweater weather for them! (That IS a fun ‘cookie’ picture. Good work, Mr. Photographer!)

  8. You look fabulous in your lovely knits :). I really like the bright stripes on you – very zing-y (is that a word?). You’ll be able to get lots of wear out of these this time of year; we had 66F today but it’s going to get a lot colder in a few days and I fear I’ll be needing a vest as well as a sweater! From what I have read of Ruth Bader Ginsberg she had great energy and integrity, and I can see she will be sorely missed … Your photographer is great, by the way.

  9. Laughing about Holly . . . Often, when Tom is taking photos of me in a sweater, he’ll catch one of the dogs in a “quick tinkle” (or . . . MORE) in the background. Their own brand of photo-bombing, I guess! 🙂

    Lovely sweaters, Mary! I am not generally a fan of stripes — but that bright, striped sweater looks adorable on you! Such a great look with your jeans! The lace sweater is just lovely, too — but not so “unexpected,” y’know? The new sweaters look like perfect additions to your wardrobe. Nicely done! XO

  10. Sherman is like…tinkle treats? Wait, what?!? I guess boys don’t need any encouragement to go potty! Haha!

    I love both sweaters, they are sure adorable (and so wearable!!)

    And RBG… plus Cat Bordhi… it just kept the weekend from being perfect.

  11. Such beautiful work Mary! That Topolino would fit nicely in my wardrobe! RBG…let’s just say there were some tears shed in MA this weekend.

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