Plans for a Rainy Day.

When I shared my calendar spreads in Monday’s post, many of y’all commented on how full last week was. I don’t think anyone noted (noticed?) that today was empty of plans (until a 7pm board meeting). A full day with no commitments is unusual for me (more so in these stay-at-home times as I’ve added Zoom and FaceTime meetups to my calendar). Of course “no commitments” does not mean “no plans”!

I began the day finishing this beautiful book.

Then I checked the weather … a full day of rain today (with maybe a short break in the early afternoon … enough for a run perhaps?) … followed by a week of sunshine and cooler temperatures. Next week’s forecast is pretty much my favorite kind of weather … I love this time of year!

I guess today is the perfect day to weave in the bazillion ends on Fine Lines (Ravelry link) and block it. I finished the knitting yesterday and tried it on (whew, love the fit!)…but just couldn’t bring myself to tackle the ends. I’m sure it’ll be quicker than I think (once I actually start)! And I can wear it tomorrow, with actual jeans! Just Do It!

I always promise myself a treat when I finish something I’m kind of dreading. Today’s treat is casting on a new sweater.This is going to be Andrea Mowry’s Stonecrop Pullover (Ravelry link). (and yes, to all my Sunday Zoom friends, I changed my mind about the contrast color … I wanted something a bit more subtle, especially after all the brights in Fine Lines.)

I’ve been wanting to knit this ever since I saw @maressamade’s short-sleeved version on Instagram. I’m also planning a short-sleeved version (without bobbles). The swatch was fun to knit – I think the sweater will be too! (and for sure, there won’t be nearly as many ends.)

How would you fill a rainy-stay-at-home day?


13 thoughts on “Plans for a Rainy Day.

  1. I love a rainy-day-stay-home! I would certainly read and knit and probably bake something too. (To give away because we don’t want that stuff in the house!) The Fine Lines is lovely Mary!

  2. I didn’t think there would be enough contrast between the two colors for your Stonecrop, but clearly there are, and I do like the combination.

    I hope the rain clears long enough for you to get outside for a run, and I’m glad to see some lower temps in your future. We’ve had delightfully cool and dry weather here, and it’s made such a difference when I get out to exercise!

    It’s not raining here today, but I’m home alone, which is rare these days! I’m spending some of the day writing postcards to voters (specifically Kentucky voters, urging them to vote for Amy McGrath) and might start a new book.

  3. I love those colors for the sweater. And I went to a Zoom with Maresssamade through Tolt last night. It was a good conversation about diversity and supporting makers.

  4. My rainy day is filled with a bright Hitchhiker knitting, a good audiobook, maybe playing Animal Crossing with Ryan (especially if it’s raining in the game, too), and heading to Patty’s to get some of the baked goods she’s giving away. 🙂 Fine Lines is lovely, and fits beautifully!

  5. Your Fine Lines is lovely Mary. My rainy day would be filled with cooking/baking, reading, knitting and stitching. Also a nap!!

  6. I love your rainy day plans! Your new sweater is lovely. I always dread weaving in ends and am ALWAYS surprised by how quickly the job gets done. You’ll be able to tackle it!

    I can’t wait to watch your Stonecrop progress. I’m loving the slight variegation in that gray!

  7. Lots of reading for me on a rainy day. . . and maybe some painting. (I love surprise “open” days!) I have found I dread most Zoom anythings anymore. (Except my art class.) I’m not quite sure what it is, exactly, but it seems the “magic” of staying connected via Zoom chat has lost its charm for me. I’m impressed by your embrace of the Zooming — even at this point in the pandemic! Do you have any tips (for inspiration)? And, as always, lovely knitting, Mary. XO

  8. I love the subtle contrast! Wish we would get a days rain out here, love rainy days, (mainly because it is an event here). See you Sunday,(at the correct time)!

  9. I also loved Sarah Bessey’s book. Are you thinking about registering for the Evolving Faith Conference? I bought my “ticket” a few days ago, and am looking forward to it.

  10. Your stonecrop sweater is going to be lovely – such subtle colours … And those temperatures look wonderful. We think we are lucky having a few days of 65F here in the middle of the day! If we got a rainy day (and usually most of ours are at some point in the day, but we are currently having a few dry ones), I’d clear out my summer clothes and find my autumn ones :).

  11. The Fine Lines fits so well. The next yarn/color combination looks like a great carrot to me. I’m the odd man out but I rather enjoy weaving in ends. I think part of the enjoyment is knowing a project is finished. Have I mentioned that I like closure ;-)? of course I have. A rainy day would be welcome about now.

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