And | September 2020.

I just re-read last month’s OLW post. apparently the whole “I can” thing (which was also gist of my most recent post) has been going on here for at least a month. I didn’t put that together until just now. The feelings behind those “I can” posts were different … last month it felt more about freedom to choose the not-so-obvious path, and this month it feels more about strength. another powerful reminder of these “little” words. which brings me to today’s post and the ninth monthly reflection on this year’s One Little Word AND (with a heartfelt thank you … Continue reading And | September 2020.

Another Week.

It’s been Another Week, hasn’t it? and I’m not gonna talk about all the things I’m sure y’all are tired of reading about, hearing about, talking about, and maybe even thinking about. except to say that I’m really glad Marc is retired because he now he has a full-time job talking me off the ledge. I will say – he’s good at it. On our walk this morning, he talked about this blog post (later he forwarded me the text). It’s good. and of course I was in tears by the time I reached the end: “I have the capacity … Continue reading Another Week.

Sweater Weather.

Oh my, 2020 just keeps on giving, doesn’t it? Like all of you, I was devastated by the news on Friday evening of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s passing. Her memory is a blessing today and will be for all our future generations. I hope my grandsons see a day when our Supreme Court has nine (or eleven? or more?) women justices. In thanks and with love and respect, maybe she rest in power, and rest in peace. and. (2020 is providing all the lessons here for sure!) The weather has turned fall. and it’s glorious. 53 degrees this morning when I … Continue reading Sweater Weather.

Plans for a Rainy Day.

When I shared my calendar spreads in Monday’s post, many of y’all commented on how full last week was. I don’t think anyone noted (noticed?) that today was empty of plans (until a 7pm board meeting). A full day with no commitments is unusual for me (more so in these stay-at-home times as I’ve added Zoom and FaceTime meetups to my calendar). Of course “no commitments” does not mean “no plans”! I began the day finishing this beautiful book. Then I checked the weather … a full day of rain today (with maybe a short break in the early afternoon … Continue reading Plans for a Rainy Day.

Back to Basics.

Is anyone else amazed that September is nearly half over? yikes! It still feels very much like summer here, but there are early signs of a new season. The cherry trees are nearly bare of leaves, the grasses are turning, and the days are noticeably shorter. I’d been in a real funk on Thursday (empty house, nothing to look forward to … seemingly ever again 😉 ?!) and was surprised how just the simple act of reaching out to a tennis pro to schedule a lesson – have something to look forward to – changed my outlook. Saturday morning I … Continue reading Back to Basics.

Staycationing with Sara.

Greetings, friends! We’ve had A FULL WEEK with Sara … one with moments I could almost forget what was happening outside the walls of my house … and then the things we did (and didn’t do) with others … and the photos. It’s clear things are different. and. This is the life I have. I am going to live into the good parts and celebrate them. and find ways to make more of them when I can. Obviously, the opportunity to lay eyes and hands on Sara (who has been living solo in a flat in Bristol since mid-March … … Continue reading Staycationing with Sara.

TGIF | Hello September.

In the Before Time, I welcomed each month with a T-G-I-F post. I remember thinking hard about the things I’d highlight and the words I could use to represent them. I got pretty creative (thanks to googling things like “positive words that start with I”). The “original” concept (loosely termed because I’m sure no one can actually claim it) was Thinking About – Grateful for – Inspired by – and Fun. and for my first pandemic Hello post, I’m going with the original: Thinking about TENNIS. Honestly, I’m even more surprised than y’all. My tennis career began in the late … Continue reading TGIF | Hello September.

Looking Back | August.

Wow, August kind of kicked me in the backside. and again, I’m really grateful for this daily photo habit because otherwise I’d be looking back at a fog of days that ran together spent mostly at home and lonely, combined with seemingly endless heat and humidity (broken by violent thunderstorms that put a shaking Holly into my lap on many evenings), and nights that brought little rest and strange dreams. I am happy to have these 31 images (plus a few more – see below), to add to that story. both are true. and ♥. 1. What am I celebrating? … Continue reading Looking Back | August.