A Summer Bingo Update.

I’ve decided – with input from a few of y’all – that this year’s Book Bingo will be ending at midnight (your local time) on Labor Day, September 7.

Even with three weekends to go, I am unlikely to cover both my cards (inked squares are finished books and penciled ones are likely finishes). If I finish four of my current readsI can cover that first card and get seven Bingos on the second. (non-human protagonist and homecoming are unlikely to happen). 48 books read during This Time is still a BIG WIN! especially because TEN of them are currently sitting on my 2020 favorites shelf and both Grounded and Native are likely to land there as well.

Also, I had every best intention of sharing this post yesterday … but I spent all the time (plus some) I’d allowed for blogging to updating Goodreads with snippets, dates read, etc. for EVERY ONE of those 48 books. If you’re still looking for books to round out your card, I hope you’ll find some inspiration there. Many of the books were borrowed and might be available from your library with only minimal waits. They covered a wide variety of genres and most were 4 or 5 stars. I would love for you to pickup – and love – one of these books, too!

Do you have any must-finish books on your shelf for these last weeks of summer?


6 thoughts on “A Summer Bingo Update.

  1. I got a cover all last weekend and thought about starting a new card but I will just chill and read from my current (ever growing) stack and not worry about categories. Another fun and successful reading summer for me – thanks!

  2. Oh boy… reading this post makes me unbelievably happy that I update Goodreads when I finish the book (now, I take a few days to write my review, but yikes. I am not sure how I would keep track if I didn’t!)

    But, BRAVO to you on 48 finishes!! That is amazing!! Happy weekend!

  3. Congratulations, 48 books is amazing! I covered my bingo card a while ago, but I did only one card. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. 48 finishes this summer! So amazing! Thanks for hosting this – it was so much fun. And I agree – so many of the books I read to fill my bingo card ended up being some of my favorites this year. Thanks for the nudges outside of my comfort zone 🙂

  5. A round of applause for updating your Goodreads (mainly because I am going to make good use of what you’ve posted!).

    I am trying very hard to cover my second card, and even before you officially declared Labor Day to be the end date for bingo, I had it in mind as my deadline. It’s going to be tight — the two books I’m reading now are both 500+ pages and I have to figure out one more! — but I think it’s doable. Challenging myself feels like part of the fun when it comes to book bingo!

  6. I think 48 books at once might have been too big of a hurdle for me to get over on Goodreads. I would have probably just done star ratings and moved on, so congratulations to you for a time- and labor-intensive catch up! I’ve been dragging my feet on finishing Hamnet because it’s so good I don’t want it to be over with, and then I’ll face that awful “what next?” after a stellar book!

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