Another Week.

Y’all it’s been another week. I’ve had plans to write a blog post since Tuesday (the boys were here for Week TEN of Marmie & Poppa Camp and they left late that afternoon), but … obviously … I got distracted. In good ways, and bad ways. The bad was the news. I live in Georgia. the state with nearly as many coronavirus cases as the country of Italy (Italy, y’all … and I expect we’ll be even with Great Britain come September – we’ve already surpassed France and Germany – countries with six/eight times as many people). When my kids were growing up, I remember telling folks that where we lived was “a nice place to raise a family.” and now I wonder what it would be like to live someplace where that were true. and the Post Office was able to deliver the mail. and Elijah McClain’s murderers were charged … you get the gist. And yet, now I do live in a country where I’ll have the privilege of voting for a Black woman for Vice President in November (with early voting in my state, I’ll actually be able to cast that vote in October … and I’m planning to vote in person … and buy lots and lots of stamps!!).

I have no photos to share for all that bad stuff. actually, I have very few photos period, which is probably related? So here’s the good part of my week, documented in mostly grainy and blurry images. and as always, reminding me that there is joy, love, and laughter here … and still, much to celebrate.

First up, the best from the boys’ visit. I love how they are together. and apart.

Cool thing that happened since Week Nine of camp is that BOTH boys passed their swimming tests. Yep, no more floaties! It was a blast to see both boys swim across the pool and back 🙂

My sister has a new kitten. She had some landscaping done (as one does before hosting a wedding in her yard) and the crew found this little guy while they were clearing a bed. He was about ten days old then (born around July 4th). Four weeks later, he’s doing great … and having fun playing with yarn – yikes! (this is actually a toy ball of yarn – TBD if my sister can keep him out of the actual stuff?!)

Marc and I are watching Homeland (if you can believe it, Marc’s never watched it!) and we finished Season Two last night. Crochet afghan #4 is the perfect accompaniment!

I ran to the lake (and back) this morning. It’s been 70+ degrees here for days, and that’s just hot for a run. Storms blew through last night and it was still 71 this morning, but it didn’t seem so hot. and the weekend promises 60-somethings. A good run never fails to put me in a better place. 

As does a little porch time with a good book and a cocktail.

the book is Picnic at Hanging Rock #mmdbookclub and the drink is a Bourbon Peach Smash (unusually made exactly according to the recipe, so no additional instructions required!) … and the toes are OPI’s Cajun Shrimp, done by me, so I could wear sandals last Saturday 🙂

Cheers to the end of another week. and the beginning of another weekend. Enjoy it, my friends, and be well.

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  1. Your blog posts are always such fun to read Mere. Thanks for sharing your life in such an uplifting way!

  2. I have forwarded the bourbon peach smash recipe to my husband as he is the drinkmaster around here. It looks incredible! I think we’ll be going out to the farm today to pick up some peaches!

    I cannot believe how much GA is dominating the news lately. It must be horrifying! I think of you every time Dr. Gupta is interviewed on CNN.

    But I’m so glad you had a great week with the boys and managed to run despite the heat.

    And Kamala!

  3. I would love it to be in the 70s for a run! Lately the best I can hope for is low 80s. I never knew I could sweat so much! I’m very much looking forward to the cooler fall days for running.

    This has been a depressing week for news, hasn’t it? The latest to do with the post office has me really worried. But at the same time I am super excited about Kamala. I ordered some Biden Harris gear this week, not that I really have anywhere to show it off!

  4. The news is awful but Biden/Harris was the highlight of the week for me. I’m sorry your state is letting you down when it comes to containing the virus, it’s still unreal to me that this is happening in the USA. Here’s to finding joy with our family . . . and cocktails!

  5. It’s so strange to have NY be on the list of safe places to be after our awful start. I just shudder at the photographs of huge gatherings and lots of people unmasked, we see more in FL and Texas than in GA. Here, at least indoors, everyone seems to be wearing a mask. Wisconsin is not much better than GA. Sarah sees almost no one wearing a mask. They order everything online and have it delivered or do curbside pickup. Biden/Harris was the up note of the week for sure. I just wish we could look forward to a civil debate, but there’s not much hope of that. On a happier note, those boys are as cute as can be, and must be the light of your week!

  6. The little boys are so sweet together. Hooray for passing a swimming test! I like the colors in this latest afghan – blues you know. The Biden/Harris ticket is the bright spot this week for sure. I was quite weary of everything about this pandemic and the news this week. Then I listened to a sermon this morning based on the hymn Great is Thy Faithfulness. The verses play out in my head and I keep replaying “Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.” And so I am hanging onto those ideas.

  7. isn’t the news awful? Every time I think it can’t get worse, it does. However, we get to focus on blessings and you being with the boys is a HUGE blessing! I saw my favorite Aunt and my sweet sister this weekend. I haven’t seen my sister since mid March and my Aunt since Thanksgiving…weird times.

  8. The willful stupidity is mind boggling, I am holding fast to Biden/Harris with eager anticipation. Their thoughtful, caring, intelligent language is a balm to my weary soul. I am eager for November, although I am voting by mail… which has be a bit worried, so I am hopeful the dropbox legislation will soon be passed.

    What a fun ending to Marmie and Poppa Camp! Here is to a calm week 🙂

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