Saying I Do.

Jillian and John got married yesterday. She’s the daughter of my sister, my elder niece and goddaughter. In other words, she’s a woman I hold dear and close. She and John have been together for years (first here in Atlanta, then in Austin, TX and lately Nashville, TN) and I just was surprised as … anyone … when they announced their engagement a few months back. and an August wedding. um what?!? Of course back then (May?!) we all imagined Things would be Different by now and … they’re not. and I know lots of folks are putting things on hold and on the back burner and I just have to say I am ALL IN for two people setting aside ALL THAT to say I DO. right now. Seriously y’all. what are any of us waiting for?! the sooner we get on board for moving forward right now with the things that matter (while we wear a mask and wash our hands!) the better.

Jill’s wedding was perfectly all of that.

The ceremony was for sure different.  

and yet. the same. (gah! I’m tearing up again!)


and apart I loved celebrating this commitment.

Jill’s talking about a 2022 party with a BUNCH of folks and I can only hope to celebrate then (again).

Favorite photo that didn’t fit into the story above … I’m sure I just didn’t try hard enough!

Celebrating. in love. always.

16 thoughts on “Saying I Do.

  1. Oh Mary, you captured such good pictures! Thank you for sharing – and celebrating! Yesterday was such a special time, and I’m also glad they went ahead and married in spite of the COVID-19 difficulties posed. It was such a lovely evening, and it’s good to be reminded that love prevails. 😘🥂❤️

  2. Lovely wedding. Lovely day. Lovely photos! Congratulations to the newlyweds!
    Thanks for sharing.

    PS. Love your matching mask and outfit!

  3. How beautiful! Congratulations to the newlyweds!
    I like your dress and the matching mask!

  4. How very cool…spot on…and wise those two are! I love it. I’ll bet it was a far less stressful day, in many ways–the expectation being only to commit to one another. minus all the intricate details of a traditional (i.e.,, non-COVID) wedding. In fact, I’m thinking they’re kind of brilliant!!
    p.s. you looked beautiful–and that matching mask!!

  5. What a heartwarming love story and a beautiful wedding. I couldn’t agree more – let’s make a way to include the things in life that matter. I love your matching mask and outfit. Such a sweet couple and I think that is a knitted shawl I see over the bride’s shoulder.

  6. Wishing Jillian and John many more happy and healthy years together! Another part of the story I’m curious about; who knit Jillian’s wedding shawl? Maybe it was the borrowed/blue something? Just lovely!

  7. As you said on our call yesterday, right now it’s really all about doing what we can, even if a major life event can’t be celebrated as it was previously. I can sense just from the photos that there was so much joy and love at this event! Also, I love that your mask matched your outfit (which I assume you sewed!).

  8. congratulations to your niece!!! What a lovely gathering and how happy everyone looks. You look beautiful in your dress and matching mask!

  9. How lovely—and done perfectly for the unsettling times! You look beautiful, as does the bride!

  10. What great pictures Mary – looks like a perfect day! Love the picture of you and your sister – that’s great! Wishing Jillian and John much happiness and great health in the years ahead. Love your matching mask!!

  11. What a nice ceremony! I was just talking to someone else about covid weddings and how so many people are canceling them because they can’t throw a big party… And how upset that makes me because the wedding shouldn’t be about the party. Besides, you can always throw a big party later. Even wear the fancy white dress later if you want. Anyway….. Your niece was a beautiful bride and it looks like they had a wonderful ceremony.

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