FO Friday | A Two-fer.

Friends, it was a productive week here. Marc and I have kind of forgotten how to be Marc & Mary, and this week we both got back into a few familiar grooves. Marc actually went to the driving range and walked 18 holes of golf (first time for each of those since February?). I got a new pair of running shoes and ran to the lake in record time. and in the midst of new-normal Zoom and FaceTimes, I sewed something besides masks … and finished a sweater and an afghan.

The sweater is Notice (again) … yep, the third one of these I’ve knit since March.

I used leftovers (blue and pink) and odd balls from abandoned projects. This is the first one I color-blocked and it was fun! Marc’s even getting the hang of taking photos.

(Ravelry details here.)

Obviously (right?) since I’ve knit this same pattern three times, I love it. and maybe not so obvious, I’d knit it again. It’s a great wardrobe staple and now that I’ve experienced it with color changes, expect to see it pop up again … maybe with thick/thin stripes?

My second finish is also a third time … for the Vintage Crocheted Afghan.This is a wedding gift for my niece, who’s getting married tomorrow! I started July 15 and knew it would be tight – I’d have to crochet 4+ rows each day to finish in time. For the first week or so, I worked 4-6 rows and then just decided to hunker down and do it. I finished the sequences on Monday and started the borders. Wednesday I finished the crocheting, wove in the ends, and washed/dried to block. (Ravelry details here.)

I trimmed the ends this afternoon

and promptly started #4.This one is for Sam. and will be the smaller size. His birthday isn’t until late October, so I’m going to take my time. It did feel really good to take a break – nearly the first since #the100dayproject began in early April – from crocheting for … almost two whole days!

I did not take a break from knitting … I started a new sweater – stay tuned! – while this one was drying.

The boys are back on Monday (week TEN!) so next week will be full of our new “familiar”. In the meantime, we have a wedding tomorrow (it’s small, and outside; and one part of the outfit I sewed for myself is a coordinating mask). Sunday will be a day of rest!

Here’s to another weekend. Wishing you rest, and maybe finding comfort in new familiar ways.

9 thoughts on “FO Friday | A Two-fer.

  1. Yes to that black in your afghan! I love it. And cheers to some golf and your run–SO GOOD to do things that not only feel normal, but that also get a nice endorphin high!

  2. You look darling in that sweater. It fits so well. There are some advantages of knitting the same garment more than once. I may have to try with a sweater. Finding comfort in new ways sounds like an excellent idea and challenge. I do like routine. I think my new way of finding comfort is to get lost in the watching a spindle make yarn from fiber. It’s pretty amazing. Post coming soon.

  3. Both of your new projects are beautiful! Have fun at the wedding; nothing anywhere near that exciting on our calendar.

  4. What a fun week of finishes! Those shorts go with your new sweater so perfectly – you look awesome!

    I can’t wait to see what you’ve been sewing! I cut some skirt pieces about a month ago (yikes!) and finally started sewing them together yesterday. I kid you not – there were cobwebs on them! Ha! But seeing other people at their sewing machines gets me excited about going down to mine, so thank you!

  5. What a great week – project/productivity wise – for you! I like your “left-over yarn” sweater. Kudos to Marc for the pics (+a return to the 18-holes!) and you, back to your “normal” AM run in new running feet .
    Enjoy the wedding and a quieter weekend.

  6. My compliments to Marc on learning to be a great knitwear photographer! That last one is my favorite of the three photos.

    I also knew you’d have no trouble finishing the afghan, and it turned out beautifully! I hope your niece and her new spouse enjoy using it for many years to come!

  7. I love how your “color block” sweater turned out! Lovely, lovely! I like knitting/making the same things over and over – for me, it allows for more creativity because I am not worried about the fit! 🙂 Thanks for hosting us today!

  8. your sweater looks gorgeous and comfy! I love the colors in the blanket you just finished and how nice to take your time on the next one.

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