And | August 2020.

Our hydrangea has been sadly not covered with blooms this year. We planted it in 2018. There were at least a couple of blooms on it last year, and we’re not sure why it’s slow to bloom this year. So after reading Bonny’s post yesterday, this morning I checked on ours … and surprise! two blooms! Which makes a really lovely segue to the One Little Word story I have for this month. I’m honestly glad to have a story this month. For many reasons, August has been hard. sad. angry. withdrawn. lonely. hopeless. hard. I’m sure no more than y’all … Continue reading And | August 2020.


Growing up, the years we lived in Wyoming (1971-1976), my folks loved taking a Sunday afternoon drive. After lunch, the whole family would pile into the station wagon and we’d set out, with no destination in mind (at least not to my 10-year old mind!). We meandered over mountains and dirt roads (literally), and if there was a stop for ice cream, or dinner, we kids felt truly rewarded. As an adult, I’ve never been much for the Sunday drive. honestly, I’m not much for any kind of driving, and driving without a specific destination is completely foreign (although I … Continue reading Meandering.

A Summer Bingo Update.

I’ve decided – with input from a few of y’all – that this year’s Book Bingo will be ending at midnight (your local time) on Labor Day, September 7. Even with three weekends to go, I am unlikely to cover both my cards (inked squares are finished books and penciled ones are likely finishes). If I finish four of my current readsI can cover that first card and get seven Bingos on the second. (non-human protagonist and homecoming are unlikely to happen). 48 books read during This Time is still a BIG WIN! especially because TEN of them are currently … Continue reading A Summer Bingo Update.

Small Good Stuff.

Thank you for all your kind and understanding comments on my last post. I spent the weekend on a much-needed break from most of the internet and felt ready to engage – at least a bit! – in things again this morning. For the first week in a LONG time, I have lots of empty space on my calendar and a few projects that will require me to dig in and get something done. It feels sort of ‘on brand’ for me, and I can’t even tell you how good that feels. One of the things I was looking forward … Continue reading Small Good Stuff.

Another Week.

Y’all it’s been another week. I’ve had plans to write a blog post since Tuesday (the boys were here for Week TEN of Marmie & Poppa Camp and they left late that afternoon), but … obviously … I got distracted. In good ways, and bad ways. The bad was the news. I live in Georgia. the state with nearly as many coronavirus cases as the country of Italy (Italy, y’all … and I expect we’ll be even with Great Britain come September – we’ve already surpassed France and Germany – countries with six/eight times as many people). When my kids … Continue reading Another Week.

Saying I Do.

Jillian and John got married yesterday. She’s the daughter of my sister, my elder niece and goddaughter. In other words, she’s a woman I hold dear and close. She and John have been together for years (first here in Atlanta, then in Austin, TX and lately Nashville, TN) and I just was surprised as … anyone … when they announced their engagement a few months back. and an August wedding. um what?!? Of course back then (May?!) we all imagined Things would be Different by now and … they’re not. and I know lots of folks are putting things on hold … Continue reading Saying I Do.

FO Friday | A Two-fer.

Friends, it was a productive week here. Marc and I have kind of forgotten how to be Marc & Mary, and this week we both got back into a few familiar grooves. Marc actually went to the driving range and walked 18 holes of golf (first time for each of those since February?). I got a new pair of running shoes and ran to the lake in record time. and in the midst of new-normal Zoom and FaceTimes, I sewed something besides masks … and finished a sweater and an afghan. The sweater is Notice (again) … yep, the third … Continue reading FO Friday | A Two-fer.

Looking Back | July.

I’ve been saying for months that I wanted to Look Back before I said Hello. This month I finally managed it, and whoa, I can see the benefit. We’ve now been “at home” for four full months and this month really showed it. Save one Saturday (the 11th) on my sister’s porch and the four Sunday runs to the lake, every other photo was taken within less than 100 feet of where I’m sitting right now – and 15 of them were in the same room! wow. In Before Times, I would’ve made a goal to broaden my world. Today, … Continue reading Looking Back | July.

Reading Better.

Way back in November I wrote a post about six things I was going to be working on this year. By mid-April, I’d whittled the list to five things (there was no way a trip to England was going to happen) … and I’ve been making progress on all of them. It feels really good to say that! and 😉 now that there are just over 100 days until my next birthday, I want to get more specific about the progress I’ve made and the actions I still want to take. Today, I’m getting specific about Reading Better. I remember … Continue reading Reading Better.