Marmie & Poppa Camp | Week Nine.

This week of camp was held at the last minute. Charlie’s LEGO camp was cancelled and Sam really didn’t want to miss out again. I texted Katie over the weekend “one night is no big deal”. and it’s true. We had plenty of food, the promise of our neighbor’s pool, and close to 2,000 LEGO pieces. On Sunday, Marc cut boards to build a treasure chest, then made two quick trips (Home Depot for hardware and Walmart for the infamous RED light saber), and we were set (of course we went to bed early too 😉 ).

The fun began soon after they arrived on Monday morning. Marc led the treasure chest assembly, which continued in multiple stages (assembly, staining, hardware) until Tuesday afternoon.Charlie has claimed this box for his own (and Sam – upper right – is not too happy about it).

The day after the boys leave I always wonder how I can possibly be SO tired. and then I look at the dozens of photos and videos and remember the constant movement. This week we also enjoyed TWO swimming pool outings (which tire EVERYone out).

Kind neighbor Michele who shared her pool also took a few “family photos”. This one is my favorite.

There were lots of light saber battles. with no clear winner between the dark and light sides. (which I guess is a good thing?!)I was hoping to get a new lock screen photo for my phone … me with both boys … and we tried hard Tuesday afternoon. This is the best we got.We for sure nailed the colors. and almost the smiles.

Things are still a little up in the air for Charlie starting Kindergarten next month. maybe I’ll get another chance for a three-of-us selfie!

Hosting these boys for NINE weeks of camp has absolutely been the sterling silver lining in our COVID-19 cloud. Right now it feels like there is no way we could possibly forget anything about these past 140 days … and yet I know we will. So I am especially grateful to have these stories documented here. What silver lining stories are you documenting from these days?


9 thoughts on “Marmie & Poppa Camp | Week Nine.

  1. Silver linings? Time with our big boy is on the list. Also on the list is learning how to relax again. This week I really noticed it and wondered how I didn’t recognize what a stressed out mess I have been.

  2. I’m with Sam and think a second treasure chest should be in the works someday! Love the light saber battles, the photo that includes you in the pool, and the whole Marmie and Poppa camp idea. Silver linings, indeed!

  3. Definitely a highlight of this time has been our weekly Zoom calls! If it weren’t for the pandemic, would we ever have “met” in real time, rather than just typing on each other’s blogs? Maybe, maybe not, but honestly the best thing about these strange times has been the people I’ve been able to connect with. A close second is having three meals with my family almost every day. 🙂

  4. I guess my silver lining is cooking more creatively. Rather than eating out every Saturday night I’ve upped my game. The light saber battles are the best Mary! And the family shots too. Good stuff.

  5. blessings abound when I read your post and your happiness! I think you’ve hosted the best summer camp this year!

  6. Can I come play too? Looks like y’ALL had a grand time and how nice to have a neighbor who generously shares a pool! My silver lining this week: two annual appointments done! and Song Yet Sung 📖 arrv’d !
    Cheers ~

  7. No wonder those little boys love camp with you! Silver linings: time with grandchildren is certainly the highlight. We’ve been told by a friend who is working closely with Covid-19 research that if our grandchildren return to school we should quarantine ourselves from them again. It’s not anything we had considered, but I think his warning needs to be taken seriously. Such a depressing thought!

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