On and Off the Needles.

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s been a while since I shared an entire post about knitting (and crochet). Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to … and what I might be up to next.

First off – a finish. finally. This is the pattern I previewed for Lori Versaci, maybe coming out next month. It was a pleasure start to finish (even the little bit of seaming wasn’t bad) and I can’t wait until it’s about 40 degrees cooler than the “feels like 101 degrees” it was this afternoon so I can actually wear it.

I had on shorts before we took the photos … and simply couldn’t bear to put on jeans. The cropped pants actually look pretty cute with it, and if I’d had on a non-white t-shirt, I think my white jeans would’ve been the clear choice.

Here’s a closer look at the details. from the comfort of my air-conditioned study. also back in shorts.

The yarn I used is local, from an Etsy shop called RyanYarn (link); and it’s the “Squishy Sock” base, 100% super wash merino. The colorway is called Mom Jeans 😉 Ryan just updated his shop this afternoon … I don’t see any more of my color, but there are lots of other fun options.

I actually finished the knitting on this Monday afternoon, and since I’m not going to finish the Mystery Shawl, the afghan got all of my on-the-needles attention … funny how a little bit of focus results in progress! Last night I finished the row-by-row sequences and the first scalloped edge. I should be able to finish this up – another edge and a gazillion ends to bury, then a good wash and dry – easily by July 15, when #the100dayproject officially ends. Finishing TWO afghans in 100 days makes me really happy. and I’m really enjoying crocheting each evening while we watch TV. which is a Good Thing since I have the yarn for #3 (it’s a wedding gift for my niece – she’s getting married next month).

Since I’m in such a comfortable place with the 100-day thing – I started another blanket this morning. This one’s a lot smaller. and it’s knitting.It’s the Organic Heirloom Blanket from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies (Ravelry link). A friend of my mom’s asked me to knit this for an employee in their community who is having her first baby soon. The yarn is Spud&Chloe Sweater, and the pink … oh isn’t it perfect!

…meanwhile, it’s now been four days since I’ve knitted a stitch on a sweater. That’s unusual for me. and it’s because I can’t decide what to knit next (which is also unusual for me). I have narrowed the choices to these six, all using yarn I have (some of which was actually purchased for these very projects):Clockwise from upper left – all pattern links are to Ravelry: 1. Milkweed Pullover in Knitpicks Lindy Chain, 2. forthcoming pattern from Lori Versaci in Modern Cotton DK leftovers (assuming the gauge works), 3. Malaga Tank, also in Modern Cotton DK leftovers, 4. Notice(Spring) in Holst Coast (either a solid OR color-blocked and yes, I have yarn to make it both ways), 5. topolino in Holst Coast, 6. Helvetica in Kestrel.

Milkweed, the solid Notice, and Helvetica were all part of my original spring/summer/early fall making plans when I bought yarn back in March. I have the leftover cotton from Purl Strings (that link is to my blog … and a fun reminder of that May serendipity). Then there’s topolino which came out late last month. Isabel Kraemer is one of my go-to designers; a few of the samples use Coast, and I could repurpose another planned project to make it. I must admit, it feels pretty good to be thinking about all of these pieces as potentials for summer/fall using yarn I ALREADY have!

I just need to figure out where to start. and I’m hoping y’all will weigh in with your suggestions.

Thank you! and enjoy your weekend!

13 thoughts on “On and Off the Needles.

  1. I will almost ALWAYS vote for Isabell Kraemer! Topolino is my vote 🙂

    I love your test knit! It looks comfy and squishy – my favorite kind of cardigan. And I’m amazed that you’re so willing to tackle blankets — they are such BIG projects.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Since I don’t knit sweaters I won’t vote, but you do look wonderful in your test knit sweater (especially standing outdoors in the “feels like 101 heat”)! And two crochet afghans in one summer is an impressive accomplishment. Have a good weekend with the baby blanket!

  3. I along love Isabell Kraemer patterns. And do you mean you are not going to finish the mystery shawl or just haven’t finished yet? I’m not sure I have heard of you not finishing very often.

  4. The votes are all over! 🙂 I love Topolino… it has been on my radar as well!

    I love the new sweater! Nice fit and great details!

  5. Your sweater looks fabulous on you — not that I expected anything less! I know I expressed concern about not alternating skeins, but you were right about it not really making a difference. The color is great and will look perfect with white jeans.

    As to the new possibilities, I’m partial to the Malaga Tank and Helvetica, but that’s my personal style speaking.

  6. Your test-knit sweater looks great on you. There are always so many patterns to choose from. I have been looking at Topolino myself. Any of them would make a nice project.

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