Looking Back | June.

Last month’s Look Back was late and I’m happy to be sharing this one to meet (barely) my “in the first week” commitment. Whew! It certainly gives the practice a different focus, which admittedly this month also feels partly due to the looking back that prompted Sunday’s post. Still, the lens of these daily photos always adds a fresh perspective.

I love those five rows of Monday/Tuesday with the little boys. the lake views from my Sunday morning runs. the magnolias. porch time at my house and my sister’s. some knitting (and even some crochet). one fabulous sunset. and one freshly groomed little dog.

1. What am I celebrating?
+ ten days, including five overnights, with the little boys.
+ we are all still healthy.
+ four bingos.
+ new graphics for the blog!
+ a new leadership for our Women’s Ministry (I still have a year to serve as Moderator Advisor, but the responsibilities are much lighter).

2. What surprised me?
+ how tired those ten days and five overnights would leave us 😉
+ the momentum and magnitude of the social justice movement(s) … I’m starting to believe America just might be ready to Do Better.

3. What voices am I listening to?
+ Sarah and Beth on Pantsuit Politics. They are keeping me sane with everything that’s happening in our country right now and I cannot recommend their podcast highly enough. (I said this last month and it’s still true – ditto again. and again).
+ Anne Bogel and the whole Modern Mrs. Darcy crew. (yep. again.)
+ Kendra Adachi, The Lazy Genius.
+ Austin Channing Brown. Lisa Sharon Harper.

4. What did I make? more masks, and two baby gifts. (I haven’t had a month without a sweater finish in … months!)

5. What was the best thing I watched?
+ Killing Eve season 3.

6. Read?
+ I logged four 5-star books on Goodreads – I haven’t stopped talking about or recommending, let alone thinking about any of them:
This Tender Land
I’m Still Here
Save Me the Plums
Poet X

7. What am I leaving behind?
– being “quiet” on Instagram.
– a high-contrast, two-color WIP (aka “Through the Loops 2020 Mystery Shawl”).

8. What do I want to focus on in the month ahead?
+ making. again. still. (I had plans for June … and none of them happened!)
+ keeping up my morning journal and prayer practice.
+ telling my story.

11 thoughts on “Looking Back | June.

  1. It’s lovely to see so many photos of those sweet little boys! And while I certainly don’t celebrate it like I should, the fact that you are all still healthy (as are we) is a truly wonderful thing. I sincerely hope that continues.

  2. Well, you’re ahead of me by several days on the June update. I just picked up This Tender Land from the library yesterday, so I’m happy to see your 5 star rating.

  3. I know those days with the boys are tiring, but I’m willing to bet that many years from now, those days are going to be a treasured memory for them! Holly looks much happier now that she’s all put together as she should be.

    When you say you’re leaving behind your mystery shawl, does that mean you’ve decided not to finish?

  4. what a nice summary of June. I wax and wane with Insta , I guess I need to just accept that is how I am on that app. I have lots of plans for July, let’s see if I achieve any of them!!!

  5. Thank you for the book recommendations! I have added them to my read list! June was a full and happy month! You cannot keep from smiling looking at all those pictures!

  6. What a rich month, Mary! Thank you for the five-star titles. I’m excited to read Plums, which awaits me in my book bag (it’s going to fill my ‘about food’ square in my bingo card). With your rating, I am inclined to pick it up sooner than later!
    Looking forward as your story unfolds…

  7. What a nice month. For me, the best us “we are all still healthy.’. Yay! I want to read Plums…I loved My Kitchen Year.

  8. I’ve got This Tender Land Coming (I had to push it out a week!) and will look at The Plums for my bingo square as well. Looks like June was tip top Mary…as I’m sure July will be as well!

  9. What a great montly wrap-up post, Mary! I love the way you’re summarizing/thinking about the month just past. (And I left my high-contrast mystery shawl behind, too . . . ) XO

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