Marmie & Poppa Camp | Week Nine.

This week of camp was held at the last minute. Charlie’s LEGO camp was cancelled and Sam really didn’t want to miss out again. I texted Katie over the weekend “one night is no big deal”. and it’s true. We had plenty of food, the promise of our neighbor’s pool, and close to 2,000 LEGO pieces. On Sunday, Marc cut boards to build a treasure chest, then made two quick trips (Home Depot for hardware and Walmart for the infamous RED light saber), and we were set (of course we went to bed early too 😉 ). The fun began … Continue reading Marmie & Poppa Camp | Week Nine.

And | July 2020.

Charlie & Sam just left with their dad, bringing a close to the ninth session of Marmie & Poppa camp. In another time, those two ampersands might make a delightful topic for a post (or two) about this year’s One Little Word. This month, it’s just an opening and a photo.The boys are completely obsessed with Star Wars. When Charlie was here last week, he wanted to “build a light saber with Poppa”. Poppa researched and ultimately ended up purchasing a light saber for less than $5. Needless to say, Sam wanted one, too. a red one (I didn’t know … Continue reading And | July 2020.

Marmie & Poppa Camp | Week Eight.

This week unraveled in a particularly delightful way. Marc and I hosted Charlie for two nights and the 8th iteration of Marmie & Poppa Camp. We had BIG plans … and we managed to do even more 🙂 On the left is the list we penned on Monday morning and on the right, the one we ended with before Charlie left yesterday, with lots of checks, a few revisions and only one missed activity (watercolor … maybe next time). Two-on-one camp with an almost six year-old is much different than what we experienced the first seven weeks. Based on Charlie’s … Continue reading Marmie & Poppa Camp | Week Eight.

Unraveling a Week.

It’s been an unsettling week here in Georgia. Our governor has taken his crazy coronavirus tactics (remember when we were the first state to reopen and even the president said it was too soon) to a new level, suing the mayor of Atlanta (a current hotspot) for implementing a mask mandate. Y’all. I can’t even. In between reading news updates, listening to podcasts, talking (and walking 🙂 ) with Marc, calling at risk seniors to ask about Angel Tree wish list items, participating (mostly on mute! PRAISE!) in a women’s ministry leadership team meeting, and having a few sanity saving … Continue reading Unraveling a Week.

My Morning Practice.

One of the things I took away from last month’s Looking Back was re-committing to my morning journal and prayer practice. The practice had evolved since I retired (morning practice time? wow!), and then Marc (what’s morning quiet time?!), and then SAH/COVID. Marc and I started walking together (which takes a lot more time than the treadmill/pilates routine I’d just started to embrace), I found it hard to sit still and focus on much of anything, let alone close my eyes and quiet my mind for 20 minutes, I expanded my Instagram follows to include more voices, we hosted the little … Continue reading My Morning Practice.

On and Off the Needles.

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s been a while since I shared an entire post about knitting (and crochet). Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to … and what I might be up to next. First off – a finish. finally. This is the pattern I previewed for Lori Versaci, maybe coming out next month. It was a pleasure start to finish (even the little bit of seaming wasn’t bad) and I can’t wait until it’s about 40 degrees cooler than the “feels like 101 degrees” it was this afternoon so I can actually wear it. I had on shorts before … Continue reading On and Off the Needles.

Looking Back | June.

Last month’s Look Back was late and I’m happy to be sharing this one to meet (barely) my “in the first week” commitment. Whew! It certainly gives the practice a different focus, which admittedly this month also feels partly due to the looking back that prompted Sunday’s post. Still, the lens of these daily photos always adds a fresh perspective. I love those five rows of Monday/Tuesday with the little boys. the lake views from my Sunday morning runs. the magnolias. porch time at my house and my sister’s. some knitting (and even some crochet). one fabulous sunset. and one … Continue reading Looking Back | June.

Hello July.

I’ve been counting our SAH days in my journal and today is Day 113. whoa. As a point of reference, I noted these “new prayers” in my prayer journal nearly 120 days ago  “COVID-19. early March. starting to get serious. 19 dead in US” … and right below “March 12 … shut downs/cancellations becoming widespread. feels like the country shifted dramatically in a 12-hour period…” And in the intervening days, weeks, and months, we’ve seen so many more shifts. For much of this time, I’ve felt like I was just reacting … to the (never good) news, the ever-evolving expert … Continue reading Hello July.

Marmie & Poppa Camp | Week Seven.

I did a double-take on the calendar … yes, it really has been SEVEN weeks since we started Camp. We’ve settled into a pretty comfortable routine that’s a nice mix of outside (Poppa’s “chores” and the neighbor’s pool) and inside (games, cooking, trains and LEGO’s). I swear the boys look older now than they did back in May! Charlie and I played a new game – Alphabet Slap Jack.It’s a nice mix of letters, early reading, and – of course – competitive play. Charlie won both games. hands down! This week’s art project was another book, this time with scissors, … Continue reading Marmie & Poppa Camp | Week Seven.