Walls, Windows, and Doors.

Y’all, I hit another wall this week. Yesterday specifically. The news. The rising cases. My inability (reluctance?) to address some of the hard topics with the folks I’m closest to. and then I’d see a softening. an email from a friend. a post on Instagram. a text. and I’d feel better. for a minute. Today was even harder. I abandoned my morning time to the news and couldn’t shake this graphic.

Georgia is barely deserving of the light brown at 48%. I expect we’ll be painted dark brown any day now. (also, this graphic is from a publication that I value for open-minded reporting and why I’m having to describe the charts in terms of light and dark brown troubles me. gah!)

Meanwhile. windows and doors. When we took Holly for a walk on Monday afternoon, the sun was shining … and reflecting off the windows. I pointed out “windows” to Charlie, and he asked what that meant. I told him about looking into other places. I’m not sure that meant anything to him, but for me, it’s a view into something better. And doors. they’re an actual way into that something. A view and a path. Windows and doors.

The time we spend with the boys is both those things.

This is Art Camp.

This is the rest of Marmie & Poppa camp.

Sometimes we see through windows. and on our best days we open doors.

Friends, I pray we can do both.

12 thoughts on “Walls, Windows, and Doors.

  1. Great analogy with regards to seeing through windows and opening doors. I’m glad to say that MA has the greatest decrease in cases of any state, I just hope it’s a trend that continues.

  2. PA is moving in that direction as well. And I just want to scream at people… stay home!! Where’s your mask? And, stop touching your face! lol

    Once a mother, always a mother… ha!

    (and please put Heidi and Sam on your prayer list… it is just exploding in MI again and Sam has to work every day and Heidi is just a wreck.) Thank you so much for holding them up in prayer. XO

  3. I too am dismayed by the trends we’re seeing. I see it all as a very tragic illustration of how our education system has failed our country. There are those of us who were lucky enough to get a good education and know how to value science and weigh information properly are still being cautious and staying home, but then you have those crazy people who claim that wearing a face mask is infringing on their freedom. Sigh. There are times when our country’s focus on the individual has been good, but now we really need to shift to caring more about what is best for ALL of us. There’s a Friends Meeting House in our neighborhood that I pass all the time that for a long time had out a big sign that read “Love thy neighbor — no exceptions.” And that’s the attitude I think we should all have right now.

  4. No more Mrs. Nice Guy for me. Maybe it’s just my mood this morning, but I have to go to the grocery and I’ve decided I’m going to say something to everyone that isn’t wearing a mask (it’s the law in NJ), going the wrong way in the one-way aisles, or not keeping 6 ft of distance. I’m going to say something when I hear racism, and I’m going to say something when people are just plain mean. Of course, I’m going to have limited opportunities for speaking up because I’m lucky enough to be able to stay home much of the time. I’m just tired and fed up enough to gather the fortitude to say something. /rant

    Sam and Charlie are adorable and I love the checkerboard. (Is climbing on ladders a fun thing?)

  5. I’ve been staying home and will continue to stay at home….seems like it will be forever. I see my son every 14 days or so (I think i put him in a mental quarantine…). Our daughter and son in law might visit for an outdoor time next weekend. Again it depends on how everything goes. Delaware is brown on your map.

  6. I am dismayed and angry about the trends we are seeing. I just can’t understand how people can be so self centered and still sleep at night. I have spoken up to people not wearing masks or not following the six foot distance at the grocery store and the responses I got were verbally aggressive and I felt threatened. I don’t know the answer.

  7. Great thoughts Mary. I’m very focused on windows and doors right now…mostly keeping them closed. I am recovering from coronavirus currently. Our son, home from college, ran into a friend who had been to a small family graduation party a couple of days earlier. Next thing you know, my son has a raging fever. That friend had it, but didn’t mention anything until after my son called with his test result. And I’m in Texas…we totally deserve that brown color on the map. There are many people that refuse to wear a mask because of their “rights”. Sadly some of these people include my immediate family (though not my husband and son). My son was so upset about getting sick. He wears a mask and takes precautions. It’s shameful so many don’t care about the people in their community. I was in Italy for six weeks when the outbreak began there. I came home healthy. They did the hard work of staying home. We, especially here in Texas, simply will not do it. This has widened the divide in my family. We take precautions and we got sick. That must mean they don’t work. (!). I think we just have to pray and live through it.

    Sam and Charlie are adorable. Thank you for the peek into your window!

  8. I just can’t anymore. I’m so sad and tired.
    I’m glad you have those darling boys to fill your days.

  9. My mother always said there were two kinds of people in this world: “those with good will and those without…” I too don’t understand how some people can be so narrow minded, selfish and just plain stupid … but there are indeed many … and they live in a false bubble of security, a false reality. Mama also taught us the “Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And I must confess, there are days and times when I really struggle with that, especially when I encounter sheer stupidity and selfishness. I think that all I and those of us who are thinking and caring people, who respect human life/lives can do is to carry ourselves and treat others as we wish to be treated. Doing so is hard, damned hard; I’ve had many life experiences when I’ve been tested, disrespected but I have kept my chin up and proceeded. I shall continue for I know no other way. It’s just not in my DNA.
    Thank you for giving us this moment to pause, reflect and recommit.

    1. PS. I can’t believe those little guys have grown so! “Just yesterday…”

  10. Your cute boys brighten any day! They look so busy and their smiles show how much fun their having! We are also on the rise and there are SO many reasons! Mostly, I stay home, wear a mask if I must go out, and talk to so few people. I feel like a hermit and I really don’t like it. I miss my peeps.

  11. First – the little boy are just so darned cute. I am glad you are spending time with them.
    This is a hard time in our country. Why is it so hard to convince folks to do things for the common good? Ne is holding steady but I wonder how long that can continue with current behavior? We have expanded our errands a little bit but if we can’t do curbside and encounter a business where the employees are not masked and/or social distancing isn’t observed, we leave.

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