Looking Back | May.

Whoa, May … it was A Month, wasn’t it. Looking back at these photos, I might need to remind myself that we were still sheltering at home for the second full month. Yes, we doubled our bubble with Katie’s family mid-month and yes, I started porch visits with my sister on Memorial Day (that last Monday photo is from her porch), but the rest of it looks like the beginning of summer. magnolias. daisies. porch time. morning lake runs. short-sleeved knits 🙂

Photos can’t capture the things that don’t happen. and I’m pretty much past the point of dwelling on the things I’ve missed and am still missing. So I’m simply marking this month as the second full month of COVID-19:

+ We welcomed Katie and her family into our bubble; the little boys spent four days and two nights with us.
+ I got my hair cut.
+ Marc played a round of very socially distanced golf (at another course – sadly, his home course has been … problematic during All This).
+ I made curbside pickups at Total Wine and my local bookstore.
+ I saw my sister and my mom (on their porches).

The little boys ushered in a change to our (mostly my) routine. I’m blogging less often. and oh my, the battle with my in-box is still going on (I never did that Inbox Bootcamp class, and I don’t see it happening this month either). My Monday knitting group is on hold (thankfully, just for me – and All This has also created a Wednesday group and I’m happily hosting that every week.) Cleaning and laundry happen whenever they happen. and of course we ARE retired. and it is ALL fine. and still.

May was also a month where I wore at least one Me Made every day.I documented EVERY SINGLE DAY on Instagram. (y’all, that’s exhausting … and you can watch it in about 20 seconds here.) I learned A LOT about … how I like to dress in a SAH environment and an unusually cool May. I’ve worn jeans ONCE since May 31. and even that’s unusual. Not including the two pairs of jeans (one white, one dark denim), I wore 21 handmade items: 12 hand-knits and 9 hand-sewns. Most surprising was that the hand-sewn items really made the outfit … more than half the days were totally Me Made because of the hand-sewns.

Six of the pieces I wore were ones I finished “lately”

The Cleo Skirt has been an eye-opener pattern for me and I have plans to sew more. (and I still have plans to sew more Owyn Shorts – shown lower right).

All through May I was also working the 100dayproject. #100daystofinishanafghan. I finished an afghan at day 30-something and started another. and I kept going. and I posted photos on Instagram every day. These might not be the photos I shared there, but you get the idea. LOTS of crochet.

I did fall off the every day habit in June, but I’m still committed to finishing this second afghan by July 15. Crocheting has really become a (mostly) daily thing now and I love seeing these afghans grow!

Writing this post so late into the next month makes it hard to look forward to the next month … nine days isn’t much to do anything … so one thing I’m going to commit for NEXT month is to share a June Looking Back post in the first week of the month. I really don’t like to throw a month away, but June might be that month. Is there something you’d like to just Let Go this month? or maybe Commit To for next month?

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  1. Oh my goodness. There’s so much to see here!! I LOVE your me-made-May collage. You have such a lovely little corner for taking pictures.

    This was such a fun post. It looks like you made the best of the month of May!

  2. So much to smile at with this post Mary. And really, who cares that your look back at May happens in the second half of June? Whatever! You have plenty of things that you are doing that keep you busy and that’s nice. Love seeing all your “me-made” pictures and, of course, all the blooms in your look back. Lovely!

  3. I am very much in awe of how much me-made stuff you were able to wear during May. I can certainly manage to wear something handmade every day during the colder months, but not so much in the warmer weather!

  4. I guess when I saw my son and future daughter in law I added to my bubble. I haven’t had any other human contact. We’ve socially distanced with some friends outside. I’m hoping that my daughter and son in law come for a visit but who knows! Love your Me Made May photos!

  5. A busy May, Mary . . . and what must be a busy June, too! 😉
    (I can barely even remember May at this point . . . )

  6. You sure documented May very well! It’s nice to say some changes in the routines after March and April feeling so stagnant.

  7. May seems like it happened a year ago, so I thank you for reminding me that it was really just last month and you had a lot of good stuff going on!

  8. I too have fallen off the “collecting”/reviewing/looking back month and definitely need to reprise the practice…so I shall! Thanks for the encouragement and kudos to you for a very colorful and productive merry month of May… Covid-19 notwithstanding!

    Kudos too for your “me made” wardrobe. Stitch on!

  9. I feel as though I’ve fallen off of everything there is… my “100” days ended far short of the goal and I’m just not inclined to pick it up right now. Busy with other things. And wishing that I was retired or otherwise not working because, honestly, it’s like I’m entering & exiting bubbles most of the time — the work bubble, the home bubble, and a bunch of miscellaneous and overlapping bubbles (grocery store, eye doctor, should I get my hair cut?), not to mention the mixed signals — it’s exhausting. I need a nap.

  10. I am with Kym in barely remembering May… great look back! I have let so many things go! And it has felt so freeing. I am wondering why I ever even worried about some of the things I let go of! I am hoping it is the same for you!

    But haircut? Wow. I am not even remotely comfortable with that whole idea. I am impressed. 🙂

  11. I love seeing all of this Mary. The me-made is so impressive! May…hmmm started Ankers and promptly put it aside the the TTL MKAL. I have next week off though so I will give it another look. Seems there was a stitch count mishap at the split but I’ve still got the right amount of stitches so I’m not that concerned. I feel like June is just. gone. I went to NC last weekend, have year-end at work and Doug had cataract surgery this week…time is flying by! Nice to see you!

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