FO Friday | Purl Strings.

Wow, y’all. and yep, I know, I’m starting many of my conversations with these two words right now. and apparently all the ones I’m having here these days. Maybe I’ll just give up on blog titles altogether and just go with “wow, y’all | day whatever”? 😉 Today’s “wow” was prompted by the realization it’s been a long while since I shared an FO Friday post. and an even longer while since they were photos from Katie’s camera. “wow, y’all” is a powerfully all-encompassing phrase.

So … last time I shared an FO Friday post, we were heading into weekend seven, barely toddlers in this whole Shelter at Home thing. We are now heading into weekend FOURTEEN. Marking my SAH by sweaters completed, this one – Purl Strings, a test knit for Heidi Kirrmaier –  is number six (I completed Ankers No. 2 just three days later, so yes, I’m onto the 8th one now.) and I have to say, it’s one I’ll be knitting again (no surprise there – four of those seven finishes are twins). The fit is great. Heidi is one of my go-to designers because we have similar tastes in “fit”. I can envision a finished sweater on me by looking at her modeled photos.

I loved knitting the textured pattern. It was just enough to keep me entertained (and the yoke actually kept me very entertained!) with ten rounds of stockinette and then two “party” rounds. It also made keeping up with my row count (I never measure my knitting in progress … I rely 100% on my swatch … and a prayer!) very easy.

The yarn is Berroco’s Modern Cotton DK – my first time using it and I am delighted. I’ve already shared about the whole ordering/delivery process and y’all. the knitting is easy (especially considering COTTON) as is the care. I did soak and lay-flat-to-dry for the first blocking, but I will for sure try machine wash next time. and the shine and color. well.

The only real change I made to Heidi’s design was to knit Short Sleeves (you can see my mods on my Ravelry page). I’m thinking my next one will be long sleeves, in Rowan Felted Tweed.

Want to add this one to your queue? Heidi is offering 25% off the pattern through TODAY (June 12). I’m sure I could be convinced to knit along!

Wishing everyone a weekend. be well. take care of yourselves. I’ll be back on Sunday.

xo – M.


10 thoughts on “FO Friday | Purl Strings.

  1. You look beautiful in that color! Love the matchy shoes for a complete look. 👍🏻

  2. That is such a cute sweater and it looks great on you! Marvelous color choice! What will you knit it with again? I have the pattern in my library and am planning on knitting it with a deep indigo Coast. No swatching yet, but seeing yours makes me want to cast on!

    I am am laughing at that toddler phrase… true dat. We are now all unruly teenagers, rebelling at any constraints. Oy. I don’t know about down there… but here, it is ridiculous (and frankly, quite scary!)

  3. My GOLLY, you are photogenic! Beautiful sweater–but, really, it’s your smile and the light in your face. Congrats on so many fantastic projects!

  4. What a perfect sweater for you, Mary! The fit and color are just SPOT ON, and it’s a perfect Mary-style. You just sparkle! XO

  5. You look wonderful! Sparkling :). I think there’s a career in modelling ahead! Your little sweater looks very soft and comfortable, and as it’s cotton looks like a great alternative to a T-shirt in the summer. I look forward to the one with long sleeves for the autumn.

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