Marmie & Poppa Camp | Week Four.

Wow, y’all. I can’t believe it’s been four weeks since we started Marmie & Poppa camp. The boys are definitely a lot more comfortable here and sometimes even Holly seems to be getting comfortable, too.There was less divide and conquer this time (I’m not sure why) and we even did some New Things. The Big Ladder. Stepping Stones (those are for them to take home and we’ll make another set for our yard next week). Meatballs (not pictured) and zucchini noodles. Tried and true favorites included the pool next door (I am so not a pool person, and so grateful for the 1-1/2 hours it fills!), grilled cheese sandwiches (mayonnaise on the bread FTW), and matchbox cars and LEGOS (also not pictured … you’re welcome!). I took over SEVENTY photos in the 30-ish hours the boys were with us. including about a dozen on the edge of the pool. of course none of them are holiday card worthy, but these two might make you smile.

In the midst of all that, and during Quiet Time, which thankfully even included some of yesterday and today – I did some knitting!

The top row is two baby gifts I finally finished this morning (all they needed was a wash/dry and some very gentle blocking) and wrapped this afternoon. The bib is for my neighbor (Holly and I delivered the gift on her afternoon walk) and the dress is for a friend’s granddaughter. The bottom row is my two (knitting) WIPs. I DID start the Through the Loops Mystery and I made it just far enough into clue #2 to add the second color. and I’m making progress on the test knit for Lori. Thankfully, the 3″ of twin rib are done and now it’s mostly stockinette. Still, 300 stitches per row is taking me a while.

The afghan is also still in progress and I’m adding at least a row every night while we watch TV. Honestly, though, it doesn’t look that much different than when I last shared it (except that it’s a little longer).

I’ve also been doing a lot of work with my Instagram, podcast and newsletter feeds, and my TBR list. #blacklivesmatter and I want to be sure what I read, listen to, share, and DO reflects that. I’ll be sharing more about that Sunday.

13 thoughts on “Marmie & Poppa Camp | Week Four.

  1. Camp looks like a lot of fun, if a bit tiring for the older generation. Or maybe I should speak for myself. A tried and true menu is the way to go. Your knits are as pretty as ever. I’m interested in seeing the shawl evolve.

  2. Your baby gifts and current projects are lovely and they coordinate perfectly in that photo mosaic. I hope 4 weeks of camp is making things easier when it comes to keeping up with those very active little boys!

  3. Whew! I am tired just looking at all your busy-ness with those two cuties! 🙂 And personally, I’d be right in the pool with them – and I hate swimming 200% lol. Those smiling faces are just too good to miss out on that fun.

    I am off to find that book! And those baby knits are just adorable!

  4. You two sure do pack a lot of fun into your time with those sweet boys! I, too, am tired just looking at the photos, though! I know that years from now, when the boys are older and are looking back on this weird time, they’re going to treasure these special times with you.

    I’m excited to see that you’ve started and gotten so far in the TTL mystery shawl! I was a bit bored during the end of the first clue, but I found the second to be really engaging.

  5. Love the pics of the guys ; they’re havin a grand time. Congrats on the two gift finishes and I look forward to seeing more of your two new knits as they progress. Knit on! Stay cool!

  6. you are living life fully with those boys, I bet you sleep really well at the end of the day – I would! gorgeous knitting and you have been busy with crafting along with the boys!

  7. Extra Yarn! I don’t know that one and what a wonderful baby gift idea! I’m almost done with clue two and have enjoyed the knit. Different than anything I would have chosen for sure. Yay for camp and yay for rest! 🙂 TGIF Mary xo

  8. Looks like fun! If all goes well, we’re headed to Wisconsin for two weeks. Sarah has signed Caleb up for an online camp and assigned us as counselors! I’m taking some goodies along as well. If you have any particular activities that were big hits, I’d love to know about them. I think there are enough Legos at their house to open up a store! Of course, we have a little girl to think about as well.

  9. How lovely that you can see your grandchildren now and enjoy such a lot of active time with them! They’re clearly having a ball – though I expect you are tired at the end of the day :). Their parents must really appreciate your support. My own DD is now hundreds of miles away with her little one, and it looks as if our current restrictions will mean that we will miss our granddaughter’s first birthday :(. Your knitting is, as ever, just gorgeous. What a delightful little dress …

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