Hello June.

Friday morning. a cleaner view, and a clearer, more purposeful focus.

I finally had time on Friday morning to get my thoughts together around this new month, well somewhat at least. Along with many of you, on Monday, I muted myself on-line with the intention of listening, and (maybe) sharing. Then as the week progressed, I realized I didn’t have anything to share. I kept listening (I still am). I talked with family and close friends. I cleaned my study. I took walks with Marc. I spent time with the boys (and their mama). and I spent time alone (with God). I recommitted to the lifelong work to ally for Black people. The pause was both necessary and good, and I’m grateful for the privilege that allowed me that space.

And now time it’s time to re-engage. It’s always hard to know where to start after a break, especially one in the midst of a time like this. Honestly, when I sat down to type this post, I didn’t know how to start. I’m still not sure this works, but it feels right. Love, Joy and Hope are three things I believe in, from my (to my) deepest core. Truly, I can’t think of a single thing that’s good and doesn’t celebrate one or more of those things.

Spending time with our grandsons ticks all the boxes.

Two hours with my sister (on her porch) yesterday afternoon did too. (note that knitting is not always a trinity 😉 )

also, I’ve started the test knit for Lori Versaci. 300 stitches of “twin rib” for 3″ … I’m still on that part!

We made plans to read books cropping up on antiracist lists (How To Be An Antiracist, The Warmth of Other Suns, Passing, The Vanishing Half). Talking books with my sister always makes me a better person and talking these books with her … well …

My evening walks with Holly smell amazing. There are several big magnolia trees where we walk and the buds have blossomed (and started to fade).

And finally, today. I was up dark early for a run to the lake before my 7am FaceTime with Sara because Summer Sunday Series at church. By the time I got to the lake, the sun was upand y’all. the sky was still pink (although not so much in this photo). and I counted less than five cars and for sure less than 10 people. also, running on asphalt. Joy.

and then the Summer Series got off to a Good (Very Good) start.My church started plans for this series back in early February (the Saturday it snowed). I LOVE seeing how the Holy Spirit moves us to do things when we are uncomfortable, and maybe can’t see where it’s headed … and then it happens, and OH YES, I see…

I had the privilege of introducing the series this morning with these words

“Good morning and welcome to the first seminar in this summer’s Matthew 25 series. The PCUSA’s Matthew 25 initiative challenges us to embrace Jesus’ call in Matthew 25:31-46 to deepen our faith and become more actively engaged in our community and the world. This includes serving people whom our society has oppressed, marginalized, or excluded. Over the next three months, we will be covering a variety of topics related to race, religion, gender & sexual orientation, immigration, and poverty. Our hope is that by sharing information to educate and raise awareness in a safe space we will develop skills that, together with a prayerful focus, will enable us to be more inclusive, welcoming, and loving in our diverse community and world. Our June topics address LGBTQ Inclusion, Refugees, and our Muslim neighbors.  In July and August, we’ll cover more topics related to racism, poverty and social justice.”

We will be reading Anxious to Talk About It in July (our four pastors will each be facilitating a Sunday discussion – if you would like to join, please let me know and I’ll get you the Zoom info).

After the seminar, I watched church, and again, I’m going to close this post with the words* that closed today’s sermon (and inspired me to re-engage).

“That’s the way it is, says Holy Scripture. Many diverse, individual, unique members, each one with talents and gifts and experiences and characteristics, a one-of-a-kind. But united in harmony and working together across the many differences and divides for the good and the well-being of the whole. That friends, is good news of great joy for all people. It is good news that is true, and timely, and timeless.”

Let’s keep listening. and sharing. with Love, Joy, and Hope.

* words, commas, and periods are powerful. the transcription and punctuation is my own, and hopefully true to our pastor’s intent.


13 thoughts on “Hello June.

  1. I have been reading about the Matthew 25 initiative since before Advent. Please let me know how I can participate in your church conversations. I think this was a very thoughtful re-entry post.

  2. I really love that your church is making this concerted effort to understand and welcome people of all sorts of backgrounds, especially given that this is a time when so many so-called “Christians” are doing nothing but perpetuating hate.

  3. Lovely post. I was struck by these words: “And now time it’s time to re-engage.” I am nodding my head and kicking myself in the backside for un-engaging. I’d like to choke my privilege – you know… that privilege that allows me to un-engage… something that Black and Brown people do not have the privilege to do. I heard a young man speak about why he is protesting… because he does not see a world where things will change if he doesn’t protest. His words ring in my heart today, and I am going to do everything in my power to work to a world where he sees change… and this time, I will also work to stay engaged.

  4. I’m glad you are back. I see the benefit of being silent and listening but I also think the only way to be true allies is to then engage and act.

  5. you belong to a really cool church! I enjoyed seeing your week in photos and isn’t it nice to be with family again, we are social creatures and while online stuff is really nice and feeds the soul, getting together in real life is sweeter and means even more! Love your new knitting (twisted rib!!! ack!).

  6. Lovely post (and I especially like seeing the boys)! There is a church that meets across from our house in the Women’s Club building and they put up a banner that says “Jesus welcomed EVERYONE. We do, too.” They haven’t been able to meet since March and who knows when they will be able to again, but I do miss seeing that banner.

  7. Thank-you for such a lovely post Mary and for helping me to think and continue to assess I how I can do more. xo

  8. I enjoy the photos of your beautiful family. I am so glad you can see them again. My sister and I have plans to get together soon and I can’t wait. It’s been way too long. Love. Joy. Hope. I would add Faith and Peace.

  9. A wonderful rhythm of time alone, time with God, time with Marc, time with family … and so very thoughtful. So encouraging to hear of such active engagement in the church with issues which feel difficult and we might wish to swerve around.

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