And | June 2020.

I’m sure everyone else is just as amazed as I am that we are half-way through this year. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined how this first half of 2020 might play out. I’m not even gonna guess about how the next six months might go. I’ve written before about AND being the perfect word for surviving a pandemic. and I think it’s also the perfect word for embracing the kind of action required to address systemic racism. By its very nature, it’s additive. it invites abundance. it welcomes new ideas and other opinions. fundamentally, it MAKES … Continue reading And | June 2020.

Another Doorway.

I know my last post resonated with many of you and I so appreciate your thoughtful comments. It does feel a bit like I’m preaching to choir here; and that is both helpful and encouraging to know we share the same values, and also discouraging to know we also share many of the same neighbors! I know we don’t all share the same faith, but we do share a love for Mary Oliver. This poem was part of my morning devotion on Wednesday and I knew I wanted to share it with y’all. I didn’t pick up on the doorway … Continue reading Another Doorway.

Walls, Windows, and Doors.

Y’all, I hit another wall this week. Yesterday specifically. The news. The rising cases. My inability (reluctance?) to address some of the hard topics with the folks I’m closest to. and then I’d see a softening. an email from a friend. a post on Instagram. a text. and I’d feel better. for a minute. Today was even harder. I abandoned my morning time to the news and couldn’t shake this graphic. Georgia is barely deserving of the light brown at 48%. I expect we’ll be painted dark brown any day now. (also, this graphic is from a publication that I … Continue reading Walls, Windows, and Doors.

Looking Back | May.

Whoa, May … it was A Month, wasn’t it. Looking back at these photos, I might need to remind myself that we were still sheltering at home for the second full month. Yes, we doubled our bubble with Katie’s family mid-month and yes, I started porch visits with my sister on Memorial Day (that last Monday photo is from her porch), but the rest of it looks like the beginning of summer. magnolias. daisies. porch time. morning lake runs. short-sleeved knits ๐Ÿ™‚ Photos can’t capture the things that don’t happen. and I’m pretty much past the point of dwelling on … Continue reading Looking Back | May.

Little Boys, Knitting, and Books.

These three things are pretty much my life right now, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. Here’s what it looks like this week. First up, it was Week Five of Marmie & Poppa camp.The boys made granola, a few LEGO models, and a set of stepping stones for our yard; helped in the garden (including harvesting the most expensive tomatoes ever ๐Ÿ˜‰ ); learned about electrical circuits (Charlie) and practiced super shooter target skills (Sam). We all laughed and played, and slept well. I didn’t have as much time to knit and read, but I managed some. I’m working through … Continue reading Little Boys, Knitting, and Books.

Becoming a Better Human.

I wrote last week about all the listening I’d been doing, conversations I’d been having, and other work about truly being anti-racist. I made plans to read books. I made plans to host discussions at church. I donated money. I followed along when Bookstagram revolted against Book of the Month. and when Bon Appetit’s Editor in Chief stepped down and a crew of the folks I love from their Test Kitchen shared about the terribly toxic and racially biased environment. I read more. I listened to Lisa Sharon Harper on Pantsuit Politics’ podcast. I sat with things. and finally, on … Continue reading Becoming a Better Human.

FO Friday | Purl Strings.

Wow, y’all. and yep, I know, I’m starting many of my conversations with these two words right now. and apparently all the ones I’m having here these days. Maybe I’ll just give up on blog titles altogether and just go with “wow, y’all | day whatever”? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today’s “wow” was prompted by the realization it’s been a long while since I shared an FO Friday post. and an even longer while since they were photos from Katie’s camera. “wow, y’all” is a powerfully all-encompassing phrase. So … last time I shared an FO Friday post, we were heading into weekend … Continue reading FO Friday | Purl Strings.

Marmie & Poppa Camp | Week Four.

Wow, y’all. I can’t believe it’s been four weeks since we started Marmie & Poppa camp. The boys are definitely a lot more comfortable here and sometimes even Holly seems to be getting comfortable, too.There was less divide and conquer this time (I’m not sure why) and we even did some New Things. The Big Ladder. Stepping Stones (those are for them to take home and we’ll make another set for our yard next week). Meatballs (not pictured) and zucchini noodles. Tried and true favorites included the pool next door (I am so not a pool person, and so grateful … Continue reading Marmie & Poppa Camp | Week Four.

Hello June.

I finally had time on Friday morning to get my thoughts together around this new month, well somewhat at least. Along with many of you, on Monday, I muted myself on-line with the intention of listening, and (maybe) sharing. Then as the week progressed, I realized I didn’t have anything to share. I kept listening (I still am). I talked with family and close friends. I cleaned my study. I took walks with Marc. I spent time with the boys (and their mama). and I spent time alone (with God). I recommitted to the lifelong workย to ally for Black people. … Continue reading Hello June.