Memorial Day Weekending | 2020.

Hello friends, welcome to a post that feels weird to write, and hopefully, not too weird to read.

The photo below is me. Friday morning at 7:10am. voting early in our June 9 primary. at our local library. whoa.Memorial Day Weekend is typically a family gathering time for us. seriously, years. and for a host of reasons I knew this year would be different and hard, but y’all. My Instagram feed has thrown up posts from past years, which mostly made me sad, and geez. Katie kindly shared the playlist she compiled for our time together last year and I’ve been listening to it this week. Not gonna say it’s been all happy, but the memories are good. And right now, having good memories is a good thing (I am so grateful to my family that I have treasure trove of these to rely on!). So this post is going to be compilation of the good things, paying it forward, if you will.

OK, these first two images aren’t current, but they are favorites from the last couple of years. (thank you blog and Instagram).
New readers, that’s Charlie! He still has eyelashes to die for, but no longer wears quite so many stripes 😉 (neither do I, although I do still have both those dresses, if not the dyed hair!)

So… staying home this weekend has meant porch time (alone!),

more time with the two beings I actually live with (ahem, Marc and Holly),

top image is Marc’s old/new shoes. we’ve walked 3-4 miles EVERY day since March 15 (with maybe 2 exceptions). you know the daily walks have been good for me. they’ve been good for him too! Also, Holly is a fluffy mess! (she does have a grooming appointment next month). and Saturday Night Snacks are STILL a thing!

and a first porch meet-up with my sister. Taking a photo of her (far away) seemed weird, so here’s her new (to me) porch sign. ♥These seem like great “rules” for the summer.  (for life, honestly)

I’m still getting my head around what I want for Summer 2020. The bucket list of years past seems … hard. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I hope you’ve found something to remember and/or celebrate this weekend, and I’d love for you to share.


10 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekending | 2020.

  1. A very different Memorial Day for sure. I was able to do a deck happy hour with my siblings and spouses at my brother’s beach cottage. Having a good sized deck allowed us time together. We usually share a meal but opted for just snacks, wine and a few hours together.

  2. Small world — I just started listening to Practical Magic this weekend (it’s my new listen-while-running book)!

    This year did feel weird, though we had a really nice day on Sunday. Our next-door neighbors held a mock commencement ceremony for their daughter, who just graduated from UVa, and invited all of us (they did it in the street, so we were all appropriately distanced). Afterwards, we all set up our own tables in the street and had a together-but-apart cookout. It was honestly the first day since this all started that felt remotely normal. Yesterday my parents and brother came over for lunch and we all sat on the porch. My mother said she’d heard that our county will soon be going to green, and she said she wants to resume our Friday night family dinners. We’ll see!

  3. Yikes! I voted by mail, and happily so! No in person voting for me, especially since we have only one polling place open in our area (versus the usual 8).

    It was an odd weekend that did not feel usual.. at all. But I love your new sign!

  4. Yes indeed, a strange holiday weekend. It was quiet (we enjoyed that part – no noisy neighbors!!). We did get together with Colin & Mailing for a walk and dinner (first time in months!!). It felt so nice. I think things will gradually re-open here, though my boss Kevin (who lives in ATL) is here and he said PHL is WAY Behind ATL in opening. I’m hoping for the liquor stores to reopen!! LOL

  5. It does sound weird to hear about voting in person in your library! Our libraries won’t be open for the foreseeable future and we’re voting by mail in NJ. It is tough to find things to replace family celebrations. We got pizza yesterday, served it on the bed of John’s truck and sat around socially distanced with John’s brother. Not quite the same as a good family gathering, but better than nothing, I guess!

  6. It was definitely a strange holiday weekend. I try to look for the silver lining – I didn’t have to prep and clean up a whole lot of food!

  7. wow did he get his money’s worth out of those shoes!! Loved seeing the photos and I know I wish for old days were we gathered without giving a thought of what viruses people had!

  8. I’m glad you got to visit with your sister! Our weekend was very low key – a little social distancing with our regular walk / run partners and a lot of Homeland (middle of Season 4). We did extend the weekend yesterday and had a perfect retirement practice day. It was fabulous! (Now June 2021…no changes to that plan!

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