And | May 2020.

Last week, Sara and I resumed our Sunday morning check-in’s (7amET/noon for her). and now it’s light enough that Marc takes his walk while I talk and that means I get to run to the lake (and back) by myself after I talk to Sara. In Time Before, Marc played golf on Sundays (most days) and church commitments usually meant solo walks/runs for me. Now, seeing the lake early on a Sunday morning, a not-so-easy-as-it-used-to-be mile and a half from home … is Sabbath Time for me. I carry my phone only to take this photo. The rhythm of the … Continue reading And | May 2020.

A Good Month for Yarn.

Happy Friday! I’m wearing a new sweater today, this morning I cast on a sweet little dress for a friend’s new granddaughter, and this afternoon yarn arrived in the mail. All of that reminded me that May has been a very good month for yarn around here. First up, the Finished Projects*.A second Ankers Summer Shirt (today’s outfit). The (first) Vintage Crocheted Afghan. Newleaf. Mother’s Day socks for my mom. Here’s the beginning of the baby dress. I do LOVE this pattern. I might even finish it by Sunday and then the May FO’s will be an even better! I’m … Continue reading A Good Month for Yarn.

Divide and Conquer.

Last week I wrote about the new rhythms we’re finding with the little boys here Monday and Tuesday. We continued to look for those rhythms this week and for sure, Divide and Conquer is still our guiding principle. The boys were only here for Tuesday and Wednesday morning, so it wasn’t quite the same (regular weeks will have one more lunch and afternoon), still … we were ready for bed last night! Here are some photo highlights of this week’s visit – from my iPhone’s POV: After last week, Marc dug out his collections of Matchbox cars and Legos. He … Continue reading Divide and Conquer.

Memorial Day Weekending | 2020.

Hello friends, welcome to a post that feels weird to write, and hopefully, not too weird to read. The photo below is me. Friday morning at 7:10am. voting early in our June 9 primary. at our local library. whoa.Memorial Day Weekend is typically a family gathering time for us. seriously, years. and for a host of reasons I knew this year would be different and hard, but y’all. My Instagram feed has thrown up posts from past years, which mostly made me sad, and geez. Katie kindly shared the playlist she compiled for our time together last year and I’ve … Continue reading Memorial Day Weekending | 2020.

New Rhythms.

Week One of Marmie & Poppa camp has come and gone … and whew! My photo roll happily blew up, and has somewhat been reined in again. Still, what’s the point of iPhone photo streams if you don’t take dozens of photos in a 36 hour period? We’ve since enjoyed two nights of leftovers, the rest of Dead to Me season 2 (which we loved), and relatively early bedtimes. and now we’re ready for a weekend! Katie gave us the advice to “divide and conquer” … for us that meant either one-on-one time with the boys (this is why Marc … Continue reading New Rhythms.

Doubled Bubble.

Last weekend, we decided to Double our Bubble with Katie’s family (if the term is new to you, this article is a good place to start). Katie and the boys came over for a quick visit on Saturday morning, Marc and I were at their house yesterday afternoon to celebrate Charlie’s pre-K graduation*, and tomorrow Rob is dropping off Charlie & Sam for a two-day Marmie & Poppa camp. They’ll arrive after breakfast, spend the day, the night, and another day, and Katie will pick them up before dinner on Tuesday. Things are opening up around here (including Sam’s preschool … Continue reading Doubled Bubble.

Three on Thursday | While I Wait.

…for the yarn to arrive* to start Heidi’s test knit, I’ve been keeping myself occupied with other things. Since today is Thursday, here are three of them: First, knitting Anker’s Second Shirt I started this on Sunday and I’m pleased that this second version seems to be going as smoothly as the first (and *knocks on wood* so far no silly mistakes). This yarn is making a much different fabric from the first one I knit in Knitpicks’ CotLin. If I’m going to have a wardrobe of summer sweaters based on just a handful of patterns, at least the fabric … Continue reading Three on Thursday | While I Wait.

Looking Back | April.

Hi friends. Before I start Looking Back to April, I’d like to look back to Friday’s post, particularly the kind and thoughtful comments y’all left in response to my questions. I really appreciate every single one of you who makes the time to read what I share, whether you comment or not! Truly, this community is one of my favorite things about the internet (apart, some days, from Instagram). Thank you! 1. What am I celebrating? + we did a whole month, without having any end date in mind. + the Three Things and Small Joys practices to bookend my … Continue reading Looking Back | April.

Next Up.

Hello friends! I am finding it nearly impossible to believe that we are heading into our ninth SAH weekend. SAH has affected all my days, but weekends without golf (I’m even missing it on TV!) and church … are the weirdest. I am so grateful for our time together on Sundays. Please note I just emailed the Zoom details for this week and we have moved the time to 1pm ET. If you’d like to participate and you’re not on the email list, just let me know in the comments and I’ll forward the details. Speaking of comments, I am … Continue reading Next Up.

Three on Thursday | Making Me Smile.

Hey y’all, it’s Thursday – almost the end of Week Eight in SAH Time … and I’m happy to be here with Three Things making me smile this week. Thing One.Newleaf is done! and in the time since I took that photo and started writing this post, it’s finished soaking and is now laid out on to dry. (also, fingers crossed my swatch didn’t lie because it’s not at all the width/length I want – yikes!) Thing Two.The morning walks have been glorious these past few days. It’s like we have two Springs here. The first one when all the … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Making Me Smile.