Unraveled Wednesday | Same Old.

Hello friends and happy Wednesday. Thankfully without any unraveling … although maybe not much forward progress either?!

In spite of all the time I’ve had to knit, crochet, and read, I still have the same WIPs as last week (oh boy, I hope to have something different to share next week!)

For knitting, it’s been all Newleaf all the time.I have had a very fun time knitting the yoke. The last bit of colorwork is on that last row (how do folks get those awesome circular WIP shots?!). I’ve since worked a few short rows and am now ready to split the sleeves. From here on in, it’s straight stockinette with a little ribbing at the end. not nearly as entertaining … and I’m glad I have a backlog of things to listen to.

On the crochet front,  the afghan has grown considerably since last week.I am now three rows into sequence 7 (the finished afghan is eight sequences of 10 rows) and the end is near! (also, a partially finished afghan makes a nice cover-up for a much-needed pedicure 😉 )

As for reading, even my bookshelf looks about the same. I did finish Hollow of Fear and loved it. I expect I might have at least one more finish this week and I haven’t decided what to read next. (I’m still no closer to that first Bingo!)

Can’t wait to see what making and reading y’all have been up to! As always, thank you to Kat for hosting this mid-week meetup. especially now, something “normal” feels good.

…as does this.

12 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday | Same Old.

  1. Your yoke looks great. I wonder if people use two needles to get the length on the cable for those cool photos? I am a big fan of Quince and Co. so I’m happy you are enjoying it.

  2. Your yoke looks amazing! I’ve never been able to get a great yoke shot like the ones people seem to post on IG; I have to wonder if they steam their WIPs first to get them to lie flat. The afghan looks great, too, and clearly Holly is a fan!

  3. Love the color work and it’s definitely on my cold weather knitting list. I’ve made tons of progress on my hay bale tank, but on the reading front not so much. I am plowing through Vera who has captured my heart and makes me want to go to the hinterlands of Scotland and visit where my Granda grew up.

  4. I think Sarah’s right . . . I bet it takes quite a bit of “staging” (and steaming) to get those perfect yoke shots! Your yoke looks great — so crisp. The design just POPS! I love following along with your afghan progress. It’s looking great, Mary.

  5. Newleaf is really lovely, as is your afghan. Reading and knitting are making me happy during these unsettled times (along with seeing others’ knitting and reading) and I’ve wondered what people do without them?!

  6. You’re moving right along Mary! That yoke really is quite lovely and I’ve favorited (apparently not a word) the pattern for future consideration too. Love the afghan and the sidekick!

  7. Newleaf is so pretty – really eye-catching. And your afghan – love those colors. What a pretty pattern! What size will it be when finished?

  8. I am echoing in with Vicki!! Your afgan is just incredible! (and the perfect cover for pedicure-wanting-toes!) But I love Holly snuggling in with you! 🙂

  9. how much does Holly weigh? Frodo is a chunky 14 pounds of love 🙂 Holly looks lighter and smaller to me. Your knitting is gorgeous! and the crocheting is very potato chip knitting to me (can’t stop adding another row another color). I hope you have a fantabulous weekend!

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