Late March Weekending.

Hello friends – I hope you managed to find a way to mark the weekend, especially if you have a job or kids at home, and time to rest. This is a time when honoring some kind of Sabbath routine feels especially important. As we progressed through our weekend – Friday Night Dinner (now the one time a week that we sit at the table, with “first-time” food, candles, music and wine), Saturday afternoon cooking shows (we started this habit years ago when we had to pay attention to the TV Guide to find out when the cooking shows were on; now we rely on our DVR and YouTube to serve up the content), Saturday Night Snacks, and finally church (albeit on YouTube) – I found comfort in those familiar things. Honestly, looking through the photos I have to share with today’s post, there’s only one that speaks mightily to this time … and one that makes me think I’m going to keep my Zoom subscription even after I can see more people In Real Life. See if you can spot them!

Spring has sprung around here. Here are a few examples from our morning walks. 

And the cherry trees in our center island have been glorious. This is Holly’s regular spot for her evening walk. I am so grateful for this daily view.

The sky behind these blooms has been gray today … and rain is coming tonight. We might have full-on leaves by the weekend?

We’ve been mostly walking in a close-by neighborhood (the walk to the lake has gotten a little crowded) and spotted a front yard full of all the inflatables (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, maybe more?). I promise a photo the next time we see it! Meanwhile, we did venture to the lake yesterday morning (Sunday mornings are still quiet) and these signs were for sure worth a pause.

I also enjoyed a regularly scheduled FaceTime, a few ad hoc, and several Zooms … and one Zoom I hope becomes a regular feature in my life.Y’all. Why did it take a global pandemic for me to have the idea to get my girls together on ONE screen?  (I can’t even look at this photo without tearing up. still.)

Meanwhile, the knitting continues and Holly is sticking close. Did I tell y’all that I had to move her “extra” bed to the space right behind my desk.

(she’s there now, too)

And if you’re following my Three Things on Instagram, here’s today’s update

Yep, 1-1/2″ to go!

Please share – did you find a way to mark the weekend?

Stay safe. Be well. and remember tomorrow is the day to share about our OLW over at Honoré’s blog!


13 thoughts on “Late March Weekending.

  1. Isn’t Zoom the best? I was able to Zoom with my daughters and grandchildren this weekend. Even though I’ve FaceTimed with each family it was so nice to listen to the conversations. Thanks you for the lovely signs of spring!

  2. That shot of you nd your girls is wonderful. I haven’t walked since Friday – too wet…maybe tomorrow? Glad your weekend was so nice.

  3. While we’re close with our families, I think we’ve been talking to them even more now that we can’t see them in person. Thank goodness for technology! We are already making plans for our virtual seder next week — for once we’ll have a new answer to the question “Why is this night different from every other night?”!

  4. Spring is full-on in your neighborhood! We’re not there yet, but will be in the coming weeks. It’s tough to mark the weekend, but we try to get outdoors and do something different. Last weekend it was fishing. I haven’t thought about what this weekend yet, but will be looking for ideas (or fishing again)!

  5. I love the girls together! That is so awesome!! And, all your spring shots! (my neighborhood is failing at social distancing – I’d have to walk at dark-thirty to avoid the people!)

  6. Sunday was just the best because of Zoom. First with the knitters and then with my cousins. A real blessing in these times! And that sock I showed you…I’m a believer in April 7! 🙂

  7. Your photos of Spring in your area are gorgeous! We’re a few weeks behind you so I have all that beauty to look forward to. My sister & I were talking about how our grandmothers would have handled staying at home and social distancing with ease. I can hear them now, reminding us that we have enough of everything, and even more than they could ever imagine, to help us get through these times. Wishing you well!

  8. Zoom is just The Best Thing right now! We schedule family “happy hours” now — and, like you, this is not something I every quite imagined doing before . . . “all this”. I’m trying to figure out a way to loop my dad into the Zoom thing — but it’s a challenge because I can’t help him set it up right now, and he’s not comfortable with new technology. As always, thanks for sharing your blooms! (It’ll be another month or so for us to be where you are now.) XO

  9. Your spring blooms are glorious! And hooray for Zooming with your girls. We FaceTime with Jackie and Jessica a lot but haven’t tried a meet up with everyone yet.

  10. Saturday night we ordered take-out for two reasons: one to mark the weekend, and two, to support some of our favorite restaurants. Our church has moved to You Tube and the service was lovely. Otherwise, the days seem very much the same, but luckily we’re both busy with projects.

  11. Cycling outside twice [in March] which is normally unheard of yet so invigorating.

  12. Wow – Spring is in full swing in Georgia. Those cherry blossoms are gorgeous. Hooray for Zoom. You have given me an idea. Maybe I could get both the Texas grandson and the Ct. kids on the same screen. You never know until you try. The knitting looks pretty. I’ve taken a bit of a technology break and am now catching up.

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