Weekending from Home.

Hello my friends. and welcome to week two of the COVID-19 “sheltering at home” here at mere-et-filles. Five words to describe us right now would be healthy, anxious, tired, grateful and making-do. It feels weird that this seems “best case” and I hope I can say the same thing tomorrow. and the next day. and so on.

Looking back over the weekend’s photos, it might be hard to tell that I haven’t left the house (except to walk – every day) since last Saturday – the cherry trees in our neighborhood’s island are glorious. as was the blue sky on Saturday afternoon.

um. ok. maybe breaking out the crochet for Saturday Night Snacks could be little sign? (this is the prayer shawl I’m knitting for our 2020 confirmation class … sadly postponed indefinitely right now. and STILL, I’m working on it!)

Holly, camped out under the chair in my study. Sara texted with an urgent “Send a photo of Holly” yesterday afternoon and this is the one I sent.

And then I get to these – knitting during church (observant readers might notice that is sleeve #2 of Anker’s, which is now done, and drying upstairs)

A “Cookbook Club Sub” Zoom with my cookbook club peeps.

and today’s knitting group.

There was another really fabulous Zoom before those two … with more than a dozen of y’all, which I apparently completely neglected to photograph. Zoom connections have become my lifeline. and I will be hosting another mere-et-filles meetup this coming Sunday at 2pm ET. Stay tuned for meeting details on Friday.

On yesterday’s call I mentioned that I was leaning into Elise Joy’s Three Things approach to getting through right now. I managed to tick off all three of yesterday’s things and once I hit Publish on this post, I will complete today’s too. I’m even wondering what I might plan for tomorrow. It’s the first nothing-scheduled-day since this started. and it’s supposed to rain.

For sure I’ll be catching up with all of you!

Stay safe and well. We can do this.

15 thoughts on “Weekending from Home.

  1. I finished my three things before lunch – they were all work at home related but it kept me on task.
    Tomorrow I am planning one list for work one one for personal stuff. It’s a great idea and I’m so happy you mentioned it

  2. I forgot that you mentioned Elise’s 3 things yesterday, thanks for the reminder. Keep up the positive attitude, Mary, you’re helping all of us.

  3. So sorry I missed yesterday’s Zoom meet-up. I confess I was sleeping…had not slept well Saturday night and then did too much Sunday morning. I crashed right after lunch. Hopefully next time. We miss seeing Colin & Mailing, but Skyped this afternoon. Hoping this will all be over before long…but not terribly optimistic…

  4. I need to put that 3-thing on my list for this week. Staying home, but I am wondering where the time goes! (although, I started cleaning out the spice/flour/what on earth is this cupboard today!) (and I am on the last section of my Nightshift…it should be done (but probably not blocked) for Wednesday’s post!0 No walking here today… way too many people congregating outdoors (and in the rain!) People are acting like this is the worst thing ever… it kind of makes me super mad.

  5. My friends are planning a couple of Zoom meetings and I think it is going to be a real lifeline to my family, too. It was so fun to hang out with me favorite blog peeps on Sunday. Thank you for hosting. Mylo and I have been walking quite a bit today. I’m very lucky to live in a quiet community where few people are out and about. Staying engaged and occupied is key to getting through this!

  6. Mary, thank you so much for that wonderful meet up on Sunday, I loved putting faces and voices to blog people!
    Trying to stay busy here with useful things, I like your Three Simple Things to do daily.
    Will need to get more mindful on my 3 daily things to complete. I feel some what lost, not having my grandkids here, they gave my days structure and daily fun!
    Take care and stay calm.

  7. I have ups and downs, and today was a down day. So thank you for your positivity and I will make a concerted effort to join you on Sunday. Hitchhikers have always been my stress relief knitting so I’m putting my Nightshift and sock down for a bit and picking up my Hitchhiker. I’ll start over tomorrow with a new outlook and hope that in 24 hours I can still say that friends, family, and all those dear to me are safe and healthy.

  8. I’ve been working off a list I made early last week, but I like the idea of choosing three things tonight for tomorrow. I think I’ll give it a try. We’ve been using Google Meet for our church related gatherings, and it’s been great. Regular videos and FaceTime with grandchildren help too.

  9. The Sunday virtual meet-up was so much fun and I’m glad we’re going to make it a regular thing. You inspired me to host a meeting myself, and last night I was able to get together online with my old knitting group — we haven’t gotten together in years! We’re now under a stay at home order in my county, and as I was already doing that, it’s not feeling too restrictive. I took two wonderful long walks over the weekend that really lifted my spirits, and I wish I could do it every day, but the weather has not been cooperating!

  10. Zoom-ing was so much fun. While I’m not making a list of 3 things, I am setting my timer to remind me to get up and walk around the house throughout the day. I am thinking I’ll tackle organizing my office/craft room this week in phases-so we’ll see. Trying to keep to my normal routine as much as possible during these times.

  11. Putting the three things on my list and one will include some exercise of no less than 30 minutes each day. Struggling with the closed YMCA. Thanks for helping us make our way through this!

  12. I’m not doing a 3-things list per se, but every day I try to do “something fitness-y,” “something productive,” and “something creative.” Like Bonny mentioned, my days seem to be up or down. The most suprising thing to me . . . is how fast the days seem to fly by! Have a great day, Mary — and keep posting those lovely blooms. XO

  13. Overall I am adjusting to being at home, I miss the gym and the little girl I babysit. Also my old schedule but I am happy to be trapped in this house with my husband as we take walks together and plan out our meals. I am starting to focus better on knitting and less on the shocking news. I find watching my state’s update once a day informative and calming.

  14. About the same here, minus the Zoom meet-ups. For today everyone is healthy and safe. I have a family member in the medical field who is on the front lines in a hospital and clinic so he is in my prayers constantly. So far, so good. Since I’m retired, my schedule hasn’t changed too much and keeping it that way is helpful for me. It’s not that I was out and about everyday but I miss the option of being able to change up the routine.

  15. A prayer shawl seems such a fitting thing to be working on, Mary – and you are streets ahead on the keeping up with friends/clubs/activities front. Your blossom against the sky is truly lovely … it’d make a great screensaver.

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