Five Good Things.

Hello, friends. I hope this finds you well and safe at home. Today I am happy to have five good things to share.

Thing one. The morning walks continue. Today I crossed an empty street (two lanes, typically bumper to bumper with cars) to stand under these crabapple trees to take a photo. I love the cherry trees for being first. I love the crabapples for all the shades of pink.

Things two and three. The knitting continues and I should get the sleeves separated today. Yesterday I needed something totally escapist in my ears and searched Libby for Mary Kay Andrews on audio. There were two new-to-me titles available for immediate download and I grabbed them both. Happily, the first one I tried (The Weekenders) is fitting the bill perfectly and I’ve since returned the second. No need to hoard 🙂

Thing four. My instagram feed continues to be full of so much good stuff. I snagged a screenshot of this poem this morning, thinking I’d paste it in my journal. And then Oliver Jeffers read it at the end of today’s story time (a most awesome new-to-me book, The Incredible Book Eating Boy) and I thought y’all might enjoy it, too. Please imagine a charming Irish accent as you read the words to yourself.

and last but by no means least, Thing five. I setup a little Zoom meeting for tomorrow evening (Thursday, March 19, 2020) at 9pm ET. I would love to have you join me in your PJs, with your favorite evening beverage and your knitting. 

If you have any questions about the meet-up, please let me know in the comments.

Also, Happy Wednesday and yay Kat!! for hosting this blogging meet-up.

13 thoughts on “Five Good Things.

  1. I’m so excited for our virtual knit night tomorrow — thank you for hosting! Now I just need to make sure that I get Zoom figured out on my home computer tonight!

  2. I love these things! (especially that lovely bit from Caitroina!) I will do my best to remain awake by 9PM tomorrow! PJ’s and water for me at that time of the evening! 🙂

  3. That quote is lovely and I’d be behind it 100% if I knew when the danger would pass. The uncertainty of this is my major struggle. When do I get to snuggle with Jackie again? I would love to join you tomorrow night. 9 is a little late for me but I’ll try!

  4. I will try to join you tomorrow night if I’m still awake! I wound my Nightshift yarn today, so maybe I’ll even have something to show tomorrow. I was telling John about this virtual knit night and how I’ve never met any of you in person or even heard your voices. I’m excited (and thank you and Kat for arranging this)!

  5. Such good things. I love the poem – what a wonderful way of reframing. I will look forward to seeing your top progress. I have knit many a wash cloth with Cotlin and have always wondered how it would work in a garment.
    I’ll give the virtual knit night some thought. My computer is old and cranky.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing GOOD things, Mary! I, too, am eager to hear what you think of the CotLin. I knit something with it many, many years ago, and found it super heavy. But . . . that was probably because I chose the wrong yarn for the pattern I was making! (I’ve gotten much better at matching my yarn to my pattern over the years.) I may join you for the virtual knit-night, but I’m usually pretty shut-down by 9:00 pm . . . so we’ll have to see. I’d love to take part! It’s such a great way to connect. XO

  7. I am going to try to join in too! Thank-you for the poem and the book idea. That looks exactly like something I could use right now too!

  8. All good things Mary! I’ve been busy setting up my home office (up and running now)…and working…some…

    I’ve managed to work out each and every day (I think it’s going on 2-3 weeks now) and will be walking when weather permits. Fresh air is such a godsend and certainly clears one’s head.

    Your Zoom meeting sounds like fun, but as with others, I’m pretty much done for the night by 9 p.m. I hope you do a recap of it in a post though. Enjoy!!

  9. I have made a list today and I WILL scale back the news reading….really! I found some yarn I want to knit up something but haven’t decided on the project as of yet. That means the slippery slope of searching on ravelry, which is time well spent!!

    Missed the Zoom and I hear there might be one on Sunday….

  10. Well I guess I totally missed that Zoom meet up! Mary Kay Andrew has new titles out-GOOD to know! Right now cherishing each time I can get out and walk freely. Sophie doesn’t like the jump in temperature, but that’s not going to stop me!

  11. I’ve been on a blog hiatus, for the most part, but doing a little catching up today. I’m seriously hoping that I see more Zoom meet-up announcements in upcoming posts! 🙂

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