Weekending | Our New Normal.

Just looking at the photos from our weekend, you might not even know we were in distancing mode. We are so fortunate to be at a time (and place) of life where we can hunker down at home, with plenty of space, supplies, and company we enjoy … to wait it out.  I have four photos to share today. they’re the only ones I took since I last posted.

Here’s Friday. after I shared my last blog post, I lit a candle and sat down to knit. The WIP you see is the sleeve ribbing on the second sleeve of Joy. 

I finished the knitting, wove in a few ends and blocked it Saturday morning. It’s dry now. and needs a little finishing (two sleeve seams and a million buttons). How about I PROMISE to share some FO shots on Friday?!

Saturday, I had lunch with my girl-peeps (sister, sister-in-law, mom), enjoying my sister’s new screened porch. in real life. thankfully my sister is now working from home and my SIL might be soon. We managed to talk about some things besides COVID-19 (but honestly not much … we are reworking plans for two trips – one to Hilton Head and another to Alabama – both to celebrate my/our dad/husband … and we all have grown kids … who live elsewhere).

Later, I enjoyed an extended FaceTime happy hour with Katie and then, snacks. IRL with Marc.Thankfully, New Normal still includes snacks. and thankfully we still have a lot of fresh things in our fridge. I wonder how long that will last.

On Sunday morning, I woke up to an email from our church that there was a 30 minute service available on YouTube (the church hasn’t made the video widely available, but if you’d like to spend 30 minutes with a liturgical service – the sermon was on this Sunday’s lectionary from Exodus, let me know in the comments and I’ll send you a link). I decided to “save” the service for later in the day. Sara and I shared a FaceTime call (another “old normal”) and then Marc and I walked to the lake. and back 🙂 My treadmill/pilates workout has been winning these past months because it’s efficient. now that I have time, I’m recommitting to getting outside for a walk when I can (Marc doesn’t run … I’m sure I’ll be able to fit in a couple of runs on days it rains). especially if he’ll consent to a mid-walk selfie.After we got home, I watched church (y’all, that is something I never imagined I’d be able to say!). and then started a new project. Petite Knitter’s Anker’s Summer Shirt with a lovely sky blue CotLin from Knitpicks. I also took a nap (gah, since New Normal seems to be not sleeping well at night, I’d love for it to include a 30 minute pick-me-up nap each afternoon … I had one today, too, so we’ll see!), watched some cooking and home remodeling shows with Marc, enjoyed another FaceTime with Katie et al … ate pork carnitas taco salad for dinner … watched some more cooking TV, read a little and went to bed.

And here are a few things from today

First up, Mac Barnett is doing a daily bookclub on IG live. Y’all!!! EVERY day at 3pm ET he’s reading one of his books. It’s a very fun 20 minutes. (I cannot wait until he gets to Extra Yarn … it might be a while. He’s reading from earliest published to most recent; today was 2009 and Extra Yarn is 2012). Also, Oliver Jeffers is reading at 2pm ET.

I’m slowly (with highlighter) making my way through the paper pages of Don’t Overthink It in preparation for The Modern Mrs Darcy Bookclub discussion on Friday. Anne has graciously offered her bookclub space (a virtual meeting via Zoom) for other authors whose tours have been postponed … she announced the first week this morning (link). It starts next Monday! Please note her space is limited to the first 500 participants. first come first served. I’ve marked my calendar.

and finally … the Anker’s Shirt. You might notice that there is a bit of “used” yarn wrapped around the ball. and not so much progress for something I actually started yesterday afternoon? Yep, I woke up this morning to a pattern update. with significant enough changes to the gauge and sizing to make me rip without a second thought. I started again early this afternoon and made that progress while Deena and I enjoyed our first virtual Monday Afternoon Knitting.

My instagram feed has continued to be full of thoughtful, kind, helpful and fun posts. My wish is that this blog fills some of that same space for you. Please know that this community does for me.

All the warm virtual hugs, M.



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  1. Yay for not being solo in “semi-quarantine”!! But I am burning the wires FaceTiming but honestly, it is just not cutting it! (even thought I am profoundly grateful for it!) I miss my kids so bad it hurts!

  2. I’m also working through Anne’s new book–and Extra Yarn is one of my absolute favorites! I swooned when I saw it here…

  3. Hi Mary,

    I would really enjoy listening to your church service.

    I live in Oregon, a small rural town. Things here have been good from the Coronavirus so far.
    Be safe in your city.


    1. Oh Mary,
      What a lovely post. I have been following you for years and don’t think I’ve ever let you know how much I look forward to seeing you and what you are knitting, cooking, or reading, etc. I have two adult daughters, am a knitter, and a woman of faith.
      Your knits always look terrific on you by the way.
      I have barely started Don’t Overthink It, but want to finish Sarah Bessey’s Miracles and Other Reasonable Things.
      Not knitting much right now, but am enjoying looking at patterns!
      All the best to you and Marc as we continue to stay put to hopefully stay healthy.


  4. Your social distancing looks and sounds like a lot of fun! I’m such a homebody that I don’t mind being here at all, but I could do without the anxiety. At least I am mostly distracted during the day by work (my office has gone 100% remote), but my poor kid doesn’t know what to do with herself, even though I’ve given her plenty of ideas. One thing she did do over the weekend was sort through her bookshelves and decide what to keep and what to give away — and Extra Yarn was one title she swore she could not be parted from!

  5. It’s tough to think and talk about anything besides coronavirus, but I’m glad to read your words, look at your lovely photos and be able to do just that. Hoping you, Marc, and the whole family stay safe and healthy!

  6. Our church provided a live-feed of a service in the sanctuary with the ministers, organist, and ASL signer. It was lovely. Today my Lenten discussion group “met” via a Google conference call. Very welcome, and satisfying. We’re planning another one next Tuesday. Like you, we’ve committed to walking every day the weather cooperates. Yesterday we were lucky enough to walk a trail with our son and our three granddaughters. Their mom had made a scavenger hunt of 10 items to find on the walk. The five year-old was particularly invested in it. We, too, are lucky to have plenty to occupy our time at home, though I’ve finding it harder to focus than usual.

  7. Other than my knitting groups being canceled (gasp) our life hasn’t changed all that much either. I am thankful we live in the country with no neighbors. We have plenty of outdoor space to roam.
    Happy knitting and stay well.

  8. We’re getting outside every day no matter what the temp though it’s certainly not 10 degrees any longer. (Thank goodness…) Wondering when we’ll end up home for good. Fortunately we’re all keeping our distance at work though I wouldn’t mind a week at home!

  9. It’s really helping my anxiety to see that my fellow knitters are doing well and coming up with ways to cope with our new normal. Thank you for sharing your weekend with us.

  10. Mylo has been a saving grace as he needs his every four hours walk. Reading and knitting will keep me sane, but I spend a lot of time with friends and I am missing the face to face interactions. My book group has been canceled and that is one thing I look forward to all month. Life has come to a screeching halt, but there is solace in staying home, feelings of calm and gratefulness. I am so happy to have this community, a community that has been part of my life since 2004. More than ever we need each other. Thank you for being here, Mary.

  11. I’m so glad to hear y’all are doing so well! 🙂 We’re adjusting pretty easily to being home-bound, but hoo-boy do I miss my gym!!!! (I’m working out here at home, but it’s just not the same.) Fresh air every day is such a good thing — glad Marc is getting out for walks with you. XO

  12. lovely weekend! Our new normal is like yours, my husband is allowed to work from home after a few frantic days at the office. I miss my gym but I am trying to walk daily weather permitting and focusing on calming my nerves.

  13. Ollie’s message was great, so thank you for sharing his message. The cancelled plans for the week were a bit disappointing, but am grateful for the relief it brings to know that being over cautious right now is a good thing. I have come to realize I have plenty, there is flexibility with my job when crisis hits, and that I’m not alone in any of this-if I was 30 years younger I don’t know if I’d feel the same way-that’s why I like the older me better! Happy Friday.

  14. Lovely and reassuring to read how you are spending your time and enjoying your days with such a nice mix of partner, solo and family things … We are having difficulty here finding fresh fruit and veg, and that is a bit concerning before you even begin to think about supply lines in a few weeks. I’d love to hear your service and will message you. Warmest good wishes, Alexa

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