A Monday Haiku.

blue skies, faces turned
upward, feeling warmth return
breath prayer: welcome

welcome a fresh start. welcome a full week. welcome connecting with friends (near and far). welcome another day of sunshine (we’ve had three in a row and this makes four – the longest stretch of 2020!). welcome a reasonable to-do list. welcome signs of spring. welcome all.

What are you welcoming today?

Wishing you a lovely week!

14 thoughts on “A Monday Haiku.

  1. I am welcoming a sunny sky and warmer temps, at least today; tomorrow, gathering with friends, going to the opera Saturday, a week at home, essentially and getting better, every day. I also welcome those lovely bright and happy daffodils and the delightful Haiku. What a wonderful way to start a week. Thank you!


  2. I’m welcoming a perfect day to hang all my laundry on the line and then a walk down to Central Taven for some yummy lunch and a drink. It looks like you are welcoming full-on spring!

  3. What a lovely way to begin your blogpost :). You are a real wordsmith. Very uplifting despite our continuing rain – oh for a dollop of your sunshine! I am welcoming a quiet week at home, this week :).

  4. I’ve been not only welcoming but embracing the sunshine today — third day in a row! Tomorrow we’re sadly back to rain.

  5. Our daffodils have just poked their heads out—1/2 inch??? Nonetheless, I’m celebrating a lovely, sunny, very warm day! Each one is one day closer to May when we have hope of truly having spring!

  6. I welcomed the afternoon sunshine! Perfect for a walk after work. Also the strength and stress reduction series on the Sisterhood

  7. That’s a beautiful photo! I am welcoming sitting with my feelings. It’s a difficult thing for me but I’m trying.

  8. What a lovely haiku. I welcomed rain on Monday. I know many areas are saturated but in southeast Nebraska the soil is dry and last week the air was full of dust as the winds gusted and blew a gale. Today I welcomed a refreshing walk in more seasonable temperatures.

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