Weekending for Days.

Is it really Thursday? evening? my calendar says yes, and thankfully so does my to-do list … and yet in my head (and looking back on these photos, my heart) … well, the week is surely just beginning! Welcome to a peek back into a VERY long weekend!

The conference I attended on Friday evening/Saturday was, quite simply, amazing. I’m still processing … and expect the content to feature prominently in my next OLW update. The overnight accommodations – aka the “Tieman B&B” – was also 5+ stars. So many Legos (so much imagination). a cold breakfast (thankfully with HOT coffee for the grownups). and my first-ever Peloton experience (it was hard. and fun. and I still love my treadmill.)

Saturday evening I was back home. Marc greeted me with this

and we watched Rocketman which I LOVED. put the knitting down, didn’t fall asleep loved. (I can’t remember the last movie I could say that about.)

Then Sunday … the boys arrived before lunch, said a nice good-bye to their mom

look how tall they both are! and yes, the sun does shine here. some days.

…napped! and then we headed to the park. One of my very favorite moments of the whole weekend happened there. Click the photo to hear ♥

The rest of their visit was a  blur. of baking/cooking/eating (two little boys do a lot of eating),


imaginative play,

and so much more. SO MUCH MORE.

Everyone was home in their own beds on Tuesday evening. It felt good. and we all slept great.

Yesterday I saw Agrippina with Lydia and my mom. Oh my goodness. laugh out loud funny. also long. my sister joined us after for a glass of wine. I was asleep by 9. This morning my women’s group met at church and I spent the afternoon putting finishing touches on the liturgy for Sunday’s service.

Weekending for days does make the weekends come quick. I’m looking forward to another one soon 🙂

14 thoughts on “Weekending for Days.

  1. Wow! I am exhausted just reading this! LOL

    But, that laugh! Oh my! (and I love little boy play… the best!!)

    Wishing you and Marc a quieter and calmer weekend (preferably with an adult beverage or two!)

  2. What a wonderful loonngg weekend you and the boys had! Do watched biscuits bake better? (Also, if you think little boys eat a lot now, just wait until they are teenagers!)

  3. So much joy in this post and it lifts my heart. Those little boys are so dear and what wonderful memories you are all making. How nice your family is close by. I do enjoy my sister and her family – down the road in Omaha. Thank goodness she is nearby for my children live a distance. I’m grateful for all of them, near and far.

  4. Thanks for starting my day with that sweet giggle — I really miss little kid giggles! Sounds like it was an exhausting but fulfilling weekend. I hope the next one is a wee bit more restful!

  5. I don’t think I could do a peleton but you did and yay! I love the treadmill as well and set personal goals. You saw the boys! They are growing (I always say that) and they are so happy looking. What treasures to have in your life.

  6. I loved Rocketman, too! (My knitting just sat there on my lap the whole time!) What an exciting – and LOOOONG – weekend, Mary. Hope you can catch up on your relaxing THIS weekend!

  7. This was a busy week-week. I don’t think Steve and I have seen more than 30 minutes of each other yet. Thrilled that the sun is shining and there is a blue sky! Happy Friday.

  8. That is a lot of action Mary! I just did a spin class this morning and felt like I was going to be sick for an hour after! 🙂 Not my favorite thing but it did burn some serious calories! Putting Rocketman on my list for the weekend…I wasn’t sure after Bohemian Rhapsody being soooo good. Cheers to the weekend! xo

  9. I love it when I’m building something with Junah and then inspiration will hit him and he’ll break off, saying, “I’m going to use my imagination!” It just doesn’t get any better, does it??

    Here I am wishing you another happy weekend already!!

  10. What a wonderful long weekend of a week you’ve had! Hope your weekend brings relaxation and all that is good!

  11. Oh man, I feel like I need a nap after reading about your long weekend! It all sounds wonderful though. Wishing you a bit of a calmer one this go-round. Enjoy!!

  12. What a splendid weekend you have had – though it sounds exhausting too, in a nice way :). Marc’s card is very sweet!

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