And | March 2020.

I just finished reading a few of the OLW updates y’all shared today. This past month hasn’t been what any of us anticipated. And yet. We’re opening our minds and hearts in new, often uncomfortable ways. And we ARE doing it. And most importantly, we ARE showing up for ourselves and each other with kindness, honesty, generosity, and love. A few of us seem to be more comfortable showing these feelings to others than to ourselves … if that speaks to you, please consider this post your permission slip to … take care of YOU. It’s like the opposite of … Continue reading And | March 2020.

Late March Weekending.

Hello friends – I hope you managed to find a way to mark the weekend, especially if you have a job or kids at home, and time to rest. This is a time when honoring some kind of Sabbath routine feels especially important. As we progressed through our weekend – Friday Night Dinner (now the one time a week that we sit at the table, with “first-time” food, candles, music and wine), Saturday afternoon cooking shows (we started this habit years ago when we had to pay attention to the TV Guide to find out when the cooking shows were … Continue reading Late March Weekending.

Five on Friday | Getting Through the Days.

Well, my friends, it’s Friday again. We made it to another weekend. Marc and I are both retired and we live by ourselves. There is no golf. So except for looking forward to another YouTube church service on Sunday, it seems like this weekend is going to look a lot like all the other days this week. It feels real and surreal at the same time. We are all having to hold so much. I knew I wanted to share a post today and I wasn’t feeling very TGIF-ish. I’m still not, but … I listened to Brené Brown’s latest … Continue reading Five on Friday | Getting Through the Days.

Unraveled Wednesday.

Hello friends. I’m glad we have set aside one day a week for unraveling. I watched Anne Bogel’s Stay at Home Bookclub today … she was the guest author for her latest book Don’t Overthink It  (which I thought was amazing)  … and one of her coping strategies is to schedule your overthinking time. like in a 15-minute window. Wouldn’t it be lovely to think about all of our unraveling time as happening in just this one day a week? Of course that’s not really how it goes. Y’all have been kind in the comments to let me know how much … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday.

Weekending from Home.

Hello my friends. and welcome to week two of the COVID-19 “sheltering at home” here at mere-et-filles. Five words to describe us right now would be healthy, anxious, tired, grateful and making-do. It feels weird that this seems “best case” and I hope I can say the same thing tomorrow. and the next day. and so on. Looking back over the weekend’s photos, it might be hard to tell that I haven’t left the house (except to walk – every day) since last Saturday – the cherry trees in our neighborhood’s island are glorious. as was the blue sky on … Continue reading Weekending from Home.


Wow. It’s been a week, hasn’t it. I’ve been reluctant to add a tag to my posts, or honestly to even name COVID-19 here in this space. But … this space is about my story. And … this week much of my story – and everyone else’s – has been driven by COVID-19. So … I’m adding a tag. And I am going to be more open about mentioning the virus by name. I hope I can continue to refrain from actually using it in a post title. We’ll see. Thinking about … how helpful my OLW and handful of … Continue reading TGIF.

Five Good Things.

Hello, friends. I hope this finds you well and safe at home. Today I am happy to have five good things to share. Thing one. The morning walks continue. Today I crossed an empty street (two lanes, typically bumper to bumper with cars) to stand under these crabapple trees to take a photo. I love the cherry trees for being first. I love the crabapples for all the shades of pink. Things two and three. The knitting continues and I should get the sleeves separated today. Yesterday I needed something totally escapist in my ears and searched Libby for Mary … Continue reading Five Good Things.

Weekending | Our New Normal.

Just looking at the photos from our weekend, you might not even know we were in distancing mode. We are so fortunate to be at a time (and place) of life where we can hunker down at home, with plenty of space, supplies, and company we enjoy … to wait it out.  I have four photos to share today. they’re the only ones I took since I last posted. Here’s Friday. after I shared my last blog post, I lit a candle and sat down to knit. The WIP you see is the sleeve ribbing on the second sleeve of … Continue reading Weekending | Our New Normal.


Hello, friends. I hesitate to say Happy Friday … it’s not at all happy for so many. and it’s full of uncertainty and concern for all of us. and yet. I just caught up with dozens of blogs and Instagram posts sharing stories of hope, love, resilience, and plain old common sense. This week has shown me the kind of community I knew in my heart was possible. In the last 36 hours, our local schools closed indefinitely. My church closed for at least two weeks. The apartment building in my mom’s community announced a lock-down (she lives in a … Continue reading TGIF.

Looking Back | February.

Last month I started Looking Back with a slightly broader lens – encompassing not only the daily photos, but also a few reflections. This month I’m making a few more tweaks: 1. What am I celebrating? + first signs of Spring, another beautiful amaryllis season, and 41 years with the same Valentine. 2. What worked well? what didn’t? + our cookbook club – two meetings in and I think we have a plan that’s going to carry us through. – the planning for our women’s service was at times both stressful and frustrating; this was my 4th (or 5th?) year … Continue reading Looking Back | February.