Hello friends and happy Friday. I am glad to be here today. These end-of-week glimpses into right now are always fun to write. and I hope you’ll find something to enjoy here, too!

Lenten Roses in our front yard yesterday afternoon … with actual sunlight!

Thinking about … Lent. about looking inward. about opening space in my heart and my head. about renewal. about creating new spiritual habits. I mentioned on Wednesday that I’m following Sarah Bessey’s 40 Simple Practices for Lent (link) and yesterday I downloaded the (free!) Book of Common Prayer app to my phone. I have the hardcopy and it’s a bit of a brick … I love having the daily content so accessible/portable and the app lets me set notifications for the midday and evening prayers. two days in and I’m already hooked. (if you don’t want to add an app to your phone, this link offers the same content.)

Grateful for … the opportunity to host a bi-weekly knitting group at my mom’s community. We have a regular group of three knitters (plus my mom who comes to give Holly her due attention) and an occasional drop-in. Yesterday I picked up a dropped stitch for our most-experienced knitter (who is going to be 92 next month), cast on a Bias Before and After Scarf for the newest knitter (and showed her how to add a stitch with a knit front-and-back), and picked up a bazillion stitches along the 2nd edge of a Stole 2.0 Wrap for the third. Along the way I heard some fun stories about Georgia Tech graduations (that almost-92 year old’s father was dean … class of (19)02!), the Fox Theater, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and other residents of the community πŸ˜‰ Sigh. knitting is the best! Also, look what they presented me yesterday

Mrs. Stole 2.0’s granddaughter is an artist!

Inspired by … the conference I’m attending this weekend (link). It’s titled “Still and Still Moving: Exploring the Intersection of Contemplation, Creativity and Prophetic Imagination” … and it’s being led by Brie Stoner. I’ve gotten to know Brie a little through the Another Name for Everything podcast (Apple link) she co-hosts Β with Paul Swanson and Richard Rohr. Brie is also a brilliant musician. She co-wrote the songs and lyrics for a just-dropped album Feminine Tense (Spotify link) … I’ve been listening to it on repeat/shuffle.

Fun … the conference is a Friday evening/Saturday event at a church that is just a couple of miles from Katie’s house. So I’m headed there just as soon as I post this. I’ll get to see my two favorite boys and their folks before I head to the conference. and I’ll have a very short drive when it’s over tonight, followed by a Saturday morning with a family that gets up as early as I do πŸ™‚

And πŸ˜‰ those same two boys are coming to our house Sunday for a two-night sleepover. Wednesday is an opera day. I’ll be back here Thursday. with stories!

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S.Β All the blooms are bloomed … it’s been a lot of fun to have that bright spot of color in what’s been a very gray month!


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  1. These are very good things! We had the first Fish Fry Friday at my house… and it was not bad. Have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to catching up with your escapades! XO

  2. You have a special weekend coming up. Enjoy your family and those little boys. They grown up too fast. That is a gorgeous red bloom.

  3. It sounds like you have a lot of good things to look forward to in the next several days! That knitting group must be so much fun — I can only imagine how many interesting stories you hear from the older members. Love the portrait of Holly!

  4. What a terrific update, Mary! Many, many Good Things going on! I love all the blooms, especially . . . and that sweet, sweet drawing of Holly. What a special surprise. πŸ™‚ I hope you’re enjoying your conference – and your time with Katie and her family. What fun! XO

  5. The conference sounds wonderful! I hope there will be a full report in the near future. The amaryllis is gorgeous; that red is spectacular!

  6. Your Lenten roses, Holly’s artwork, and amaryllis are all lovely, and I hope the conference was wonderful also!

  7. What a sweet Holly portrait! Your knitting group sounds like a bit of fun. Hoping the conference was everything you hoped for and that you weekend time with family was wonderful (how could it not be?).

  8. I hope your conference was great! That picture of Holly brought tears to my eyes it’s so beautiful! What a wonderful gift. I’ll bet you’ll be in bed early tonight! πŸ™‚

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