Weekending with a Snow Day.

Hello friends and Happy Monday! Today’s post is pretty much the complete opposite of the one I shared last week … at least in terms of the weather.

We went from this on Friday

to this on Saturday.

3″ in 4 hours is a big deal for us. It started about 9am and even the rain was gone by evening.

I think the cherry blossoms are going to be ok!

The little bit of snow that lingered overnight disappeared yesterday morning and we had no trouble getting into town to enjoy a belated birthday dinner for Katie. Before dinner we worked puzzles (Sam and Marmie) and played multiple games of Connect 4 (Charlie and everyone else).

After dinner and cake there was dress-up and craziness. Those boys know how to play!

How was your weekend?

15 thoughts on “Weekending with a Snow Day.

  1. I can’t believe you actually had snow! We had rain Sat; cool temps Sun with sunshine…perfect walking weather. Other wise, very quiet in these parts.
    As always, love seeing photos of the little boys. They grow up so fast!

  2. We have friends that live in Bogart, GA and they were so shocked by the snow that I think they called everyone they knew to tell them about it. We loved comparing their snow to our Elkton tornado and NJ rain!

  3. That snow is just crazy! Looks like a fun weekend Mary! Plaza Suite did not disappoint and we also saw Knives Out which was fun too. Here’s to a quick week ahead!

  4. My boss Kevin flew in from ATL this morning and said the snow was beautiful. You’ve had more snow than we have!! Looks like you had a fun weekend (love the dinosaur costume).

  5. I love the snow on the cherry blossoms, it’s just beautiful. I’m glad you had a nice day celebrating Katie’s birthday, too.

  6. Snow on cherry blossoms is beautiful. Goodness warmer weather further north and your area with snow. Topsy turvy for sure. Those little boys are growing up and they do know how to play. I learn something from little ones whenever I am with them.

  7. That’s a lot of snow for you! I’m sure everything came to a standstill (my in-laws were supposed to fly down to Florida via ATL and their early morning flight was so delayed that they didn’t get to their destination until late Saturday night!). We got enough snow last Thursday night into Friday morning that Friday was a snow day, though sadly not for me. I think it was the most snow we’ve gotten at one time so far this winter, but it really wasn’t that much. Still, it made for a relaxing weekend, which I can’t complain about!

    Your boys are too cute in their costumes! (Have you seen the video of the two grandsons waiting for their grandmother at the airport and wearing T-rex costumes and the grandmother surprised them by coming out in her own T-rex costume?)

  8. Wow… that snow really encompassed a huge swath of the US! (We had it too!) And, today we are back in the upper 40’s but we have single digits forecast for the weekend. But, you think we’d get any sun??

    Those boys are just too adorable! Their energy just radiates from these pictures!

  9. It must be a shock to go from magnolia buds to snow-covered trees. I remember one year when Sarah was at Columbia in Decatur they had an ice storm. She was fascinated because it was a green ice storm. The only ones she’d seen here were white!

  10. I’ll bet your little Incredible and Dinosaur LOVED experiencing the snow!!! (How cute are those little costumes?!)

  11. It was snowing in Asheville on Saturday and, based on reaction from the locals, it’s a fairly rare sight! I’m glad yours melted quickly enough, Looks like a fun time with those boys!!

  12. how awesome to get 3-4 inches of snow! we got nothing. The best kind of snow is the one that looks pretty on lawns and melts on the streets 🙂 Glad you got to see your grands!

  13. I started mitts on Saturday and by Tuesday [during jury duty] I finished the 2nd one, and that is why the temperatures went from approximately 32-72 in a matter of 4 days- you’re welcome.

  14. We’ve had a snow-free winter this year which greatly upsets me but now I’m hoping it doesn’t snow because everything has started to bloom already. Such a crazy, warm winter this year!

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