Hello friends and happy Friday. I am glad to be here today. These end-of-week glimpses into right now are always fun to write. and I hope you’ll find something to enjoy here, too! Thinking about … Lent. about looking inward. about opening space in my heart and my head. about renewal. about creating new spiritual habits. I mentioned on Wednesday that I’m following Sarah Bessey’s 40 Simple Practices for Lent (link) and yesterday I downloaded the (free!) Book of Common Prayer app to my phone. I have the hardcopy and it’s a bit of a brick … I love having … Continue reading TGIF.

Unraveled Wednesday.

Jumping back in again today (which makes three days in a row in case you’re not counting 😉 ) to share things in process on the knitting and reading front. I do love that Kat provides us this weekly check-in to keep Ravelry and Goodreads up-to-date. Thank you, Kat! First up, the knitting. I started another pair of socks for my mom and Joy is still providing joy! This is the second pair of socks I’m trying with a German wool/nylon blend yarn and I am in love with it. The patterning is so much fun and it feels great. I checked … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday.

And | February 2020.

Checking in with my OLW today … and reflecting on the special place that February holds in this journey. the holiday high has fully worn off. the decorations are packed away. maybe they aren’t. we have wonderful memories from the recent months. maybe we don’t. the bills come in. we have fun plans for spring break. maybe we don’t. the primary season is heating up. girl scout cookies arrive. it rains. it snows. it rains. it rains. the sun comes out. it rains. it’s cold. it rains. and still. a friend’s mom falls and breaks her hip. a vulnerable senior’s … Continue reading And | February 2020.

Sometimes Mondays.

… are for catching up. I certainly didn’t set out to skip a week here. Every day, I thought about it. and every day I gave myself permission not to. In the meantime, I finished a pair of socks and a baby sweater, started a new sweater, finished a fantastic book, kept watch over the amaryllis, treated myself to a manicure, and enjoyed a few delicious meals (with wine ♥). I also spent time reflecting on next steps, making lists, and just being. It was a wonderful break! and it’s good to be back. Here’s to a great week, my … Continue reading Sometimes Mondays.

Cooking the New Frontier | February.

Happy Tuesday that feels kind of like a Monday and kind of like a repeat of all the other days this month (I’ve decided the movie Groundhog Day was set in February for a really good reason!) It is – yet again – wet, gray, and chilly outside (mostly wet) and 🙂 I am delighted to have something to share that is none of those things. A few weeks back, I told y’all about a new thing we (me, my sister, our mom, our sister-in-law) were doing this year. Cooking the New Frontier! The loose idea is that we meet monthly. for … Continue reading Cooking the New Frontier | February.

Five on Friday | Good Things.

Happy Friday, friends. I hope you’re finding some Good Things to celebrate this week … here are five of mine. Thing One. The Polar Coat. It’s finished. It fits. It’s warm. I’ve worn it lots. and I LOVE it. Lydia took some photos when we met up for coffee last Friday.This might be my favorite indoor FO backdrop ever – the lobby of a nearby hotel and yes, that is a horse, coming through a wall of grass. The pockets are one of my favorite things about this sweater (well, aside from all those things I said already). I am … Continue reading Five on Friday | Good Things.

Poetry Thursday | Faith.

Yesterday morning, I finished reading WinterSong. This slim volume of writings by Madeleine L’Engle and Luci Shaw has been a delight; it took all my self-control to savor it slowly, to make it last from Advent, through Christmas and New Year’s and finally, almost Spring. I will set the book aside until December and look forward to experiencing it all again. I try (some days anyway) not to complain about the weather. Recently, that’s been especially challenging; it feels like we’ve had 40 days of rain (interrupted by a little snow), plenty of wind, and temperatures ranging from 20 to … Continue reading Poetry Thursday | Faith.

Unraveled Wednesday | Joy.

Happy Wednesday, my friends – I am delighted to be sharing some Joy with y’all this week! Yes, I know my posts are often full of joy 🙂 and this week my needles are too … behold … Joy This sweet lace cardigan designed by Veera Välimäki has been in my must-knit queue for almost two years (when my sweet friend Deena picked up a signed copy of Interpretations Vol. 5 at the Hill Country Weavers retreat in March 2018).  And a few weeks back, I realized I had the perfect yarn for it – Plucky Solo Fingering in the … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | Joy.

Weekending with a Snow Day.

Hello friends and Happy Monday! Today’s post is pretty much the complete opposite of the one I shared last week … at least in terms of the weather. We went from this on Friday to this on Saturday. 3″ in 4 hours is a big deal for us. It started about 9am and even the rain was gone by evening. The little bit of snow that lingered overnight disappeared yesterday morning and we had no trouble getting into town to enjoy a belated birthday dinner for Katie. Before dinner we worked puzzles (Sam and Marmie) and played multiple games of … Continue reading Weekending with a Snow Day.

Dear February.

Dear February, I realized this past week just how much I’ve been looking forward to you (not at all a new thing, except I apparently forget every.single.year. shame on me). Of course I wish you’d been just a little more consistent in what season you were bringing. Last weekend it was spring (or yikes, summer? yep, Marc wore shorts to golf!) and today it was freezing (literally. I had sleet on my windshield this morning). I must admit to a slight preference for winter leaning into spring. My post-holiday knit-for-myself thing has resulted in two new sweaters that are for … Continue reading Dear February.