Sometimes Mondays.

are good days for catching up! I spent a few hours yesterday with my in-box and Feedly reader and enjoyed reading about what y’all have been up to. Today I have a few updates with what’s been happening around here.

First, the mother of our two favorite little boys is celebrating a birthday today. (and not that anyone’s counting, but this means I’ve been a mama for 33 years!) We have plans for dinner and cake next weekend and I love that we’ll be able to celebrate in person.

And now, back to the weekend before last (yep, it has been a while). My mom, sister, sister-in-law and I are trying a cookbook club this year. My sister chose the Pioneer Woman’s latest The New Frontier and the idea is that we’ll gather monthly and try four recipes from the book. Last Sunday was our first meeting – at my sister’s – and it was a huge success. Karen chose the Buttered Chicken for the entree, Lydia made a Butterfly Cocktail and Polly made Goat Cheese Truffles to start and I had fun with Smashed Cucumbers. I completely forgot to take any photos of the food, but I think our pre-dinner photo more than makes up for that.

sister Karen, sister-in-law Lydia, mother Polly … and me

Monday was MLK Day and Katie and I planned to walk with the boys in Alpharetta’s March to City Hall. But yikes, it was feels-like-14 degrees that morning and we bagged plans to bundle them up for a two mile walk. Instead Katie grabbed almost the last three seats for the 10am showing of Frozen 2.Everyone loved the movie. Charlie might’ve loved the previews and the popcorn just a little more 😉 Then we had lunch and visited Barnes & Noble (which was packed!) It was fun to check out all the new books. Sam and I read Three Cheers for Kid McGear (latest entry in the Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site books and yes! Kid McGear is a girl! I LOVE these books and am not ashamed to admit that my knowledge of “big trucks” is entirely due to reading them aloud to the boys).

Sam practicing his “smile” face

Tuesday morning I had my annual physical (all good … of course mammogram and colonoscopy are still to follow), enjoyed a four mile walk in the park with Lauren … and started to notice that Holly didn’t seem quite right. Wednesday was Senior Services with my mom, another appointment, time with my sister … and Holly was worse. She didn’t even bark “hello” when Karen arrived. Thursday was even worse (Marc skipped golf so I could get a haircut) and we took her to the vet on Friday. He diagnosed a bladder infection (yikes! and I’m sure y’all know how crazy that infection can affect “senior ladies” … which Holly is now – she turned ten last summer) and prescribed lots of TLC and an antibiotic. Most of my weekend looked like this.

Polar Coat knitting and podcasts!

Today, she finally seems to be getting better. Marc and I cheered when she jumped off the sofa to bark at something on the television! And ooohhh, I can’t wait to share all the Polar Coat progress (on Wednesday).

In the meantime, thank you for hanging in with me … I’ll be back tomorrow to share an update on my OLW.


16 thoughts on “Sometimes Mondays.

  1. Lots of great happenings in your life! Very Happy Happy to Katie. So good to read that Holly is getting better! Ten! Geez it’s flown by! And of course, always enjoy pics of the boys.

  2. I love the cookbook idea! What fun – and really, what’s not to love about good food! BUT! I spy with my little eye a Soldotna!! I can’t wait to see more than a peek of it! (But those smiling faces!!) I am glad Holly is on the mend – bladder infections are no fun for anyone! Poor baby! (My neighbor got a Schnauzer puppy last October and she is hilarious! Sherman is not quite sure what to do with something with that much energy!)

    I am really looking forward to hearing how your word and you did in January! XO

  3. That cookbook idea is cool and giving me something to consider with my friends . . . Love your recap of all that’s been going on with you, Mary.

  4. A happy birthday to Katie — and a happy mom anniversary to you! (I know it’s not really a thing to celebrate the anniversary of becoming a mother, but given how much work it is, it feels like it should be!) I hope Holly is back to her normal self very soon.

    The cookbook club sounds like a lot of fun (smashed cucumbers, eh?). Important question, though: Is Lydia’s sweater a handknit?

  5. I learned SO MUCH about construction vehicles while reading to Brian when he was a little boy! 🙂 I can still identify all the types of construction machinery today. Happy birthday to Katie (and to you). And I think the cookbook club is a brilliant idea! I’ve talked about doing just that with a small group of friends for years — but we’ve never actually put it together. Maybe you’ll be an inspiration. XO

  6. I’m glad Holly is doing better! We missed you at knitting yesterday. See you next week!


  7. I love Sam’s smile face! My boys were both so enamored of big trucks that we took a picnic lunch to a construction site a few times so we could watch the big diggers. I asked for permission from the workers and they were so nice, letting the boys sit in the cab and work the controls. I miss those days!

  8. I love your cookbook club idea and hope I can get some friends and family to try it out!
    I’m glad Holly is on the mend! It is so difficult when dogs are sick because they can’t tell you what’s wrong.
    I hope your week is a good one!

  9. So glad to hear Holly is on the mend…I can’t believe she’s 10! (Or that Boone is approaching 7!) Fun times with your family is always great reading Mary! And the cookbook club…what a great idea!

  10. You all have such lovely smiles! I always end up smiling too :). Glad you are all doing well, and that Holly is on the mend. Aren’t antibiotics wonderful. Such a lovely idea to make food and share it together. Smashed cucumbers sounds a bit painful! (An annual colonoscopy? Golly, we only ever get one here if they suspect something is amiss, and mammograms are once every three years.)

  11. sending up prayers for sweet Holly. Frodo is 10 as well, and yup that is old. I hope she feels better soon!!! Lovely photos of your happenings and I love seeing you enjoy your family together 🙂

  12. Movie going with little ones is so much fun and such a treat. All the good things to remember on a Monday morning.

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