TGIF | Hello January.

new year, new month, new photo! ♥ to see Katie with her boys

I am easing gently into this new year … slowly wrapping my head around the “twenties” being something right now instead of the “roaring twenties” of my grandparents’ generation and thankful the calendar isn’t quite ramped up to full speed – that happens next week and I think I’ll be ready!

Thinking about … reading better in 2020. I spent a few fun hours Wednesday morning going over the book lists my various groups have planned for this year and deciding how I’d read – paper, kindle, audio – and how I’d acquire – own, buy, borrow. I placed a few orders for books, tagged “immediately available” on Overdrive for a few more and decided to wait for the last few (I’m not ready to read them and maybe they’ll go on sale?) My last group – Sarah Bessey’s – published her list late yesterday and I’ve added those to my shelf, too.

my to-read shelf is here on Goodreads

I’m committed to buying the books for a few of my groups so I can take my time reading and write in the books to help with the discussions (I think all of that will help me read better 🙂 ) I’m also planning three re-reads (Little Women, Emma and A Wrinkle in Time), not for book groups. Those three titles are all ones I think I might not have appreciated as much as I could when I last read them. and since I really loved Olive Kitteridge when I re-read her, maybe these other books deserve a re-read too. If anyone would like to join me for any of these, please let me know and we can coordinate our reading.

Going through … my yarn stash. When I first moved into this house, my yarn took up over half of the bookcases in my “yarn room”. The room has now become more of a “sewing room” and fabric takes up some room on those shelves, too. and I’m adding books. I need to make room. and the yarn seems the obvious choice. I can free up a good part of shelf if I knit just one sweater. We’ll see.

Inspired by … all your OLW posts announcing your 2020 words and how our community has embraced the power of living and sharing our words. I’ll be sharing mine next week … I’m almost ready!

Fun! Mairlynd (a favorite designer and one I follow on Instagram and Ravelry) announced a #yarnuary2020 challenge on Instagram and I’ve had a good time playing along. She’s since started a @yarnuary account and you can follow that to see the daily prompts and a few highlight reposts from each day. It’s certainly not too late to join, and no one says we have to post all 31 days!

  1. My grandmothers taught me to knit when I was a teenager. I’ve always loved this photo of the three of us (didn’t happen often – the grandmother perched on the chair is my mom’s mom and she lived in California; the other grandmother lived in Alabama – we were all together for my 1st birthday in Alabama!)
  2. Yep, I’m knitting a Nightshift Shawl with two balls of Noro. Love the long color repeats and slipped stitches that look cool without a lot of work and the i-cord edges make finishing easy.
  3. Y’all have seen this chair plenty of times … but rarely from this angle (it did involve moving furniture and experimenting with piles of books to hold the camera/phone … I’m pretty sure that’s why Holly looks so confused.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, warm with friends, family and good food if not with actual weather. Happy Friday!

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  1. Your “to read” shelf has some wonderful things on it – I very much liked the Girl with Seven Names – it was eye opening in the best way. I also want to read some Sally Rooney books this year (or start with *a* Sally Rooney book perhaps!) And you give me a very good reminder to “go through my yarn stash” I have a lot of yarn that I am more than likely never going to use – and a review would be a very good idea – thank you!

    I am excited to see what your word will be for 2020! As for IG… it is in a holding pattern currently as I figure out where my word is going to take me this year. XO

  2. I’m on board with Sarah Bessey’s boom choices. I own two already and there are two more that I will probably buy – after my no buy January is over.
    I’m enjoying your Yarnuary posts.
    In your honor, I am having an actual cocktail this evening!

  3. I am anxiously awaiting March and the publication of Don’t Overthink It! That is something I do far too much, and this book might tie into my OLW for this year. Love your Nightshift!

  4. Lots of fun plans in process! I will join you in re-reading Little Women; it was on my list (I’ve yet to see the new movie). I’m looking forward to Anne B’s new book. How fun to have a photo of you and both grandmoms.


  5. That Nightshift is going to be spectacular! My s-I-l finished one recently and the temptation is real! I will also join you with a re-read of Little Women. I’m very excited to see the movie this afternoon. And Knives Out tomorrow – big commitment weekend for me! 😉

  6. I love your organized approach to what you will read this year! I’ll admit I’m too often distracted by the new and shiny (or the new and available to borrow!).

    My daughter received a copy of Little Women as a Chanukah present from my parents this year, so I’m planning to read it with her this year. It’s been many years since I read it and I’m looking forward to rereading!

  7. Your book list is fascinating, and I’ll be so interested to find out what you think about many of them. I, too, need to underline and take notes in order to be a good participant in my two books groups. Occasionally, I try to make do with a library book, but it never works quite so well. I’m not a knitter (although I made a good effort to become one), but I do love your current project.

  8. As much as I’m a planner, I don’t really plan when it comes to my reading – except for Summer Book Bingo. I tend to always have lots on hold at the library and then I just read them as they become available. Love that photo of you in your knitting chair – that shows real commitment to the yarnuary prompts.

  9. My reading list isn’t quite that organized, but I’m also hoping to branch out and try some new genres and authors. I may have to get on board this Yanuary thing before the month is over!

  10. That’s a gorgeous photo of you sitting knitting! How special to have one of you and the important women in your life … Hoping to go and see the film of Little Women this week, having recently re-read the book. When all around is so uncertain and chaotic, I enjoy going back to the childhood classics :).

  11. I always think it’s interesting (like . . . super interesting!) to re-read books I loved as a child/teenager. Often, I find they just don’t stand the test of time very well, and I’m kind of disappointed in them as an older person. I usually wish I’d just let them be . . . with their magical memories intact! (That was certainly the case for me with A Wrinkle in Time, which I love, love, loved as a child . . . but thought was just meh when I re-read a couple of years ago.) Anyway. One book on your list – Little Women – was my favorite book as a child. I read it about 5 times before I was out of middle school! (And several more over the years since.) That one? That one ALWAYS stands the test of time! Happy reading, Mary!

  12. You have a great reading year ahead. It is fun to see you in your knitting corner. I’ll have to look at the Yarnuary posts. That Nightshift is going to be a beauty.

  13. I’m late! Catching up…

    How lucky you are to have a photo with both of your grandmothers! My maternal grandparents died when I was 6 and 8, so there was a short window of opportunity… but still! They lived in the same state, at least. The only photos of them together are from my parents’ wedding day (and, truth be told, I was “there”!). Haha.

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