Merrying Along.

Happy Friday my friends! I checked off the last thing on my to-do list this morning and then enjoyed a delightful two hours with my small group over brunch and the last chapter of Names for the Messiah … not at the church …

… with a surprise visit from the three-month old granddaughter of our hostess (I’m sure you can pick her out!)

We have one more party this weekend (Katie is hosting a little Hanukah dinner Sunday evening) and that’s it for a few days. It does seem like December has been one L-O-N-G party and today have a few fun photos to share.

First is one from December 5, when I hosted a very small gathering for my neighborhood bookclub. We don’t read a book for December, but we do gather to catch up on the neighborhood gossip 😉 and exchange ornaments.Then last weekend, we had a family cookie swap at my mom’s. The bakers are my mom, my sister, my sister-in-law, Katie and me. Charlie has attended the last two years and I’ll bet Sam will join us next time. Of course the food was delicious, but the real fun came with the photos.

Karen and me
me, Karen, Polly, Katie, Lydia
Katie, Polly, me (and Charlie’s fingers)
Katie and me

Katie showed me how to add stickers to a photo to share on Instagram stories (you might’ve seen us there).

Charlie, Katie, Polly, me

Even the outtakes were fun.

Sunday was another family fun day. My mom, Karen, Lydia, Steve and I went to see Tuna Christmas and then out for dinner.

me, Karen, Lydia before the play
Steve, Lydia, Karen, Polly, me after dinner

(On Monday, I rested.) Tuesday, my mom and I went out for lunch.

You saw some of Wednesday yesterday. and finally, yesterday, I sat myself down to finish the boys’ sweaters. Two big piles of ends to weave in, two sleeve seams, four buttons and a quick trip through the washer and dryer (I love KnitPicks Swish for easy-care knitwear!) … and they are done!


now I have thirty free minutes before the boys arrive for a sleepover. I wish I could join Holly under the tree for a quick little nap!

After we take the boys home tomorrow, we’re headed to the airport. Sara arrives tomorrow afternoon and I look forward to merrying along with her!

Wishing you a merry weekend, too!

12 thoughts on “Merrying Along.

  1. Merry! Merry! Enjoyed the photos, every one. Y’all look so happy and filled with seasonal joy. The IG photo of you & Katie is a hoot…Have a great time tonight with Charlie and Sam and Welcome Home, Sara! Wahoo!

  2. Wow – that is a lot of celebrating. My introvert side would be wiped out. Love your Felix cardigan and dress and boots! Enjoy your sleepover.

  3. December has included lots of partying! I love the cheerful photos, the boys’ sweaters, and your lovely red cowl. I’m going to have to find the pattern for that! Glad your to-do list is done and enjoy your visit with Sara!

  4. Gah!! Those boots! AWESOME!! And, the fun just flows from all these photos – there is no way to look at them without absorbing some of that joy! I hope your weekend is full of joy and fun! From your sleep over, to Hanukkah, to Christmas!


  5. Such gorgeous photos of you all! (You really suit your hair like that!). Admiring your boots and that lovely grey linen-look dress too. Glad you’re having such a sociable and fun-filled time!

  6. So much fun going on there Mary! I can’t believe Christmas is here! Not ready, don’t care! It will all come together as it always does right? I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend.

  7. So many smiles and so many good times. And I guess by now Sara must be home!! All best wishes to you, Marc and your family for a wonderful, happy, peaceful Holiday – enjoy!!

  8. By now your daughter must be home – whoo hoo! Enjoy! Enjoy! Such nice photos. You are styling your beautiful knitwear too. Merry and Bright to you and yours.

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