Looking Back | Fall 2019.

Compiling my monthly photo collages (and then sharing them here 😉 ) has been on my to-do list since October. I was all caught up before we left for Montreal – way back on September 19 – and then. well…now nearly three months have elapsed. This is one habit that is way easier to keep up with than to catch up with!

Yesterday evening I listened to a podcast* about reflecting back on 2019 and it was just the push I needed to get these collages done – and share them with you.

Oh my, right?! 91 tiny images covering September 1 – November 30. I flirted with sharing these collages three months at a time back in 2016 and whoa. Three months is a LONG time. Not only the change in seasons (flip flops, shorts, and hot sunshine gave way to uggs, bare branches, pink puffy coats, and frosted leaves), but also life. Little boys growing fast. We celebrated birthdays for both of them (Charlie turned five in September and Sam turned three in October). and Marc & I marked 36 years in November by reviving our I love you because board on the 19th. I’ve been faithfully recording each new message with the thought of turning it into something for our 40th.

There was also a surprising amount of knitting and reading … most of which I haven’t shared with y’all. and a little of which I’d already forgotten about! I definitely plan to better about sharing on both of those fronts in 2020.

The last thing that struck me was how many faces (including one very cute little schnauzer) I captured. I plan to be good about that next year, too.

These posts are an important part of my memory keeping, and I’m grateful for the habit and a place to share them. Of course December is past the halfway mark now and a lot of my daily photos are inside with twinkle lights. I need to remember to take a few of our other decorations and a few outside.

Are they any photos you always try to take this month? Please share!

*Laura Tremaine’s 10 Things to Tell You is new-to-me. This was my third episode. She’s a lot younger than I am, and she lives in LA, and I think she has “famous friends”, and yet … I still find things to connect with. For sure her podcasts make me think and I always check a lot of the links.

10 thoughts on “Looking Back | Fall 2019.

  1. I was squinting at two photos trying to figure out what that hot pink knitting was on the ground in October and November — and then I realized it was Holly in a very fashionable coat!

    There’s a lot crammed into three months, but it’s also a great way to see transitions and changes that we don’t normally notice when we look at shorter spans of time.

  2. You transitioned well through those months! Sharing monthly works best for me. For one, it gives me something to blog about regularly. And I just think it’s easier to react to 28-31 images than 90 or more. Good job catching us up!

  3. Ninety-one images provide lots to look at, but we’re all caught up. I tend to think of you as a sweater knitter, but I think I spy several socks in there. That is a lovely hope angel ornament!

  4. I agree with Carole – for myself the monthly review works best. The memories are freshest and it is not cumbersome to put together.

    But this is an impressive array though! Lots of knitting and so many smiling faces! I need to do a better job of that next year! And, for December? I have been trying to document special decorations/ornaments!

  5. Wonderful to catch up Mary and the transition…bring back the flip flops! 🙂 Something I should have caught this month…a shot of Doug, Dan and me in Denver last weekend. Oh well…we’ll go back. Heading of to check out that podcast…thanks Mary!

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