Thanksgiving Weekending.

Hello friends! I hope y’all enjoyed a lovely long weekend, maybe with delicious food and good company and then time to pause and give December a warm welcome (thankfully without snow)? Yep, that was how we did it around here!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Katie and her family and my mom (aka “Gramma”). Katie sets a lovely and very kid (and grown-up kid)-friendly table!

The pilgrim hat placecards made another appearance, much to everyone’s delight.

Some of us wear our hats better than others 😉

We also colored turkeys. Charlie won the prize for most realistic. and also best post-coloring smile.

Of course I have no photos of what we ate, but there was plenty. and it was all good!

Friday’s highlight was a dark-early trip to Home Depot for poinsettias. I’m guessing none of y’all got to experience disco lights and a DJ at 6:15am in the Home Depot parking lot, but I did. We did get a trunkful of poinsettias without too much of a crowd. and Marc left this nice note for me later in the day

The Task Master part of that note refers to our new coffee pot. After much research and deliberation, we finally decided on a Breville. It grinds the beans and brews the coffee … hot! This new pot has a lot of bells and whistles. Like beeping (and displaying a message) if you turn it on without having water in the tank, or beans in the hopper. Yes I have “made coffee” without both of those things and let me tell you, I welcome the supervision.

On Saturday, my mom came over to help me decorate the tree. My sister gave me this ornament – a beautiful memento of Hope.

And yesterday, we celebrated the first Sunday of Advent.

The Hope liturgy was the one I hoped for. I lit the candle while another liturgist read these words:

“So today as we light the candle of hope as a reminder and as prayer that we might stop waiting and start living, stop watching and start moving.”

My December is off to a “living and moving” start. Today, our Women’s Ministry delivered a trunkload of coats, scarves, puzzles, games, toiletries and lap robes to support local homeless and aging ministries. Wednesday afternoon I’m picking up my sister and niece at the airport (they’re in England now and the reason Sara didn’t have a completely Thanksgiving-free weekend). Thursday, my women’s circle meets (I’m leading the lesson), as does the knitting group at my mom’s community AND I’m hosting bookclub. and Saturday our Women’s Ministry is hosting a gathering to focus on mission in our community. Such is the Joy of the Season!

and on that note, here’s to a great week!

12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekending.

  1. What a full (and fun!!) weekend! I especially love those pilgrim hats! December feels a bit like hit the ground running and we are only on day 2! We were likewise out on Friday – even at Home Depot – but we hit the door at 830AM to not a sole in the place – they still had a metric ton of poinsettia’s as well as a few other ‘must have’ items!

  2. What a full and fun weekend you had. The pilgrim hats are great! I remember one year we made head bands with feathers for Thanksgiving. I am waiting to see if we get snow over night….

  3. I’ve been afraid to get poinsettias here for fear that they wouldn’t survive the cold, icy, and snowy trip home, but hopefully we’ll have sun one day soon and I can make a trip. Your new Breville sounds fancy. Whenever I buy a new device that is smarter than I am I’m reminded of Mr. Weasley saying “Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain!” You’re probably safe with the Breville. 🙂

  4. There is so much to love in this post — it sounds like you’ve gotten the holiday season off to a great start! I can very confidently say that I was not in a Home Depot parking lot, with or without a DJ and disco lights, at 6:30 on Friday morning, but I guess if you’re planning to be there anyway, it’s a fun way to do it!

    Am I reading your hat place card correctly — do your grandkids call you Marmie?

  5. I love your photos of Thanksgiving! And the rest of your weekend sounds equally wonderful. We’ve got snow if you want some!

  6. Delightful Thanksgiving family gathering! Hooray to Charlie! Has he seen real live turkeys? He’s quite accomplished with his coloring. I didn’t get to Home Depot either – in fact, totally forgot about the poinsettia sale, yet again this year! Loved Marc’s message even more against the background story.
    You’ve a busy week and Dec’s off to a good start; gives me “hope” ‘cause my week’s busy, too!


  7. Oh my, that sounds like quite the Home Depot experience! Your Thanksgiving sounds lovely. I am headed to the airport on Wednesday, too, and I cannot wait!!!

  8. You are busy! And with wonderfully giving and joyful events which could not be better. I like the sound of that Breville. I’ll have to investigate for retirement when I’m lounging around the kitchen a little more and can savor a second cup! 12 months to go!

  9. nothing like a coffeemaker that helps you make the coffee daily – I have a cuisinart that I can program to stay on for four hours, these safety two hour time outs are not for us! I think I’m on the third on since 15 years ago when I discovered it. Hopefully they will keep making them. I’m excited for Advent and the holy waiting as we approach Christmas.

  10. A lovely tree-ornament, to gracefully join all the others on your tree … Your thanks-giving dinner sounds full of the joy of generations being together. Wishing you lots of energy and replenishing for all the thoughtful and kind things you are doing and are involved with.

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