Unraveled Wednesday.

It’s Wednesday! which means an update on making and reading … and joining in with Kat and friends.

I spent a good part of yesterday on that not-quite-finished Demeter Top, a muslin for the multiple Demeter dresses I plan to add to my wardrobe. The pattern is really oversized, and I wanted my dresses to fit – at least as well as an over-the-head dress can fit. I’ve been stalking the #demeterdress tag on Instagram for weeks and even exchanged DMs with a few sewists who appear to be about my size. I also measured the finished busts on a few of my favorite tops. I trusted the finished bust measurements and ended up cutting a size smaller than my Instagram research suggested. When I finally got to the try-on last night, Marc told me he thought it looked great. I wasn’t sure – I thought it might be a little tight?! Overnight, I decided it was tight … and I’d sew another muslin in the next-up size.

This morning, I went to JoAnns and found a nice linen/rayon blend in a lovely blue/purple 50% off … I bought enough to make the whole dress. While the fabric was in the washer/dryer, I laid out the pattern to trace that next-up size. and thought maybe I should measure the bodice to be sure I really liked where the skirt would start. I snapped that photo above and then tried on the top … just to see about that bodice length.

You know, even with a camisole, the bodice feels fine. I think Marc was right. The size is good!

I did decide to lower the start of the skirt an inch below where my finger hits in the front-facing photo.

So much for unraveling! The new fabric is on the cutting board and I should be sewing tomorrow.

While I had the unfinished top on, I thought I might as well model my unfinished sweater, too. This is Felix.The needles at the bottom show where the body will end (I still have to work the tubular bindoff). The needles on the sleeve show where the sleeve ribbing will start … the sleeves will be pretty much “full length”.

My goal is to have a dress and this cardigan ready for Thanksgiving. Assuming no “real” unraveling, I think I’m on track!

On the reading front, I finished a few books over the weekend and have since been catching up on podcasts. This morning, I listened to Emily P. Freeman’s The Next Right Thing (yesterday’s episode) and cried through the last 5 minutes. She talked about lessons from Mr. Rogers and it was powerful (especially in contrast to the news I’d already read this morning). If her podcast isn’t your thing, she mentions Tom Junod’s Atlantic article (here). His first article about Mr. Rogers was published in Esquire in 1998 and it’s the basis for the upcoming movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. The Atlantic article is long … and if I hadn’t already shed tears about all the things this morning, I’m sure it would’ve made me cry, too. Highly recommend!

I hope all your making is surprising you in only GOOD ways … and your reading has made you cry GOOD tears!

Please be sure to check out Kat’s to see what others are up to!

15 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday.

  1. You’re on a roll! Looking forward to seeing the finished objects! Off to check out Mr. Rogers and shed a tear to several!


  2. The blue linen top looks like a good fit to me. The blue and deep cranberry make a nice combination. I do admire your sewing. I made a straight little sleeveless dress this summer and found the fitting tedious and frustrating. I sewed a lot of my high school and college casual clothing but my grandmother who was an excellent seamstress was around to help me. I think you are on track for Thanksgiving.

  3. I think the size is perfect and you would have a dress that’s too loose if you went up a size. It will be perfect with the cardigan for Thanksgiving!

  4. What awesome making! I have been ignoring the sewing to get some holiday making done, but I am eager to get back to it – especially after seeing your lovely muslin start!

    I had read Tom Juno’s article (Kym linked to it also!) and it was so good! I think my favorite thing is ZZZ143… It made my heart warm reading the thoughts behind those letters and numbers! This world is a much nicer place because of Mr. Rogers – for a very long time he was a big part of our daily routine. I will look for that podcast!

  5. I think the fit of your muslin is perfect and the dress will look fantastic! I have full confidence that you will achieve your goal of finishing both the dress and the sweater by Thanksgiving.

    I’m not familiar with The Next Right Thing but I’m going to check it out!

  6. The dress and cardigan will be a lovely Thanksgiving outfit! I’ve also read the Atlantic article but will be reading it again this morning. When the boys were little we watched Mr. Rogers every day, and I do miss that daily dose of calm. Maybe I need to also watch an episode or two, especially before I tune into more impeachment hearings.

  7. I think the top is perfect. My garment sewing is on hold until spring as I need to work on finding patterns that work for my shape. Tried a couple dresses that were failures in the fit category, but my sewing skills were pretty good so I am encouraged.

  8. A new skirt and sweater for Thanksgiving – how awesome! I’m always a bit jealous of people who can sew clothes. I took a class at the local technical center and it was suggested that I find a different hobby. LOL How pitiful is that??

  9. The Demeter dress looks so comfortable and I can see why you’d enjoy wearing it. The sweater will keep you warm during this cold, wet winter!

  10. Both your dress and cardigan are going to be lovely! Thanks for info about The Next Right Thing, I’m going to check it out!

  11. What a lovely combination of knitting/sewing you’ve got going there, Mary! I think the fit looks really good — but how does it feel? (That’s always the real, true test for me. . . ) I can’t wait to see your finished dress! XO

  12. I know that when the projects are finished your photos will be fantastic, but I love the in progress shots and your giddiness knowing of what’s to come. Love the dress to be and the sweater to be, may you wear it well on Thanksgiving day!

  13. I am late to the party, so I am hoping that both the lovely shape of the dress and the cardigan have made it to Thanksgiving :). I’d not heard of Mr. Rogers before, and went off to follow your links – sounds as if he was a wonderful and positive influence on the world …

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