TGIF | Gratitude.

the magical power of books has been a theme for me this week

Oh my, I have loved the gratitude notes that Michelle popped into my inbox each morning this week. As a rule, I don’t check email before I begin my morning quiet time, but this week, I logged on briefly to snag a screenshot of her prompt. I logged a few comments with my morning journaling, then let the prompt sit … marinate even … and I was surprised – and delighted – with what all of that time turned up. My evening posts weren’t what my morning time envisioned. or some days even could’ve imagined. Is that gratitude at work? or time? I’d like to think it’s both.

Thinking about … how thinking about gratitude from different perspectives has broadened my viewpoint. oh my, what if I approached grace, light and hope this way, too?!

Grateful for … those daily gratitude notes, the faith-growing conversation in my Friday morning small group (also the freshly baked apple pumpkin muffins that one of our group brought today), the library, a morning walk with Lauren (not “dark early”), and a quiet afternoon at home.

Inspired by … that spiced honey apple syrup to experiment with new cocktails!

Fun … Alice Hoffman is Sunday afternoon. I am totally in love with The World That We Knew, which I will finish before the event. If you’ve read the book, is there a question you’d like me to ask? (they love questions!)

Here’s to a weekend celebrating gratitude and surprises!



9 thoughts on “TGIF | Gratitude.

  1. I too found the daily gratitude notes filling my days, especially those quiet moments when I least expected a thought to pop up. A lot to revisit as the season progresses.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I enjoyed the gratitude notes from Michelle GD this week, too, and kept a separate list from my regular gratitude journal. Have a great time at the author talk with Alice Hoffman!

  3. Michelle does manage to make you think outside the box about gratitude – the prompts this week have been inspiring and thought provoking!

    Have fun at your talk! XO

  4. Reading your words, I can feel the sense of calm and contentment you’re getting from this focus on gratitude.

    Can’t wait to hear about Alice Hoffman! If you haven’t read it yet, I high recommend “The Marriage of Opposites.” My mother and I both loved it!

  5. It’s taken a while but am finally caught up on my blog reading. Lots of great recommendations for thinking and reading. Happy Monday.

  6. Oh that author talk will be wonderful! (I’ve only been to one a million years ago – James Patterson.) I’m trying to focus on gratitude myself but find it hard to slow down right now and make the time. At least at night in bed I’ve got a few minutes to re-think and re-appreciate the good from the day.

  7. I also enjoyed the gratitude notes. Michelle’s notes prompted me to take a deep breath and consider ways to let gratitude enter into my days. I’ve left them in my in-box so I can revisit them from time to time. Each day is different and so my list of things to be thankful and grateful for will change and, I hope, grow.

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