Unraveled Wednesday.

Whoa, Wednesday evening already. Today was the one day this month where I had nowhere to be but home, and as anyone who has read this blog more than once would know, that meant I had Grand Plans. and I did check off quite a few things on my to-do list. I also showered, dressed and put on make-up 🙂 Most of today was not about knitting or reading (although wading through my email inbox does involve a bit of reading), so pausing at 5 o’clock to share a bit about both feels nice.

The pink Olive Leaf Cardigan is progressing … slowly. 300+ stitches per row, even in mostly stockinette is … slow. Maybe next week I’ll be able to share “the sleeve split!” Meanwhile, I’ve had an urge to knit myself a Christmas sweater. something red. I fell hard for Thea Colman’s Hard Cider and ordered what I hope is good red Rowan Felted Tweed to knit it with … meanwhile, I’m working on the Hard Cider cocktail.

I also finished the socks for my momand I’m sure she’ll be fine with me sharing the delightful email exchange that followed me leaving them, wrapped in tissue paper, when I last visited.

I certainly don’t want her to be “rationing wear”!

The big news on the book front is that I joined Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Bookclub. I’d been on the fence for months, but the combination of Celine as the November pick and a slight price increase effective Nov 1 … well … I am still figuring out all the forum stuff, but the content from Anne is wonderful.

This dovetails nicely with my goal to be more present on Instagram. and also to read better 🙂

I downloaded and started The Starless Sea yesterday and only wish I could listen more … it’s a book lover’s book for sure (and I’m just a few hours in).

What are you unraveling this week?

Thank you to Kat for hosting us!

11 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday.

  1. Such sweet notes between you and your Mom. I am always glad to know women who enjoy their Mom’s. Mine was one in a million and I miss her dearly. We had much in common and she was such a wonderful friend and role model. I listen to the “What Should I Read Next?” podcast – recommended by a friend in August. I should explore the website.

  2. What fun to have text msgs between you and your mom. I think, were my mom alive, she’d like texting, too…especially since she had a hearing loss. Today, my nieces have been having fun with Memojis …I think I need to create one for me, too!

    i think I’ll investigate Modern Mrs. Darcy’s bookclub in the new year…after I clear up a few more things on the “groaning board.”
    Enjoy the cider…looks delish!

  3. Your mom is adorable — I love how appreciative she is! That response definitely warms the cockles of a knitter’s heart.

    I’m glad to hear the new Erin Morgenstern book is good. I loved The Night Circus, so now I can put the new one on my list (or perhaps buy it, if the wait is too long).

  4. I didn’t learn to knit until after my mom died so I think it’s lovely that you knit for your mom and I wish I could have done that. I’m impressed that you showered, dressed and put on makeup on a day where you didn’t have to go anywhere – I think I’d have declared it a pajama day!

  5. I love that you and your mom do so much together and have such a nice friendship. I had a great mom…I can’t believe she’s been gone 10 years! I’m cranking away on that easy folded poncho, a pair of fingerless gloves for Dan’s new boss who has been so good to him and just starting Rules of Civility. How is it November???

  6. There is something supremely satisfying to shower, dress, and put make up on – for yourself. No other reason necessary – it is the best self care I know of!

    And, I am chuckling at your mom “rationing socks” (I’ve been known to wash out a pair and put them on the heat vent overnight so they are ready to go in the morning!)

    I look forward to seeing your thoughts about your new book club!

  7. Love those new socks for your Mom (and your text exchanges). My Mom knit so many things for me (sweaters) but I never knit for her. Wish I had. Like Carole, I would have called it a pajama day! I’ve been tempted by that Hard Cider pattern too, but want to finish up some other things first.

  8. The socks you gave your mom are just beautiful! When I would give my mom gifts she would set them on her bed and look at them for days before she’d wear or use the item. She was so appreciative of every gift.

  9. Congrats on joining the club, let me know what you think of it! Your mom is lucky to have some hand knit socks to keep her feet toasty warm 🙂

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