Homecoming Weekending.

Happy Monday, friends – I hope you enjoyed your weekend, recovered from Halloween and made a graceful Fall Back. I must admit, my stomach is still very much on DST (as is Holly’s which is weird for a dog who occasionally skips meals), but the rest of our household is enjoying the brighter mornings and burrowing in for the evenings 🙂

We had another weekend with a BIG Saturday and not much else. There were Friday Night Snacks,accompanied by the last two episodes of Modern Love. We’re giving it a mixed review overall, but mostly in agreement that the last episode was one of the best.

And church and golf on Sunday, combined with the finale of the latest season of the Great British Baking Show.no spoilers since this episode just dropped, but I will say – I LOVED this season. The quality of the bakes was top-notch, the contestants were diverse and mostly likable … and I have finally learned to appreciate the oddball comedy of Noel and Sandi. I still miss Mel and Sue (and of course Mary Berry, but I made peace with Prue several seasons back), but – and maybe this is partly because Sara now lives in England – I’m having fun just laughing along with the craziness.

Perfect bookends for Saturday, when Marc and I celebrated our 41st Georgia Tech Homecoming.

It was a gorgeous fall day, with clear blue skies and crisp temperatures. The campus was in fine form,

as was the pre-game show, both outside the stadium

(click the image for the video)

and in.

We had a great timein spite of the game!

I shared a few photos and videos on Instagram with the caption

Georgia Tech Homecoming. the Wreck. the band. the songs. so many traditions and so many memories. @msrogo and I shared our first Homecoming here 41 years ago. I honestly have no memories of the game, but I for sure remember the traditions … it was my first Fall on campus, but I’d been singing the Ramblin’ Wreck since I could remember (my dad is GT Class of ‘61). The campus has felt like and literally been home for my family (now three generations of graduates) since.

I’m so glad we went.

And on that note, here’s to a week full of gratitude … however we can find it!

and P.S. our Sara is celebrating her first birthday in England today (she has plans to celebrate in Prague this weekend … such is the life of an expat!) Sadly, the card I was so careful to send two weeks ago didn’t arrive, but I was able to text as soon as I got up this morning – which is a first for ALL the birthday wishes ever!

11 thoughts on “Homecoming Weekending.

  1. Homecoming looks like so much fun! As someone who went to a woman’s college this is a tradition I definitely missed out on. Happy Birthday to Sara!

  2. I’m sorry my team (sort of — I work for Pitt) ruined the homecoming game, but otherwise it looks like it was a wonderful weekend!

    Happy birthday to Sara! It sounds like she is living it up over in the UK, and to be honest, I’m a bit jealous.

  3. 41 Years of Homecomings! Congratulations! I’m pretty sure the last HCG I attended is way more than 41 years! Yet, one float in particular is very vivid in my mind…
    Super Happy Birthday wishes to Sara…
    Here’s to a great week.

  4. I’ll bet homecoming was so. much. fun. I loved going to the App games when Dan was there. I’d never been to a big college game before that and the atmosphere is thrilling! Happy Birthday to Sara! And Prague…well yaaaaaaaa! 🙂

  5. I am late catching up on your weekend escapades! What glorious weather! What radiant smiles! (and I am so sorry that Pitt beat you… boo!)

  6. You look young enough to be celebrating 14 years of homecoming instead of 41! I LOVE Noel and Sandi and enjoyed this season of GBBS so much. I will rewatch it again soon. Wishing Sara a very Happy Birthday!

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