Unraveled Wednesday | Hard Cider (Mule).

Hello friends and happy Wednesday! I’m delighted to be joining in with Kat and friends today with a knitting project … and a cocktail! A few weeks back, I posted about Thea Colman’s latest Hard Cider. Since then, the yarn arrived (I do think it’s a very nice pink-red), I knit a swatch and finally, cast on. The pattern begins with 7″ of 3×3 rib, which seems to be taking ages (I started Monday evening and I’m still not to the halfway mark), but the yarn – Rowan Felted Tweed – is nice to knit. and I’m enjoying the size … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | Hard Cider (Mule).

Hope | November 2019.

I’ve been thinking about Advent this week. Advent starts this Sunday (the dates of Advent change year to year, because it always starts the 4th Sunday before Christmas) and I am delighted it actually starts on December 1 (next year it will start in November). It marks the beginning of the church year and welcomes a season of waiting and anticipation leading up to Christmas. In many churches, we light candles each week, representing and recalling Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. At our church, different ministries are invited to light the candles each week, and as part of our Prayer … Continue reading Hope | November 2019.


Long-time followers already know the backstory. I met Marc before classes even started my freshman year at Georgia Tech*. We dated through college, got engaged Christmas of my senior year (he’d just graduated) and married the following November. We celebrated our 36th anniversary on Tuesday**. He gave me a card and a lovely post on Instagram. I cleaned off a counter (and pledged to keep it clean) and re-instituted I Love You Because*** I honestly don’t remember when I put the frame away, but it’s been at least a few years. On Tuesday, I told Marc I thought we were … Continue reading Thirty-six.

Unraveled Wednesday.

It’s Wednesday! which means an update on making and reading … and joining in with Kat and friends. I spent a good part of yesterday on that not-quite-finished Demeter Top, a muslin for the multiple Demeter dresses I plan to add to my wardrobe. The pattern is really oversized, and I wanted my dresses to fit – at least as well as an over-the-head dress can fit. I’ve been stalking the #demeterdress tag on Instagram for weeks and even exchanged DMs with a few sewists who appear to be about my size. I also measured the finished busts on a … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday.


I celebrated a birthday yesterday. quietly*. mostly at home with Marc and Holly. with a delicious dinner, a nice bottle of wine and a cranberry brown butter tart for dessert. and so many lovely wishes in texts, cards, FaceTimes and emails. all perfect. thank you. It seems like these trips around the sun are getting shorter. I completely get how the experience of 1/58th of your life is way shorter than the experience of 1/6th (for Charlie) or even 1/29th (for Sara). But the days are all still 24 hours long and there will be an extra one this next … Continue reading Fifty-seven.

Meeting Alice Hoffman.

Happy Monday, y’all! I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend. Things were good here, and pretty typical (more Jack Ryan, Saturday night snacks and college football, golf, church, etc.) except for yesterday afternoon. It’s definitely not typical that I get to meet an author whose latest book is a new favorite. and y’all – she’s not only an author, she’s a knitter! I had the good fortune of arriving about 45 minutes early, just after Deena texted that she was outside on the patio, knitting with Alice Hoffman and her delightful assistant Katie. I am ever-so-grateful to Deena for taking … Continue reading Meeting Alice Hoffman.

TGIF | Gratitude.

Oh my, I have loved the gratitude notes that Michelle popped into my inbox each morning this week. As a rule, I don’t check email before I begin my morning quiet time, but this week, I logged on briefly to snag a screenshot of her prompt. I logged a few comments with my morning journaling, then let the prompt sit … marinate even … and I was surprised – and delighted – with what all of that time turned up. My evening posts weren’t what my morning time envisioned. or some days even could’ve imagined. Is that gratitude at work? … Continue reading TGIF | Gratitude.

Unraveled Wednesday.

Whoa, Wednesday evening already. Today was the one day this month where I had nowhere to be but home, and as anyone who has read this blog more than once would know, that meant I had Grand Plans. and I did check off quite a few things on my to-do list. I also showered, dressed and put on make-up 🙂 Most of today was not about knitting or reading (although wading through my email inbox does involve a bit of reading), so pausing at 5 o’clock to share a bit about both feels nice. The pink Olive Leaf Cardigan is … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday.

Homecoming Weekending.

Happy Monday, friends – I hope you enjoyed your weekend, recovered from Halloween and made a graceful Fall Back. I must admit, my stomach is still very much on DST (as is Holly’s which is weird for a dog who occasionally skips meals), but the rest of our household is enjoying the brighter mornings and burrowing in for the evenings 🙂 We had another weekend with a BIG Saturday and not much else. There were Friday Night Snacks,accompanied by the last two episodes of Modern Love. We’re giving it a mixed review overall, but mostly in agreement that the last … Continue reading Homecoming Weekending.

TGIF | Hello November.

Y’all, I was beyond excited to turn over the calendar page this morning to see what little boy delights awaited. All of the photos in this year’s calendar were taken last fall … and while Charlie certainly looks older, Sam seems like a whole new person. a little boy with his own personality. *happy sigh* being able to see them change month-by-month is such a blessing. and I love that the rest of this view hasn’t changed. nor has my practice of welcoming a new month on the first Friday! Here’s my TGIF Hello for November: Thanksgiving. We’ll be celebrating … Continue reading TGIF | Hello November.