Birthday Weekending.

One of my favorite things about fall around here is all the birthdays. Beginning with Charlie in September, we continue to Marc, then Sam, then Rob, then Sara and finally me. That makes for a few birthday weekends … and this one was Sam’s. Friday evening we got to say Happy Birthday via FaceTime and see his new guitar. In addition to Purple Dinosaur Biscuits, he also loves Queen (I’m pretty sure that’s all Rob’s doing 😉 ) and has recently seen Freddy Mercury’s performance of We Will Rock You (“Rock Me Out, Alexa”, says Sam). This isn’t a great photo, but you get the idea (and yep, those are dinosaur underpants).

Then we “rested up” with snacks and the new episode of Great British Baking Show.

Saturday was Party Day.

Of course there were biscuits and chicken nuggets,

and gorgeous cheese and vegetable plates.

The weather was iffy all day, but it ended up fine and we were all outside on the deck for much of it. The kid activity was to make dinosaur terrariums and I know everyone was grateful the kids weren’t in the dining room for that!

Sam had a grand time being the center of attention in his pink striped shirt,

which perfectly matched the cupcakes and the candle.

We didn’t get home til nearly 6pm. Marc turned on football. and I retreated to my new quiet place with a little sock knitting and The Dutch House.

I’m pretty sure we were both sound asleep by 9:30pm. Sunday was our usual mix of golf (Marc) and church (me) and more quiet time. I sat down to read “just a chapter” … and two hours later had finished the book. I did enjoy it (imagine a Hallmark movie as a book and you get the idea), but that meant I did not finish either of the sweaters that just need seams and buttons. Nope! instead, I started a swatch for another sweater. and Nope! that’s not one I had in Wednesday’s queue. (it is however, yarn that I had on hand). More to come!

Another early night and we are back to our normal Monday selves.

How was your weekend?

12 thoughts on “Birthday Weekending.

  1. The little girl in the blue bow! OMG…so cute! Along with the rest of the crew! What a fun day. I hope you’re loving The Dutch House! My weekend was spend catching up from the big trip and sleeping a ton!

  2. I’ve been waiting forever for The Dutch House at the library for several weeks and I hope it comes in soon!!!
    It looks like you had a wonderful weekend full of joy. Most of our family birthdays are between March and May except for me (September) and my BIL (October). I have the same birthday as my Dad… he died 11 years ago and I still miss him especially on our birthday.
    I hope you have a great week!

  3. The Dutch House will easily be the best book I have read (or listened to) all year. I hope you are loving it as well!

    That new sweater looks intriguing! But, Sam stole the show – what a fantastic birthday party! It looks like he is on his way to a ROARing year! XO

  4. What an exciting birthday weekend for Sam! I love seeing the HAPPY all over his face . . . and I can’t quite believe he’s already 3! Thanks for sharing your grandsons! XO

  5. I LOVE that first photo of Sam, and all his birthday happiness. How did he get to be three already?! I hope you are enjoying The Dutch House. It was one of my favorites this year, and I thought Tom Hanks was a absolutely wonderful narrator.

  6. I can’t quite transition from Charlie being 3 to SAM being 3! How is it they grow so quickly? I’m an outlier when it comes to Tom Hanks. His narration was a little distracting, IMO, but I did enjoy the story. The Dutch House was an easy, interesting, enjoyable read.

  7. I love the terrarium idea!! I bet the kids had a blast making those. Filing that idea away…

    I’m getting a serious Risky Business vibe from that guitar photo. 🙂

    What a wonderful celebration!! Happy Birthday, Sam!!!

  8. The terrarium idea is wonderful! Happy Birthday Sam! I cannot believe you are 3. Y’all had such a nice weekend (& great snacks).

  9. Oh they do grow up sooo fast! Sam’s a born guitar player; he truly has the stance down pat. Fun party for the kids and the adults…look forward to more birthday celebrations.
    Rain here and Nats lost…big time. Boo Hoo!


  10. so much joy in this post! Happy birthday!! In my extended family it’s January that there are six birthdays?? Mine is coming up in November, I’m excited.

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