Mostly Birthday Weekending.

We celebrated a b-i-g birthday this weekend … Marc turned 60 yesterday! Thankfully, the whole weekend wasn’t as chilly, windy and rainy as Saturday, which merited the first fire, the first socks, and the first nice Bordeaux of the season.

It also wasn’t as calm! Yesterday, Marc watched golf and then played (mostly typical Sunday for him while I “do church”) … and then we went to Katie’s for the birthday celebration. We had a ball catching up with everyone (yikes, I think the last time we were all together was back in September for Charlie’s birthday) and marveling at just how big the kiddos have grown.

(if you click these images, you can see the live action behind them!)

Sam has completely figured out how to make things happen “his way”.

Rob has faithfully passed along his love for Queen.

Charlie learned that we don’t sing Happy Birthday until the candles are lit.

…and everyone knows to add waving hands and “many more” when we sing the birthday song.

All of that made this time … dark early at my desk … in silent solitude with coffee …  most welcome.

I hope your week is off to a good start, too.

Happy Monday!


9 thoughts on “Mostly Birthday Weekending.

  1. I don’t wish you rainy, windy, and chilly weather but I am glad it’s cool enough for a fire, socks, and Bordeaux! I hope Marc had a very Happy Birthday and I wish him a wonderful year ahead. Queen played on guitar and a toy piano by Charlie and Sam should go a long way towards ensuring that!

  2. Happy Birthday to both gentlemen! What great photos. I am hoping for a few quiet moments at my desk tomorrow morning.

  3. I love those “moving images” what a fantastic way to spend your 60th birthday! It looks like that is the best way to kick off a fantastic year! The boys are growing up so quickly! Wow are they getting big! 🙂

  4. A belated happy birthday and many more to Marc!

    As much as I love seeing the sunshine this time of year, I also love a day that is gloomy and cool and rainy because it’s the perfect excuse to curl up with my knitting and/or a good book!

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